The Hunger Games Auction: The “Want!” and the “WHAT?!”

GUESS WHAT GUYS! Apparently, a bajillion props from The Hunger Games movies are going up for auction.

Guess that means that the exhibition is done? Also, we guess that Lionsgate is trying to make up for some recent, massive stock dips. BUT THOSE ARE JUST GUESSES.

Being the absolute crazies that we are, We looked through most of the online catalogue over at Because it’s movie props! They’re fun, they’re shiny, and they have some great sentimental value– well, some of it at least.

Truthfully, we’re not going to bid on any of it because we’re cheap and the lowest priced items are estimated to go for at least $200. We love feeding ourselves more than we love The Hunger Games. Sorry! Still, there we definitely some items that made us squeal “Want!” Of course, for every one of those, something made us say “WHAT?!”

Let’s explore a few, shall we?


Obvious starting point. This is the Mac Daddy of all Hunger Games outfits.

mockingjay outfit


Katniss’ and Peeta’s pajamas? They’re not even display clothes! Are you going to buy it and sleep in it, hoping some of the actor scent stuck (assuming this is the actual pair they wore and not an extra set)?




victors village sign


The reaping ball is cool, in theory. But it’s just a giant glass bowl and they want to start at $1,000! Sure, the paper props are included. But do they have the meaning of life scribbled within? No? Then we’re all set!

reaping ball


We realize this is the commercialized bow Katniss was given by District 13 when she became The Mockingjay. But it’s just so effin’ pretty!

katniss capitol bow


This is less about the medicine ball (it least that had a purpose in the story) than the medicine ball rack, which is being auctioned off separately for hundreds of dollars. And maybe you could hang your coats on it, guys!

medicine ball


It’s a silver parachute guys! They mean hope and support and inspiration and.. *wipes single tear away*

silver parachute


Peeta’s pearl for Katniss is important. The fake oyster he found it in and the fake coconut they drank water out of, though? What does one even DO with those items? Do that fit nicely into anyone’s living room decor?!

coconut oyster


We have nowhere to put this but we want it PURELY FOR THE LULZ. We wanna drive it around town blasting Spice Girls songs and shooting off confetti cannons while getting strange looks just because we could if we had enough money to bid on it!

capitol military vehicle


This is HUGE and fumbly and not something you can casually display in a home! Unless you’re going to convert it into a race car bed-esque situation. Maybe not even then.

capitol chariot


If we want the Capitol’s fine china, there’s nothing wrong with that. WE ARE ADULTS, DAMMIT!

capitol china


Someone is about to yell at us because these sculptures from Katniss’ original tribute apartment are art. We can’t help it– All we see are giant, hole-y pensises.


Why Wasn’t Buttercup An Option?!
The Girl With The Pearl



  1. Daaaaamn, Lionsgate gettin’ desperate. ;P

    I can almost forgive the Everlark bed frame not coming with the Everlark mattress…but man, the oyster and coconut without the pearl…XD I’ve already got a seashell collection and a couple coconut shells saved from sorbets, so I can knock those off my list, lol. Likewise the china’s nice, but the…Swiss-cheese-penis-people sculptures, I could do without.

    I now want to redecorate my whole house with furniture from the train, tribute center, Katniss’ house, Caesar’s skybox, etc. Turn the reaping bowls into an aquarium and terrarium. Place the Victor’s Village sign over my front porch. Use the stylists’ makeup kits for my dog supplies. Arrange a whole new wardrobe consisting of outfits worn by Jen, Josh, Liz, Woody, etc. Wear Johanna’s tree suit and then peel it off in a glass elevator. Park the chariot on my lawn and charge people to take photos in it. Set up a HG weaponry museum. Get the PK truck with the same objective as you (bidding war!! Actually kinda surprised the price on that isn’t a lot higher?) Replace my Peeta pendant with *the actual* Peeta pendant. Shame the lemon-yellow coat is child-sized because I *really* love it…also like the Capitol map/random outfits & accessory lot, they’re pretty neat. I just can’t believe they’re selling off aaaaallllll this precious stuff. Amazing. o.O

    Now in all seriousness, I dunno…I might try to get something…or maybe bite the bullet and get the ($50 lol) catalog so that I’m “getting everything” in a way, to ease the pain of not bidding/winning any of the actual items. Because it is seriously fun to look closely at some of the cool things we never got to appreciate, including the clothes on some of the Quarter Quell tributes. I’ll see how it goes. (Those prices–they’re minimum starting bids and not just estimated value ranges, right?)

  2. Great article! It’s sure been fun to examine ’em all in close up detail! But, yeah, not sure why the coconut and other items have been found worthy of selling off. Another one I saw was Snows handkerchiefs which, as far as I can tell, are just plain white handkerchiefs with the panem logo. I can buy a pack of ’em for under $5, and then get creative with some thread, thanks.
    (On another note, gosh darn it, I want the ‘Real or not real’ Peeta bedframe. I only feel a smidgen of shame. Also one of those quarter quell wetsuits, which I’m just as obsessed with now, as I was back in 2012/2013)

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