Jeffrey Wright Channels Beetee to #CrushEbolaNow

For the past week or so, Jeffrey Wright has been channeling Beetee, teasing of a “pirate transmission” to come, and today we got to see it. It’s a video featuring the Mockingjay cast to raise awareness of the need for more medical resources in West Africa to help fight Ebola and increase the survival rate there.

The video is called #MisinformationHack and follows the Beetee-like hacking structure from Mockingjay promotion. His voice cuts through American news clips during the media hysteria when the first patients were treated in US hospitals and then to Ebola survivors in West Africa and the Mockingjay cast.

If you follow Jeffrey on Twitter, you know that he has been very active in this cause this year, using the platform to raise awareness and even organizing a contest where donations to the Ebola Survival Fund gave the winner the opportunity to attend the Mockingjay Premiere with him and meet some of the cast. He’s clearly tapping into the huge audience of Hunger Games fans to increase awareness and try to raise money for the cause.  And we say KEEP IT UP!

We all recognize the truth in Jeffrey’s tweet – that we are often too much like the Capitol. We post about this tension we feel as fans a lot. We love that the movies have gotten as big as they have, but along with the success and the fancy parties and corporate sponsorships it’s important to remember the struggle of wealth/power inequality that is so central to the books. It’s one of the things that we connected with so strongly because Suzanne Collins was using Panem to make us think about the problems we face now, in our world. We love that the cast embraces causes such as this, and uses their fame to amplify attention to ways we all can help.

Rally that fandom, Jeffrey.



The Mockingjay Challenged (with the #ALSIceBucketChallenge)

It’s swept the internet over the past couple of weeks and made over $50 million (and counting for) ALS Association. Some think it’s wasteful and silly, but from a fundraising perspective, it’s worked phenomenally. And it’s given us some priceless videos of people getting cold water dumped over their heads.

And some of the Hunger Games Mockingjay crew have taken up the challenge too, offering us a fun little respite from the August blahs.

Thanks to a fan and PanemPropaganda, the challenge got on Nina Jacobson’s radar, who took up the call and nominated the Mockingjay cast’s leading ladies.

Then Francis Lawrence joined in the, fun, nominating the Mockingjay boys.

Julianne Moore heard your cries for MORE WATER.

Liam Hemsworth showed love for Ninja Turtles his challenge.


Willow Shields put on a brave face (but it was COLD).

Jena Malone has plans to take part too. Anyone else thinking about how Johanna was tortured with water? Ok, this just got dark.

Sam Claflin seemed to be game, but we’re still waiting on him too.

He’s probably just devising a plan to out-water Benedict Cumberbatch (I know he’s not Mockingjay, but this was impressive. *Applause*)

And what about Natalie Dormer, Josh Hutcherson, and Jennifer Lawrence? No word on their plans. Though Josh and Jen may be having flashbacks to those freezing days filming Catching Fire water scenes?

Update: Friday night, Josh took up the challenge (while wearing one of his signature white tees, of course). The person pouring the water did it tortuously slow too. Eeeevil.

Update #2: On Saturday, Sam bundled up and got dance-y!

You can show thanks to all those who’ve spread the word with their challenges and support ALS by donating.

Stay chill.


Books For Tributes: A Literacy Revolution

Books For Tributes Image NEW--USE THIS ONE

Three years ago, I started a blog to talk about this amazing book I read. You might have heard of it- it was called The Hunger Games. It wasn’t anything extraordinary, just me talking about my thoughts on things like video games and Finnick and Annie… until I wrote a post about the personal impact reading the series had on me, not only as a reader, but as a citizen of the world:

“It would be an understatement to say that I was a wreck. I like happy endings. I can deal with loss, and death, and sadness, as long as at the end good triumphs over evil. To me, no one won at the end of Mockingjay.

It felt so sad, so hopeless in those hours after I finished the book. I couldn’t let it end like that. I needed to give myself a happy ending.

The Hunger Games series is a book about many things, but for me the realistic depiction of how poverty and oppression go hand in hand was at the heart of the books. The districts were easily manipulated by the Capitol not only by a deprivation of resources, but also (and more importantly) by a deprivation of information. It is not until the Districts gain the ability to learn and communicate with one another that the Rebellion is born.

Education powers revolutions.”

I put my words into action and went to There I found a project from a teacher in New York City:

“My Students: My Latino and African-American students attend a high poverty school in New York City.

They are 13 going on 14, have a nose for injustice, and love to argue. I need The Hunger Games to give their voices a focus. After I discussed the book on the first day of school, they were hooked. They would love a chance to investigate a current social issue and try to solve it. As we will read this novel later in the year, they will also have a chance to apply their Social Studies lessons.

My Project: The Hunger Games is a dystopian novel full of social issues that the students will identify and define. For each issue, they will need to explain how external events shaped it, how it shapes a character’s choices and relationships with others, and how it inspires characters to act and change their social environments. At the end, they will choose a social issue we face (problem) and think of ways to change it (solution). The unit not only allows them to examine how literature reflects society, it helps them see the complexities of real social issues. By discussing the issues and thinking of creative solutions, they are laying the groundwork for a better future.

Unfortunately, my school does not have the money to purchase 35 books. Reading is fundamental to a good education. Please help me provide my students with the resources necessary to foster my students’ minds!”

I donated and then spammed my family and friends through social media until the project was fully funded. The teacher was thrilled, the students had access to books they were genuinely excited about reading, and I had that warm fuzzy feeling that only comes with helping someone else out… and I wanted more.

Through the support and help from Savanna and Adam of the Fireside Chat and DownWithTheCapitol, we started a small movement to fund more teachers looking to use the series in their classrooms. This was back in the early days of the fandom- the Fireside Chat was about a month old and DWTC less than a year with only a handful of other sites out there; but our small band of rebels was still able to help two classrooms get the books they needed.

Fast forward to now: the Hunger Games is a global phenomenon: there are dozens (if not hundreds of fan sites); the Fireside Chat logged 130 episodes, and there are almost 20,000,000 fans on The Hunger Games’ official Facebook page. I’d say it’s time to try this literacy revolution over again.

Let’s get Books For Tributes.

My goal is to fund teachers across the country looking to put The Hunger Games in their classrooms and libraries using

As of today, I have 45 projects queued up on this donorschoose campaign page, and every. single. one. of them is looking to place our favorite book series into the hands of kids across the US.

So, let’s do it.

Let’s stand with the Mockingjay and start a Literacy Revolution. Our goal is simple. As Hunger Games fans who believe in equity and empowerment, we will work to fund as many as possible of the requests for Hunger Games books posted on

We’ll take it one class at a time—just as Katniss and the Rebels worked District by District to overthrow the Capitol. Give as much or as little as you like, as often as you wish. When we fully fund a project, I’ll let you know on the Books For Tributes twitter and Facebook pages.

When you donate please place the following somewhere in your personal message:

“I gave to this project because I’m with the Mockingjay, and support a literacy revolution in American classrooms. #books4tributes”

When you tweet about donating please use #books4tributes

Let’s set a goal to fund these 45 projects before Mockingjay hits theaters this fall, so that when we see Katniss on screen, fighting the Capitol, we can know that we’ve done our part to fuel our own revolution in Panem.

Fire is catching, and we are the spark. And if we put our hearts and minds behind this effort, the Capitol doesn’t stand a chance.

*three finger salute*

Charity and Mockingjay Set Visits

Who wants to visit the Mockingjay set? Sorry, that was a dumb question. Of course you want to visit the Mockingjay set, unless you are one of those severely spoiler-phobic people who doesn’t want to know any details about the film until you actually see it (in which case, you’ll probably want to stay away from 75% of the posts on this site, cause obsessing over every detail is kind of what we do.)

You could end up witnessing a Mockingjay version of this moment!

You could end up witnessing a Mockingjay version of this moment!

But rejoice, because now for the low-low price of a $10 charitable donation you can enter to win a trip to the Mockingjay set and tour with producer Jon Kilik. There are several donation levels that get you varying entries in the contest and before you complain to me that you don’t have any money, there is a free entry option if you read the fine print.  And it’s an even sweeter prize when you consider air travel and hotel  are included from virtually anywhere in the world – there are some exclusions, so again, read the fine print.

According to the prize administrator’s website,

Jon will personally show you around, introduce you to some of the cast members who are working that day, watch behind the scenes and have lunch with you on set.

You know those DVD features we all went nuts for? It’s a chance to get some of that IN PERSON. *Commence heavy breathing* Ok, I need to calm down.

Or this!

Or this!

Entries are weighted based on the amount of charitable contribution in a kind of reverse-tesserae scenario. So it’s true, if you don’t donate much, the odds aren’t in your favor. But hey, Prim only had her name in once. It can happen. And if you don’t win the trip, well, you just made a charitable donation. You’re a winner in the Generosity Olympics. You can feel good about that.

If you’ve got more cash to throw around, you can enter an auction to win a non-speaking extra role in Mockingjay though at a current bid of $8,500, that’s quite a financial commitment for most of us. Though even if I were super-rich I don’t think I would do this one because I would be afraid that my mere presence in the movie would screw it up somehow. I don’t need that kind of guilt hanging over me.

Beyond how awesome it would be to actually win this set visit or be in the actual movie, the contest reveals some clues about production.  The Charitybuzz site with the walk-on role auction says that shooting will continue in Atlanta until April 18, so presumably filming will shift to Europe after that.  Travel dates for the set visit with Jon Kilik are either April 14, 15, or 16.  You know that MTV Movie Awards shindig that’s happening on April 13? Well, these dates still leave it open that some of the cast may be attending if you consider that April 14 is a travel day, not a set visit day.

So if you’re inclined, go ahead and enter/bid. And may the odds…. you know the rest.


Ready to #IgniteTheFight

So many bright, shiny, sexy things are going on in this fandom right now. Jen, Josh, and Liam have done about 10,000 interviews in the past week. Sam and Jena are getting fans all excitable in new ways. And the other victors have been so full of win! Fans are already camping out for the world premiere in London (shout out to Joan!) and that glitz and glam is right in the horizon. We’re not talking about that tonight, so bear with us and remember that The Hunger Games fandom is not inherently flashy. It’s supposed to make you think.

There are some Catching Fire advertising partnerships that you have to take a moment to laugh at, like the Net-A-Porter clothing line and Subway’s “Fiery Footlongs” et circuses. Sriracha isn’t even fiery, Subway! Get your hands on some Ghost Chili Salsa and we’ll talk! Also, what does eating mildly spiced subs/grinders/hoagies/heros/whatever the hell else you call them have to do with standing up for my beliefs, exactly?


BUT ANYWAY, there are other partnerships that are kind of important! They actually mean something other than getting stuff. Namely the #IgniteTheFight campaign partnerships with Feeding America and The World Food Programme. In case you’ve been living under a rock, these two great organizations are out to end hunger, in both the US and other countries in need.

Over on The Official Hunger Games website, #IgniteTheFight is dishing up some pretty devastating facts about the realities of hunger (some of which we’ve added to this post), complete with comprehensive United States and Worldwide maps charting food insecurity and what we can do to help.

This was a big part of the Victory Tour, but it’s downright silly to think you can only donate if you had perishable items handy at one of five localized mall tour stops.

It’s easy to say “In the totally non-existent dystopian future of Panem, hunger is an issue.” It’s not so easy to admit that it’s also an issue right this very second, right under our noses. We’re all vaguely aware that there are major issues like hunger that exist out there, but being aware and acknowledging the issue are different things. Especially when you have never been in that particular situation. And there’s nothing wrong with that! We’re not claiming to donate all our time and money advocating world peace, because we got bills to pay and all that jazz.


But when an opportunity like #IgniteTheFight is presented directly to you, it’s a special opportunity to prove yourself. Here’s your chance to show that you actually understand that the books are about recognizing the troubles of the less fortunate and helping those in need. We know this fandom enough to know that it’s NOT full of mindless drones that only wear Capitol Couture makeup and eat Fiery Footlongs. We’re not saying you’re a bad person if you’ve indulged in any of that, of course! We have too! We just know that’s not specifically why you’re part of this fandom.

If you’re a little skeptical of charities, you can do your research on both charities and choose the one that seems most reputable. Or choose whichever charity tugs at your heartstrings more. Hell, choose both! A couple dollars, LITERALLY a couple dollars, makes a huge difference.

And yes, if you enter your email address, you’ll be entered to win some pretty sweet prizes, too!

Turns Out I’ve Got Nothing Witty to Say About the Worldwide Hunger Epidemic,
The Girl With The Pearl

#TICKTOCK6: Let’s Go To The Mall AGAIN!

An excuse to use one of our go-to GIFs? YES, PLEASE!


That’s right! #TickTock6 is here and we are going to the mall AGAIN! … With some familiar tour stops from last year and a concentration in the east, since Mockingjay filming is in Georgia.

On the whole, we find the idea of mall tours a little… pre-teen? But we also know that if it was in our area, we’d probably be there in a heartbeat. We would give up our dignity like that for this series! But alas, mall tours go to really freaking nice malls that are so big you need to carry a map with you and most malls aren’t QUITE that obscene.

Whooooooa! We're halfway there!

Whooooooa! We’re halfway there!

So first, check to see if they’re in your area:


Thankfully, Lionsgate is now being conscious of the fact that not everything lives in these areas! They holding a Google+ Hangout (a form of communication we’re slowly warming up to!) on November 6th, featuring fan questions from across the social networks. Just use the lucky hashtag #TICKTOCK6 to ask the cast your question! ..And try to make sure your question isn’t something we’ve heard 8,000 times. PLZKTHX.

Six fans who enter here will be able to physically participate in the Hangout, too! Honestly not sure if we could do it. We would just lose the ability to form real words. It would all be gibberish. HIGH-PITCHED gibberish!

What we’re really glad to see is that it won’t all be vanity. Fans who attend are asked to bring canned food donations to support Feeding America and the World Food Programme. Because if you have time to skip work or school, drive to the mall, and squeal at actors, you have time to buy a can of food. These are great causes and we love it when the fandom rocks some charity!

Glad You Visited Once Again, Robin Sparkles!

The Girl With The Pearl

The Socially Responsible Cast of The Hunger Games

Truth be told I do honestly believe that the collection of people who make up the cast of The Hunger Games franchise, are a special group of people. And no, not because they portray the myriad of characters created by Suzanne Collins, that would be just too damn easy. It’s because despite the odds a hefty amount of the cast are socially responsible with their time and their extracurricular activities. Wow, social responsibility isn’t exactly glamorous, or in the case of this site’s particular bent, it’s not very funny– but dammit, it’s important.

Josh Hutcherson, our Peeta, is probably the most vocally and charismatically socially responsible out of the cast so far. Today in promotion for the upcoming release of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Josh did an interview and a photo-shoot with Out Magazine, which you can read here. Hopefully we all know by now that Josh is a major advocate for the LBGTQ community, and he has been since he was a just

Josh looking mighty punk, but with a purpose in Out Magazine

Josh looking mighty punk, but with a purpose in Out Magazine

a little kid. However, unlike so many people of his generation he doesn’t just “talk the talk”, he actually started a charitable organization dedicated specifically to bridging the gap between the straight community and the LBGTQ community, and most remarkably he co-founded his organization years before he even turned 21 years of age (his 21st birthday is this Saturday). It all started for him because of a tragedy. It’s a sad story, but one worth telling and retelling, Josh’s mother’s uncle was gay, he was much loved by his family, but unfortunately before Josh was born he died of the AIDS virus. Josh never knew his uncle, but because his mother spoke so lovingly, and openly about him and her beliefs towards being all inclusive and non judgmental, Josh grew up to be that way as well. A million billion hats off to Josh Hutcherson on his expansive ability to not be a Judge-y McJudgerson, and also saying that one solution to the whole love triangle problem in The Hunger Games trilogy is for Gale, Peeta, and Katniss to form a triad. Gotta love a guy who thinks his character just needs to be more sexually adventurous to solve all his problems.

Now you didn’t think I was just going to talk about Hutcherson, did you? Nuh uh, ’cause we’ve got more people in the cast who (gonna use another cliche phrase now), “puts his money where his mouth is.” Bruno Gunn goes against almost all the character traits that his character Brutus is known for, sure he looks rather intimidating, but I don’t really think it’s in his nature to, well… murder people. He’s always on Twitter replying to fans, Instagraming, being inclusive and just simply a nice person, but his “niceness,” doesn’t end in cyberspace, nope not at all. A couple of weeks ago Bruno flew all the way back home to Ohio and hosted a charity event for Pathway Caring for Children, a non-profit organization out of the Cleveland, Ohio area that deals with abused and neglected children in The Foster System. Both are subjects that don’t get enough attention pretty much everywhere, and I’m sure he felt honored to do his part by bringing more attention to it by using his pull of being part of the cast, and a bit of a local celebrity. “I think what I learned the most from this experience is that sometimes we think it’s only the big things that are the most helpful, but it’s really the most everyday, and the most simple.” Said by Bruno himself, and conveniently ripped by me from his Facebook page. I even know for a fact that several donations came in specifically because people knew he was part of the cast of The Hunger Games. Face it, that’s kind of awesome in and of its self. Sometimes charity isn’t doing a lot though not even hosting an event or donating large sums of money, sometimes it’s just buying a pair of shoes for a Foster kid, or donating your time to an after school program. I even saw several week ago that our totally not brutal Brutus bought a homeless guy lunch, just some random person he ran into who needed help. If that’s not socially responsible, I don’t know what is.

I was this close to writing about Barbies.

Them There Eyes

Let’s Play ‘That Type of Character’!

It’s a new game! We just made it up! …Not really.

Today, Glamour released some new stills of Sam Claflin and Jena Malone rocking a vintage photoshoot via Just Jared. Besides the obvious fact that they both look fabulous, it also got us thinking about why they’re good for their characters– Jena looks jaded and even a bit intimidating ala Johanna in one shot. And Sam on the ground looking cheeky with that camera? Hellooooo Finnick!


But besides that, it made me think a new thought:
“Damn, for some reason, I really want to see Sam Claflin in a movie set in the 60s.”

Some actors just have that look, or that vibe, and you feel like they’d be perfect in a certain film setting. Sam’s got the 60s vibe for me. And the other Hunger Games actors, they’ve got their vibes too! There’s something about them that makes us want to see them play certain types of characters. Let’s discuss, shall we?

Jena Malone: Manic Pixie Girl – Jena is so genuine and bubbly, which makes us think she’d be the actress to play what’s traditionally referred to as a “Manic Pixie Girl” role: A character that’s well-loved and seemingly perfect to the narrator, but has a dark side that slowly unravels throughout the story. Some people consider it a trope, but this type of girl is something to admire when presented by a talented film team.

Bruno Gunn: Cynical War Leader – At first, we were thinking full-on evil overlord, which would also be a splendid choice, but we can see this guy shining in a role that’s a little less Brutus. Instead, we picture him stretching out his chops in a role where he plays a jaded military figure, the one who has done this for too long and seen too much, working with the young and unaware. There’s more versatility there.

Alan Ritchson: Nice Guy Serial Killer – We know! WE KNOW! We’re not saying Alan looks like a serial killer, far from it! But that’s actually what would make him great for the role of a Ted Bundy-esque character who disarms everyone with his charms before things get terrifying. We’d fall for it!

Willow Shields: Youngster Changing the World – Willow seems like she’d be really apt for one of those inspirational films in which a young teen who’s been through too much sets out to make a difference. She’s full of likable sweetness, but there’s grit under that. Maybe it’s because Prim’s grown some cojones in the Catching Fire trailers?

Meta Golding: The Savvy Politician – It may be the international upbringing or the degree in International Relations from an Ivy Leaque university, but Meta Golding has a certain worldliness to her that makes us think she’d play a great politician. Perhaps an ambiguous one or they young blood going up against old school corruption, as those are the best kinds!

There’s a few exmaples! Of course, we’re not saying these are the only roles said actors should take on. Just ones we hope they get the chance to take on, because we would thoroughly enjoy that!

What types of roles would you like to see Hunger Games actors in?

Don’t You Love When Posts End in an Open-Ended Question?!
The Girl With The Pearl


We’ve recently talked about our distaste for people selling signed Catching Fire posters and the like on eBay, but there is one HUGE EXCEPTION!

Lionsgate and the Catching Fire cast have been kind enough to provide 5 signed Catching Fire posters and five SDCC exclusive Mockingjay pins to be auctioned off to benefit the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation. The winners will receive a letter of authenticity from Lionsgate and 100% of the winning bids go to charity.

Auction One | Auction Two | Auction Three | Auction Four | Auction Five

Fast Food is Catching Fire

BIG NEWS! The Hunger Games has its first food franchise partnership!



Okay, it may not seem THAT exciting, but sticking your heroes’ and heroines’ faces on a fountain soda cup is a rite of passage for major cinema franchises. We mean, peeling away wax paper featuring Katniss Everdeen in order to eat a sandwich is practically the American Dream.

Surprisingly, Lionsgate went with Subway for this venture. You know, that sub / sandwich shop franchise that says it’s really healthy (but only if you get all the veggies and no dressing or cheese). It probably has to do with the fact that the collaboration will support Feeding America, a nationwide hunger-relief charity. A partnership with good ol’ BK might seem a little less proper when trying to promote charity looking to provide the impoverished with a healthy living and all, even if they do give away those badass collectible cups for everything. Don’t lie– you STILL have the Disney cups from those promotions they did back in the early 90s!

Of course, our favorite part of the Lionsgate + Subway 4eva (or at least 4 Catchin Fiya) was this:
“SUBWAY® customers can also pose with their favorite character’s standees in the restaurants and are invited to share photos on social media for additional chances to win.”
1) I will be doing this. Hopefully after consuming too much alcohol at an inappropriate hour. Definitely obnoxiously. Perhaps in one of those Subways in Wal-Mart, just to up the braindead fangirl factor.
2) It’s like Subway is inviting teens to sabotage their stores now! And in the name of charity! Sweet!

But there will also be “a special product line… with thematic ties to the film.” Will there be collectible cups?! Good ones, not that flimsy plastic crap! Don’t put us down for anything like keychains or stickers. We’re a fandom of kidults, but we at least want to appear adult-like in most occasions. What about special meals? OMG! WILL THERE BE SANDWICHES SERVED ON “PEETA” BREAD?! (Josh Hutcherson not included!) WE MUST HAVE IT.

While the instinctual reaction to a Hunger Games / food franchise partnership was an eyeroll followed by counting up the ways this makes us the Capitol citizens that we hate in the book, we may be starting to lighten up a little. Because no one Is getting hurt by Lionsgate marketing the fuck out of this movie (which they will do, whether we’re on board or not) like Katniss is affected in The Hunger Games and we’d actually help a charity via fangirling. Whaaaaat?

It Would Help If You Brought Back The Chicken Pizziola, Subway. Just Saying.
The Girl With The Pearl

Disturbing Hunger Games Stuff We Found On The Internet

Welcome to the weekend, where our life is so exciting, we spend a large chunk of it focusing on this here website!

We’re working on a new feature coming to the site soon that has lead us to search around the Internet for ALL The Hunger Games things! However, along the way, we discovered some stuff that we really wish we hadn’t.

Of course, we’re going to share them with you. If we’re going to be disturbed, you will too, dammit!

1. Blatant of lack originality – Self-published author Conrad Powell is selling a 30-page essay comparing The Hunger Games and modern-day America. All royalties will be donated to a charity of his readers choosing, which is admirable of him, despite the fact that his preview pages are just advertisements for his vampire series that makes Twilight look like the works of Charles Dickens. But what’s the title of this project, published just last week? Hunger is Not a Game. Sound familiar? It should. Shylah of Down With The Capitol introduced a charity project with the same name last year, soon after which she teamed up with The Harry Potter Alliance and got huge support for it. Riding on the coattails of someone else’s success, much?

2. Erotic fanfiction FOR SALE– If any Hunger Games fansite is going to devolve into straight up porn talk, it’s going to be us. So let’s get to it! Just when we start to think all the lame parodies are bad, we stumble across THE HUNG GAMES. We really wish we were joking about that title, but we’re not.

Hunger Games baby beanie Cafe Press

Warning: This infant may slaughter you.

An author by the name of Aubrey Watt has actually taken all of her bad Hunger Games sex fan fiction, changed the names of characters to things like “Petr” and “Geil”, put it in Kindle format and PUT IT UP FOR SALE. You can get some of the greatest classics ever written for free with a Kindle, but prepare to pay $2.99 to enjoy Katniss and Peeta’s sexytimes, slightly altered for legal purposes!

3. Baby clothes discussing killing – If we have children, we have every intention of getting them into The Hunger Games at an appropriate age. Even before they read the story, there will likely be clothing with Mockingjay pins and such on it. But a baby beanie reading KILL OR BE KILLED? REALLY?! Let’s not only advertise the story to those who are not familiar as something ultra-violent… let’s do that WITH OUR BABIES.

Mind you, this was all found just today. We know you’ve probably come across some creepy Hunger Games stuff too, so get it off your chest and share with us in the comments!

We’re Searching For Handmade Hunger Games Stuff on Etsy to Cleanse Our Souls,
The Girl With The Pearl