A Witchy New Look For Our Hunger Games Favorites

Earlier this week, The Girl With the Pearl had some fun with the new features in the Mockingjay app. You can use the app to scan your face, and then you can apply crazy Capitol makeup or the red rebel Mockingjay.

We discovered this week that Lionsgate has another nifty facial manipulation tool in support of another one of its movies, The Last Witch Hunter. Only instead of applying “Capitol” looks, the face is transformed into “witch” style from the movies, and then you use potions to hide your inner witch. We haven’t seen the movie, so this could be wrong, but we’ll go along with it for the fun of using this tool. It’s not as snazzy as the Mockingjay app, so instead of being super high tech and scanning your face, this little feature works from still images (the image just needs to be facing forward, not in profile).

Almost instantly I knew which pictures I had to use to try this baby out… Not ME. NO! Our favorite Hunger Games movie characters!

So in honor of promotional crossover, Halloween, and general hilarity, I give you our Hunger Games favorites, if they were in the Last Witch Hunter universe.

creepy katniss

Katniss looks even more menacing now, huh Snow?


Hijacked Peeta has a whole new meaning now.

prim goth

Prim looks less of a witch a more a teen having a goth phase.


Gale, a few years after the war goes all mountain man (and Witch Hunter, if Vin Diesel’s look in the movie is any clue).

I imagine this was not the intended purpose of that site, but oops.

Creativity just cannot be contained.


REVIEW: The Hunger Games Exhibition Experience

Welcome, welcome to our review of The Hunger Games Exhibition!

A few lucky fansites were given an early preview of this massive undertaking over the weekend! Kait and JJ attended the event (though JJ very skillfully avoided all the cameras). Now, we’re breaking down everything you need to know if you’re considering a visit to what seems like the franchise’s very first East Coast attraction!

Without any further ado…


Yes, all the major costumes and set pieces are there, perfectly positioned and lit in all their glory. You’ll be tons of familiar outfits, designs, and set arrangements. You’ll also see so things you didn’t notice in the films. For instance, did you know Effie was wearing these shoes in District 13?!


We’ve never seen them before and it’s tragic!

The costumes are spectacular, but there’s also full set pieces to adore. They’re set up in ways you’d easily recognize the film and pretty dazzling up close. For example, the Hob set in full of props that look faded and distressed, but seeing it all in person adds a whole new dimension to it. As you end with one section and walk into another, you’re usually turning a corner to find a massive, beloved scene RIGHT IN YOUR FACE. It was enough to make us squeal, even enough to make some others get all teary-eyed!

Just a real casual Capitol party display... SQUEE!

Also, Josh, Jen, Willow, Jena, and Francis went through the exhibit yesterday, the day after the fansites. They touched what we touched. WE PRACTICALLY EXCHANGED FRIENDSHIP BRACELETS. Just kidding, but it’s still pretty awesome!


If you’ve gone to an exhibition for Harry Potter and/or The Lord of the Rings, you probably think you know the drill by now. What you’re NOT accounting for are the boatload of unique interactive features that make this stand out, even for people who are not super familiar with the series (you know, in case you bring a mostly clueless friend or parent along!)

When you enter the exhibition, you’ll be given a handy cell phone sized device. It seems like it’s just an audio guide, but there’s lots to do with it! Namely, it finds “Hidden Spots” throughout the exhibit that unlock deleted scenes and show how the props in front of you. They also pull up holographic maps, allow you to take pictures, and give you a special ally with whom you can explore!


Every here and there, you’ll find polling stations that ask how you would react in certain Hunger Games style situations. Turn the lever and your vote is counted– a pellet falls into a glass cylinder. Then you can examine the cylinders to see how your vote compares to others.

Be prepared for your photo op! Get cozy in the back of the train to the Capitol, where Katniss and Peeta worked out their tentative friendship in Catching Fire, and snap a pic! Built-in screens give the illusion that you too are headed to the Capitol.

Kait with Adam from HG Fireside Chat and Brittany from Down With The Capitol

Kait with Adam from HG Fireside Chat and Brittany from Down With The Capitol

Caesar Flickerman is one hell of an interviewer, even when his head is a television screen! You can stop and have a photo op with The Capitol’s favorite television host but be warned, those fancy seats are really hard to sit upright in!

Also, it's hard to get his face to show up at certain angles!

Also, it’s hard to get his face to show up at certain angles!


Think you got the moves? A movie stunt coordinator is ready to test them! See how well you can learn and bust out a quick defensive sequence used in the films. It’s harder than you think!

A special station in the Mockingjay section of the museum allows you to choose your setting and record a propo message in support of the Rebellion! Your image will then show up on the big ol’ HD TV screen behind you.


It’s your turn to join the Tribute Parade! Instead of explaining, here’s a video of me and Down With The Capitol’s Ellie making fools of ourselves for good old fashioned fun! Shelve it under “So horrible that it’s actually kind of amazing.”


At the end of the road, we hit the gift shop!

Like most, there’s lots of items in here that seem a bit random, like mints and “Capitol confections” that are just regular candies bottled up pretty. But there’s also some really awesome stuff, exclusive mug and t-shirt designs, Buttercup plushes, Tim Palen’s new photo book, and jewelry ranging from simple ($5 arrow ring) to “SERIOUSLY.. WHO THROWS AROUND MONEY LIKE THAT?!”($7400 diamond encrusted gold Mockingjay pendant necklace.)

Disappointing news– the Katniss Cowl is in the gift shop, but it costs $130. Yup, the mass produced version is just as much as (if not more than) most Etsy sellers. We just want to own a Katniss Cowl and still pay off our student loan debt in a timely fashion, Lionsgate!

For a small fortune, all this can be yours!

For a small fortune, all this can be yours!

And so ends our adventure. If you’re a Hunger Games lover and you’re heading to New York City this year, we highly recommend it!

Want more images? Check out our full gallery!

The Hunger/ Survival/ Tear-My-Eyes-Out Games

We’ve always applauded Lionsgate for creating video games for the series that were NOT entirely based in violence. Though not particularly full of depth, The Hunger Games Adventures, Girl on Fire, and Panem Run do a great job sticking to the franchise’s message that violence should never, ever be glorified. They entertain fans without being blood-soaked and death-filled.

I'll just shoot some tracker jackers instead, plzkthx...

I’ll just shoot some tracker jackers instead, plzkthx…

So naturally, some other idiots had the brilliant idea that they should create a video game, not so cleverly titled THE SURVIVAL GAMES, that very purposely capitalizes on and glorifies the violence of the arena. They claim gamers have “cried out” for a Hunger Games based experience.


For some reason we’re doubting it’s really Hunger Games fans calling for this experience. One of the main themes of the series practically screams “DON’T GLORIFY DEATH AND VIOLENCE! THAT IS FUCKING HORRIBLE!” Hence the use and abuse of victors, the seemingly endless string of tragedies, the PTSD, etc. More like a bunch of slaughter-happy fools who don’t understand a thing about the series other than “they go in there and kill each other until there’s only one left” cried out for it. We guess you can still be a fan under those circumstances… a really pitiful, ignorant fan, but a fan nonetheless? Right? …Right?!

So we seriously consider this "inspiration"?

So we seriously consider this “inspiration”?

The hilarity of it all is that though the creators claim they’ll be distancing themselves from The Hunger Games in many ways, they’re using roughly a million key concepts. For example…

  • Players cannot leave their start point until a countdown has finished.
  • Players start unarmed be can get weapons from a structure known as “The Trove”… which is absolutely, positively, in no way the same exact thing as the Cornucopia.
  • Players are encouraged to form alliances, even though they’re oh so unpredictable! “Still, when all is said and done, there can only be one victor!” says the website. Yup, still the victor.
  • Players will encounter hostile wildlife and random storms that could easily kill them.
  • No guns allowed because they take away from the excitement of battle.

It may be a good thing that these guys aren’t anywhere near their goal for game creation, because we’ve seen various projects of a harmless and far less troublesome nature that hint at The Hunger Games shut down by Lionsgate legal in roughly ten seconds.

To the alleged gamers, “crying out” for this: Yeahhhhh… thanks but HELL TO THE NO. Go play one of the million other video games out there, plenty of which will satisfy your need for violence (if that’s your thing) AND have an original concept at the same time! Crazy how that happens 98% percent of the time! The Hunger Games is NOT about the awesome power of violence, so get your fix elsewhere and don’t try to butcher this franchise, k?

Add This To The List Of Things That Make Me RAGE,
The Girl With The Pearl

“Hunger Games Adventures” Time

In a previous post, I wrote about how we’re still waiting for Mockingjay movie promotion to start. So what can an obsessed Hunger Games fan do to pass the time?  Well, there’s fan fiction or fan art, but I’ll leave that subject for another time. I’m in the mood to talk games, specifically The Hunger Games Adventures. There are other Hunger Games-licensed games, like Panem Run, but I like Hunger Games Adventures because it doesn’t require quick reflexes or really much in the way of skills.  You just have to be good at following directions and being patient as your energy supply refills. Those are two things that I excel at, so it’s really a game for me.

I got very motivated to play it in the months leading up to Catching Fire’s release, where it gave some sneak peeks into the designs of the new sets (like the Victor’s Village and inside the homes as well).  Some of the “adventures” come straight from the story, while others take you a little deeper in the world. And then there are times when they make the characters say things that just kill me – like this one…galeSomeone on game staff was in a mood for some foreshadowing, ha! (and then sob)

The gradual unlocking of district locations is also a fun tease we get from the game.  Placing District 4 in the current Pacific Northwest area was a bit controversial because everyone assumed it was one of the more southern spots. But I’ll go with it and accept the placement as canon. (Side note – did you all notice the placement of Districts 5 & 10 in the southwest during the train portion of Catching Fire? That’s all I could make out but if you noticed others, let me know. I want to know).

I guess this is Panem, until Suzanne Collins tells me otherwise.

I guess this is Panem, until Suzanne Collins tells me otherwise.

I had been all caught up in the game for a while, waiting for an update so my character was baking up a storm in her forest escape kitchen (I know Peeta would be proud of me). Happily, there was a new update this week with stories leading up to the Quarter Quell.   I can’t wait to see the kind of trouble my silly character causes during the next chapters.

Anytime, Peeta. Anytime.

Anytime, Peeta. Anytime.

I know she’s pissed about Katniss and Peeta having to go back into the arena, so I bet she’s gonna be feeling very rebellious.


Hunger Games Actor Memorabilia-Rama!

News flash: Josh Hutcherson now exists in bobblehead form!

josh hutcherson bobblehead

The Hutch approves!

Yep. The Cincinnati Cyclones, a minor league NHL affiliate team, held Josh Hutcherson bobblehead night on the January 17th. Josh even came to the event to celebrate! The bobblehead itself doesn’t look much like him, other than THE JAW and an impressive head of hair (and does the figure have a 5 o’clock shadow?!), but dammit.. IT WORKS. More than most Catching Fire merch, even! Because there is always a market for ridiculously kitsch merchandise!

In that spirit, let’s think up some other ways to memorialize our favorite stars in not really collectible merchandise that could only be found in minor league sports arenas!

Jennifer Lawrence Thunder Sticks – Seemingly innocent things that cheer up a lackluster crowd but can sometimes be a bit disarming? Totally J-Law!

Liam Hemsworth Foam Boogie Boards – Liam is a surfer, but real surfboards are expensive! Instead let’s slap his face on a little foam boogie board and let fans brave the waves with those!

What you've always wanted!

What you’ve always wanted!

Woody Harrelson Hemp Bracelets – Because once you’ve posed on the cover of hemp magazine, we’ve got to spread the good word in your honor!

Sam Claflin Frisbees – Seeing as he’s always working to stay “Finnick fit”, fans see Sam as the athletic type. There’s no real athletics in the stands of a sports game, but how about Sam’s face on a frisbee? Because eventually you’ll see it as a call to exercise. Right? …Right?!

Elizabeth Banks T-Shirts – Straight from the t-shirt cannon! Each includes a zany cartoon rendering of Elizabeth looking totally sweet while saying something slightly inappropriate.

Jena Malone ViewMaster Toy – Jena is a photography enthusiast but again, we’re on a budget! So let’s mass produce 90s childrens toys with slides of her photos! Not weird at all! *cough*

We know you’re disappointed that you can’t actually get these things at the next sporting event you attend. But at this rate… who knows? Maybe you can soon enough!

Bobbleheads Look Classy By Comparison,
The Girl With The Pearl

Game Review: Panem Run

Welcome to your newest addiction!

Panem Run Stills

If there’s one thing The Hunger Games franchise has done well so far, it’s creating games to go along with the series that don’t promote the violent aspects of the series, therefore ripping the whole message of the series to shreds (they’re too busy doing that with their other advertising, but anywaaaaay…)

For the first film, we were given mission-based The Hunger Games Adventures.

For The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, Lionsgate teamed up with Reliance Games to create Panem Run, a mobile endless runner game that takes you through the districts!

In Panem Run, you control Katniss (you can also play as a male character, though the identity isn’t specified) as she moves through Panem, dodging, sliding, and leaping to avoid obstacles. Along the way, she collects sparks and resources to boost points. The more sparks you gather, the more hope you can spread to the districts! But if you fall behind or hit an obstacle, you’ll be greeted by a swarm of angry trackerjackers.

If you’ve never played an endless runner game before, they are strangely addictive! You’ll start off on wobbly legs if you’re not already an endless runner game expert, but don’t give up! My first few times playing, Katniss met her gruesome end pretty quickly. The controls are simple: Just swipe left, right, up or down to get your avatar to go that way. But in the hype of the moment, I swipe up to go down, down when I meant to go left, and directly into the nearest obstacle. Not to mention that we’re seeing a semi-official rendering of many districts for the first time, so there’s an urge to gaze at graphics and then, well… SPLAT! Eventually, even I managed to get a hold of it, so I know you can too!

Soon, it becomes a mission to see how long you can keep Katniss going. When you’ve got a hang of things, you can plug into your District or invite friends, then compete against others! It’s not all challenges, though– you can also share resources with each other.

In between gameplay, you can break things up with some high speed archery practice. Just flick your arrows in the right direction with a slide of your finger for some sweet bonus points!

While we wish we had l33t gaming skillz, we’re pretty much n00bs. But Panem Run is something everyone can manage and enjoy, either for an individual challenge or a neck-to-neck race to the top of the leaderboard against friends.

Panem Run is available FREE for iPad, iPhone, and Android via the iTunes App Store and Google Play

The Unofficial Hunger Games Movie Drinking Game

A nor’easter of epic proportions has started in my neck of the country, so if this is the last time I shall ever write for Victor’s Village (or more likely, if I lose my Internet connection for several days), I’m going out WITH A BANG!

Therefore, Victor’s Village presents something we’ve meant to do for a while now:

The Unofficial Hunger Games Movie Drinking Game


Seneca Crane's beard knows where it's at!

Seneca Crane’s beard knows where it’s at!


Your poison of choice (or, you know, water..)

One regular glass

One shot glass

An underwhelming sense of dignity

Take a gulp when…

Whenever ANY of the characters drink

Prim or Rue let out that “little girl scream of terror” that awakens every parental instinct you’ve ever had

There’s a shot of Emo!Gale after Katniss enters the arena

A tribute death is announced off-screen

Katniss climbs a tree

Peeta stares at Katniss longingly

Katniss shoots an arrow

Ceasar Flickerman says the name of a tribute

Or for you classier folks...

Or for you classier folks…

Down the glass or bottle when…

A tribute dies on-screen

There is excessive use of over-exaggerated PANIC!faces

A relationship between Cato and Glimmer is implied

The shaky cam hits critical mass

Take a shot when…

A character goes out of their way to explain something that was part of Katniss’ inner monologue in the books

A character who is supposed to disturb you makes you giggle instead

There’s a montage

Got your own brilliant suggestion for The Hunger Games movie drinking game? Leave it in the comments and we’ll add in our favorites!

Team Katniss – The Playmakers

So long, Superbowl! We admit to subjecting ourselves to food-bingeing, booze-swilling, dude-broing whenever you come around, even though we really don’t care who wins.

We hope Katniss has better taste in teams than this shirt implies...

We hope Katniss has better taste in teams than this shirt implies…

Right now, we could write up that post about how the massively watched semi-violent sporting events could kind be a precursor to the sick obsession with violent realities in The Hunger Games but we’re not going to. We love both our denial and occasionally acting like Hemsy and his imaginary frat brothers. DEAL.

Instead, we’re going to talk about sports! … Yeah, yeah, quit ya groaning!

The one thing that’s missing in the world of Panem is play. We suppose in a world where everyone is starving and live death matches are classified as “games”, playing isn’t on the forefront of a child’s mind. We realize this isn’t Harry Potter and there ain’t no room for Quidditch in the dystopian future. But even in the most torn up, impoverished countries, simple play still exists: soccer with any number of kickable items, hand-clapping games, tag… it’s out there.

Chances are we didn’t see a lot of playing around because the story is told from Katniss’ perspective. She grew up far too quickly and she’s not someone to notice or revel in children playing. The closest she gets to a game is Crazy Cat, which is really just a metaphor for her inner anguish. The girl rolls everything in a thin layer of emo.

So if Panem has given up on the game, we’re bring the game to them! That’s right…


Let’s start by saying the Presidents Snow and Coin are not players. Coaches, perhaps, maybe just owners up in their box seats. And because “Team Capitol” doesn’t have a lot of members with names, we’re basically sticking to “Team 13”, where Haymitch Abernathy is the world’s drunkest offensive coordinator.


We pretend to know what this means. WE DON'T.

We pretend to know what this means. WE DON’T.

Quarterback – Katniss Everdeen. It may seems obvious, but we considered putting Peeta or Gale here too. Katniss wins because the QB is a leader, the one who everyone has to follow if the team is going to work. Reluctant or not, likable or not, everyone follows Katniss. In return, SHE MAKES PLAYS.

Running Back – Peeta Mellark. Fans have love/hate relationships with Running Backs. Sometimes, under the right circumstances, they’re brilliant and win big. Other times, they don’t have the chance to do much and they’re seriously taken for granted. Peeta is hunted, beguiled, betrayed, and hijacked, yet he still chugs along, making the best plays he can.

Wide Receiver – Gale Hawthorne. Wide receivers work with the Quarterback quite a bit. They’re usually the go-to guys the QBs look for when the game gets tense. When everything is on the line and Katniss needs someone else she can trust to share her burden, she goes to Gale. He helps her complete her goals when the pressure is on.

Tight End – Finnick Odair. Because have you seen the descriptions of his sweet, sweet muscles?! Just kidding! Tight End is an important role, but also a versatile one, back and forth between the jobs of a receiver and an offensive lineman. He protects his QB, but also makes plays of his own. It’s the Finnick we know and love.

Cornerback – Johanna Mason.
Becuase she needs a defensive position! Cornerbacks are typically small and agile with a bite. They keep the other team’s receivers from making the big play, which was pretty much Johanna’s job through all of Catching Fire.

Linebacker – Boggs. More specifically, the Inside Linebacker, who traditionally calls the shots for the defense and takes on various defensive “jobs” on the field. They’re usually the ones taking down the other team’s players, to boot. Boggs is calling is shots, managing the politics, being a father and a friend, all while daringly kicking a revolution into gear.

We know there’s more positions to fill, but frankly, our knowledge of football isn’t all that extensive.

This Takes TEAM KATNISS To A Whole New Level,

The Girl With The Pearl

Victor’s Village Holiday Contests!

Happy Holidays, everyone!

Tis the season to be jolly and all that jazz! Not everyone celebrates the same winter holidays, but we think it’s safe to say that we’re all hoping for a little extra love and fun this time of year. So we’re here to spread the love and have some fun with not one but TWO holiday contests!

In true Victor’s Village fashion, we’re not going to just give prizes to you. You gotta earn it! Don’t worry, it’s nothing too strenuous and there’s something everyone can participate in (unless you are completely bereft of imagination or humor, in which case there’s really no help for you anywhere!)

We’d like to give a quick shoutout to Tess from Tanglethorne, who was kind enough to donate the mini posters we’ll be giving away to the site!


General Rules: Both contests are international. Please include your name and country of origin in your email to us. You will receive the prizes after Christmas, so re-gifting is not an option!


In silly holiday tradition, snap a picture of yourself in the most obnoxious sweater you can find for a chance at an awesome prize pack! We’ll gather up the photos and let your peers vote on their favorite!

– The sweater does not have to denote a specific holiday (though it can) nor does it have to be Hunger Games related.
– Faces do not have to be included in the photo.
– Photos will be posted on the site for voting. If you’re not comfortable with this, please don’t enter!
– All photos must be sent to by 11:59pm PST on Wednesday, December 19! Voting will take place in the two days following.

Prize Pack
2 Hunger Games cups from the LA premiere
1 pack of Hunger Games trading cards
1 Hunger Games mini poster
1 Seneca Crane’s Beard coffee mug OR pint glass (your choice!) from HumerusWares


Write a carol that the people of Panem could sing through the districts for a chance at another sweet prize pack! Get as ridiculous as you want!


Mockingjay headband!

– Carols can be based off existing holiday songs of any origin or they can be completely original. If they’re based off a song, let us know which one!
– There is no word limit. If you’d like to write us an epic carol poem that makes Beowulf look like a limerick, feel free, but you won’t get extra consideration either way!
– Entries must be sent to by 11:59pm PST on Wednesday, December 19, at which time the staff at Victor’s Village will chose their favorite!

Prize Pack
2 Hunger Games cups from the LA premiere
1 Hunger Games lanyard
1 Hunger Games mini poster
1 Handmade felt Mockingjay headband (modeled by Twiffidy on the right!)
1 Katniss Everdeen Devotional Candle from BananaLeviathan


Announcing a runner-up prize for each contest, thanks to the generosity of Leah from Blueleaf Creative! The runner-up in each contest will be allowed to choose one poster from Blueleaf Creative’s collection! Check them out, just in case! 🙂




Victory Tour 2013 Hunger Games Convention

Fans are finally going to be able to get together some place other than the Internet! We can do more than type! We can talk and dance and hug and stare lovingly into our favorite cast member’s eyes (OKAY, we can’t guarantee that but you know!) But we can guarantee that it will be the largest gathering of fans on the East Coast since Lionsgate doesn’t seem to believe in East Coast love and IT WILL BE GLORIOUS.

Why you should go:

  • Mock Reaping
  • Tribute Training
  • Hunger Games musical
  • District / Capitol Fashion Show
  • Panels galore
  • The elusive AND MORE option!

If you’re interested in a Hunger Games convention, get yo’ information:
Twitter: @victorytour2013

If you want to see this event be spectacular, BE HELPFUL. Special guests, no matter how sweet and loving the fans, will not show up to these events without reimbursement. Therefore, Victory Tour will be taking donations (with awesome perks for as little as a $10 donation!) via Kickstarter to make sure you get everything you want!


If you’d like more official event information, click the “Read More” button for all the deets!