Stay With Me?

Real or not real? Whether or not we want it to, Hunger Games news is really slow, to say the least, and this is no place for an editorial-based fansite (on fire.)

hunger-games-quoteLet’s start by saying this isn’t a goodbye. It’s a “See ya when we see ya.”

It became clear about three weeks ago that we needed to give our accolades to the Hunger Games fandom as the activity level dies down… aaaaaaand then I hesitated for three weeks. We’re still going to post when there’s big Hunger Games news we wanna talk about–watch our social networks just in case!– but as things change, we know regular updates aren’t feasible. We cannot survive on actors being cast in other unrelated films, red carpet appearances, and selfies alone (so seriously, Willow Shields, cool it on the selfies.)

Being part of this fandom has been an incredible journey so far. I’m going to be selfish for a minute, but hopefully amuse you in the process, by talking about some of my experiences you may not know about:

  1. Victor’s Village got started because I wanted to work on a Hunger Games fansite, but couldn’t get involved with existing sites. I “applied” for but lost out to Sam Cushion– who is lovely and was straight-up famous in the fandom long before I got involved. And I had A LOT OF FEELINGS. So starting my own op-ed arrangement just seemed right. And I’ve been really, really lucky since.
  2. I was first approached by Savanna New from Hunger Games Fireside Chat to work on The Potter Games and later to be a guest on Hunger Games Fireside Chat, I’m pretty sure I had heart palpitations because they liked me, they really liked me!
  3. When The Potter Games developed into The Fandom (which I now co-own with my dear friend Nat,) I talked to Adam Spunberg about the site development so much that my then fiance/now husband expressed concern.
  4. I’ve met each of my three wonderful co-writers on this site over the course of its run– Rebekah, Tiffany, and JJ– once apiece in person. Don’t care. Still love em!
  5. If you thought our opinions were sometimes harsh, you weren’t the only one. We’re not saying that a certain studio has contacted us for expressing opinions they didn’t like before, but we’re not saying it didn’t happen, either.

What can you do now? Well, there are still awesome Hunger Games fansites out there with straight news– try Down With The Capitol, Jabberjays, and Panem Propaganda. For some more multi-faceted business including comic and YA genre books, movies, and shows you can still follow me over at TheFandom.Net. You can also hit us up on Twitter at @kaitmary and @jj_dash. we said, if there’s big news, we’ll be around to talk about it. But if it doesn’t come anytime soon, let us leave you with this message: LOVE WHAT YOU LOVE LOUD AND PROUD. Fandom is huge and encompassing, but there are people who will always be asses about it. “YA is immature,” “The thing you like is formulaic/too weird/overrated, etc,” or “There are other things you should invest your time in.” Does fandom make you happy? Does liking things make you happy? Then screw all of ’em! As a 20-adult in fandom, I constantly struggle with this. My 50-something year-old co-workers absolutely don’t think my love for The Hunger Games is worthwhile, but I never let that keep me from this community of like-minded friends. Don’t let wayward opinions from judgmental people sway you either. If you love a band, a book, or a movie, just love it and let everyone else deal with their opinions all by themselves.

After all, there are much worse games to play.

Thank you. Truly.
The Girl With The Pearl


  1. I feel I have to leave a message because this site and this fandom mean a lot to me. I’ve been in the fandom for 6 years now, if I’m making my calculations correctly, and I’ve been through the ups, downs, overs and sideways of it (Panemoctober, the Fireside Chat, the Potter Games, etc, etc). I’ve met the most amazing and talented people in it and, among those, was this site and everyone in it. I’ve always felt a special attachment to Victor’s Village in particular, because you guys always said it like you felt it, with honesty and integrity, which is not easy to find in something as subjective and volatile as fandom is.

    I know this is not a goodbye and I’ll look out for whatever the future may bring from you all, but I think it’s as good a moment as any to show my gratitude for everything you’ve always done here and elsewhere, for the fandom and just for being yourselves. I’ve always felt sort of an outsider among all the amazing people who, from 2010/2011 onward, made this fandom a great place to be in, because I was geographically (and economically) prevented from meeting you all and telling you all in person how amazing you are. But whenever I have the chance — and no matter how much time passes and how much water has passed under the bridge (or through the exploding dam, Hunger Games references are still relevant) — I want to remind you how special you are to me and, especially, this site. Thank you all for these years of fandom ♥

    1. Luly, you beautiful soul, you! Getting weepy over here!

      Even though we never met in person, you’ve been a huge part of our fandom experience as well. Always active, never afraid to crack a joke or share an opinion, just rivaling in The Hunger Games with us. Thank you so much for that and all your general awesomeness. We wouldn’t have been writing on this site for nearly as long as we did were it not for expressive readers who had our backs like you. ❤

  2. Thank you Victor Village for being there when I was ready to join the Hunger Games fandom. Thank you for posting some guest posts from somebody who was just starting to try to put those fandom feels Into words. Thank you for being a website where I could have some great arguments and discussions with other fans of other ages and other opinions. Thank you for your cleverness, and those hilarious scene by scene breakdowns. And thank you for letting my high school students write their own mini guest posts and get a feel for what it’s like to send an opinion out into the cyber world. Best of luck on all your new adventures.

  3. Well, I AM 50 years old – and I still think being a fan of something (no matter what) is ALWAYS worthwile … Maybe some people have lost the connection to their inner child, something one should never do.

    Thank you so much for your time and energy on this site (and to your collegues as well, of course)!

    I have always enjoyed reading here ! It was always my first Hunger-Games-site to turn to … Authentic, funny, real.

    I am going to miss this (as well as I will miss the joy of waiting for another Hunger Games movie … to see how they developed my favourite books into amazing though not always flawless films).

    Nothing to add to Luly´s comment above – very well said.

    Thank you. Hope to hear from you again.

  4. Thank you, GWTP and your fellow canaries for many great years of keeping it real. Thank you for embracing all of us in the fandom whether we were on the book bandwagon at the beginning or got caught up in the wave of movie mania. Thank you for your funny and intelligent commentary. Thank you for calling out the craziness (looking at you, Capital Couture).

    And a special thank you for the shout out you gave to my little Etsy shop very early on, long before the explosion of fandom junk hit the market. I was just a middle-aged raving fan who wanted to create something to remember these amazing stories, and you helped me find other like-minded peeps.

    I’m sure this blog has not been easy to maintain at times and has meant a lot of sacrifices in time, energy and cold hard cash. Personally I think you guys are the best of the bunch!

  5. I have been such a fan of this site, and pretty much always agree with what is expressed here. You guys are true fans and I love this fandom. This is such a part of my growing up and I’ll always cherish this site! Great post. Thanks for the memories. This site and Down With The Capitol are my favorites. HG Fire Side Chat is something I always loved to listen to. Also just as something that is unrelated to What you mentioned but in the fandom- The Katniss Chronicles in my opinion do not get enough credit. Those audio recordings are AMAZING. I love those and I think it’s one of the best gems of fan creation.

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