About Us

Welcome to Victor’s Village! We’re an original Hunger Games blog, here to throw some spice into the fandom mix!

Mission Statement

We’re not here to post news– you can view any of our marvelous affiliates for that– we’re here to GET REAL.

To help you figure out this conundrum, here’s a list of a few groups we’re here for:

1. The Characters and The Amazing Suzanne Collins – Not that you really need us. We hear you’re doing pretty well on your own! However, fans are a never-ending source of opinion on all of you and we’re going to break. it. down.

2. The Fandom – Let’s face it, one among the many thousands (millions, even?!) of us is going to break down into a crazy stalker. Others will cover their bodies in poorly done THG tattoos. There will be poor life choices and even worse fangirling all over the internet. We’ll point it all out as a Public Safety Announcement of sorts: NEVER BE THAT FAN.

3. The Actors – For when you finally decide to pursue that ill-advised music career. Or when proof of those awkward gigs you took to “break into the business” surface online. Or when you finally bust up one of the members of the paparazzi that will follow you around constantly once the film is released. We’ll be there for you! ..Sort of.

4. The Filmmakers – You’re like our child. We love you, but you worry us. A lot. We’re going to question your decisions a bit, not because we don’t trust you. It’s just in our nature. We fans feel responsible for your overall success. No judgments until the movies are out, but if some terrible montage or extra-cheesy scene kills part of the film for us, you better believe we are going to let you know! It’s for your own good, dammit!

5. The Haters – Every good franchise has ’em. They’re here in full force. When they come, we’ll smack ’em right back down like the Internet’s most badass game of Whack-A-Mole ever! Because no matter what we’ve got to say about the series, this blog is dedicated to it for a reason!

Interactivity is the name of the game here, so if you’ve any interest in blogging about The Hunger Games weekly or just once or you’ve got an interesting topics for us, send an e-mail to thevictorsvillage@gmail.com!

Let’s Get Social

Now that we’re introduced, feel free to internet stalk us. Don’t worry, we dig it.

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Behind The Scenes

Victor’s Village was created by The Girl With The Pearl, a twenty-something with a very expensive degree in Journalism that taught her to hate most things about journalism, so on the side she blogs her little heart out. She discovered the series thanks to internet buzz in the summer of 2010. She also co-runs The Fandom, where you can geek out about other fan favorites.

Them There Eyes is a twenty-something, over-educated entertainment fiend. She started reading The Hunger Games series in late 2010, and hasn’t looked back since. She likes long walks on rocky wind swept beaches, soy cafe mochas, and mid-century and French Neoclassic furniture. Peeta is her favorite character.

JJ works in marketing and is probably thinking of some way to convince you to buy stuff right now. When she’s not doing that, she’s obsessing about all things entertainment, especially the Hunger Games, which she read on a whim in 2010 and obviously turned out to be a great decision. She loves Katniss and Peeta so much that she sometimes forgets that they’re not real people.


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