Our Blu-Ray Extras Wish List

As we move into February, the release of Mockingjay Part 2 on Digital HD and then Blu-Ray/DVD is inevitably coming soon. Along with the benefit of being able to watch the movie over and over and over again comes the fun of digesting all the extra stuff they add in to entice you to purchase.

We expect the features to be similar to previous Hunger Games movies – audio commentary with Francis and Nina, a few deleted scenes, and lots of behind the scenes featurettes on making the film. The fact that this is the last film makes us a little antsy about what bits they add to this release versus what they choose to add to any ULTIMATE, SUPER-SHINY 4-MOVIE SET that will be coming later in the year, or in 2017, or both. You know they’ve got to hold something back for those later editions. What do they have in that treasure trove to look forward to?

So now we present our not-very-grounded-in-reality wish list of Hunger Games movie (all of ‘em) extras that we’re dying to see at some point:


Prim, what kind of nightmare sequence was this? Gary, stop holding back.

Those scenes we’ve seen in stills or BTS footage but never the actual footage. Prim in the tribute costume? Gary, what was that about? Katniss and Peeta having a chat in the tribute center. Again Gary, share that with us! Peeta getting his arm painted by the morphling. Francis, please!

Catching Fire Katniss and Peeta rooftop footage. We know something was filmed. We suppose it hit the cutting room floor early because why would you NOT include this footage as a Catching Fire extra? We’ll forgive the quality. Whatever it is, we JUST NEED TO SEE IT.

Revisions to the end of Mockingjay Part 2 after the passing of Philip Seymour Hoffman. We know about the places where footage from other scenes was added. We know Haymitch reading Plutarch’s letter was a change. But we’re curious what the plan was originally, had tragedy not occurred.


Don’t tell us you don’t want a cast audio-commentary. Not possible.

Cast audio-commentary. The Francis and Nina audio-commentaries give us some great insight into the making of the movies. But the fandom would completely lose their shit if Lionsgate were ever able to wrangle Jen, Josh, Liam, Woody, Liz et al into doing audio commentaries for the films.  It’s the dream, people. THE DREAM.

Everlark sex. JUST KIDDING, but with all the messages Francis gets about that from fans, we couldn’t NOT mention it. The thought of that actually being filmed makes us feel really awkward, and the inclusion of a scene of that nature would HAVE NOT fit the end of Mockingjay Part 2. If you want that, there’s a whole wide world of fan fiction to explore. BUT I would be really curious to know about the creative decisions that took place in the execution of the actual, final “real or not real” scene. As much as I hate to say it, as more time passes, I find it disappointing. Or maybe I just need to watch the movie again when it comes out and learn to let it all go.

What other extras should we be pleading for?





  1. One thing I know for certain it’d be a disappoint if we find out they even considered adding a sex scene anywhere in this film. It would kill so much of the story.

    At the top of my wish list would be the cast audio-commentary even though I realize that’s highly unlikely. But I wouldn’t ask for too much, maybe just Josh and Sam or Elizabeth and Natalie, not all of them but just a few would be awesome, too. I don’t know what else I’d die to have on the blu-ray except maybe(WARNING this may be delusional) a message from Suzanne Collins since this was the last one *fingers crossed* …

  2. I would *love* a cast audio commentary, but also, what about that blooper reel? Why has there been no blooper reel yet?? Even Jen was annoyed that Francis didn’t add one for CF, so I definitely got the impression they were going to include one from then on. Didn’t they describe having edited together a series of shots of Jen as she goes into character (how quickly she transforms)? Yet we never saw it..
    I was also disappointed there was no deleted rooftop scene added, but then I got the impression that had only been a rumour, or that it was planned, but not filmed. I can’t remember where I got that from, but are you absolutely 100% sure something got filmed?

  3. Definitely would enjoy seeing deleted scenes from the first film, a blooper reel, the original Mockingjay plan before PSH’s passing, a cast commentary, and info regarding the end of Part 2. Clearly we weren’t getting a sex scene, and I don’t know how anybody could seriously hope for one. I mean, we got Everlark in bed, and we got the kids. Who would’ve truly expected to see what obviously occurred in between, in a PG-13 film? Unnecessary and unrealistic. I didn’t even really mind the lack of another kiss in the movie.

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