What’s the deal with Victor’s Village?
The Hunger Games meets The Onion meets a sarcastic twenty-something. On most days. Sometimes we get serious. Sometimes we don’t make sense at all. Really, it depends on how much energy we have on any particular day. Basically, while everyone else brings you the news, we try our best to bring the funny.

Hunger Games pin

Before you ask..

How often do you post?
We’ll be rocking this party eight days a weeeeek! No really… We’re shaking up the Internet and The Hunger Games fandom five days a week on average, with the occasional guest post to up that number!

Why do you hate the actors/fans/filmmakers so much?
No! We kid because we LOVE. Do you not have siblings? It’s kind of like that. We take a few jabs here and there, but the recipient will be better off for it in the end. OH, and none of them will ever bother reading this blog, so don’t worry on their behalves!

How many people work on Victor’s Village?
Victor’s Village currently consists of three writers: The Girl With The Pearl, Twiffidy, and Them There Eyes. The site was opened by The Girl With The Pearl in June 2011. She ran it solo until September 2011, at which time she realized she valued her sanity and brought on Them There Eyes and Twiffidy, two ridiculously fun and talented Hunger Games fans!

What’s your real life like?
Top secret! ..And honestly, pretty boring. You can find out some frustratingly vague details in our “About Us” section!

Can I contribute to this madness?
YES and PLEASE. If you’ve got something good to say about The Hunger Games, preferably with a sense of humor, send it to thevictorsvillage@gmail.com! Feel free to bounce any ideas off us too!

Can I advertise with you?
Sure, I suppose! I know absolutely nothing about internet marketing, so you could probably commit highway robbery when it comes to price points for your ads. 1, 2, 3, GO!

You left out something really important! Where can I ask additional questions?
Shoot an e-mail to thevictorsvillage@gmail.com and we will hook you up with an answer!


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