Kissing Co-Stars

Just when the fandom beings to quiet down and we admittedly turned our attentions elsewhere– namely, Star Wars and basically every major 2016 movie that released big advertising in front of Star Wars– leave it to Jennifer Lawrence to get all The Hunger Games fans riled up again!

If you were in the fandom back in the early days of the movie production, you probably remember how the trashy magazine rumors about the torrid love triangle between Jennifer, Josh, and Liam, despite the fact that at least two of the three were in other relationships at the time. Even through Catching Fire, the hookup rumors never totally faded. Meanwhile, fans all rolled their eyes and said “Urgh, they’re all just really good friends! Why does the media have to be like that?! GAWD!

Well, we were right and we were wrong. Observe!

Now, before you get on the “Lyke OMG they’re totes together!” train that some fangirls immediately ran to, remember that no, they’re probably not. Sure, everyone has talked about how Liam has been decidedly more light-hearted and active in the final round of promotions, perhaps even a little flirtatious, depending on who you talk to. But that doesn’t mean anything.


Here’s the thing about being in your teens and 20s– you have a core group of friends, probably people you grew up with like Jen said. These groups are damn near incestuous. Because these like-minded people are spending all their time together, they grow very close. Friends flirt with each other. They date people their other friends have dated. And yeah, occasionally, friends who aren’t planning to be in a relationship make out. Essentially, shit happens.

The media outlets are blowing this as if Jen and Liam have been secretly banging for months. AND MAYBE THEY HAVE. Who cares?! But all she admitted to was a kiss, folks, so don’t lose your mind quite yet. Lots of people kiss which later amounts to nothing. Speculation upon speculation upon speculation!

Frankly, we could care less with what’s goin’ on between these two. C’est la vie! We’re more thrilled about Jen’s reaction to being asked about Justin Bieber:

"That's a hard no."

“That’s A Hard No.”
The Girl With The Pearl



  1. Sadly, a lot of people do care about this. Real life shippers are the absolute worst; and while the Jen/Liam shippers have lost their heads a little over the past few days, the majority do seem to realize that it’s just a kiss and doesn’t mean anything more than that, even if they would love to see something more happen between them.

    The other crowd however have left reason and sanity behind them a long time ago. Their behavior over the years has been rude and obnoxious, and resulted in some real nastiness directed towards the significant others of Jen and Josh. They think because they’re on tumblr, and don’t directly send hate to the people involved that their behavior is somehow acceptable, but it isn’t. Josh has brought it up a number of times, particularly during the MJ2 promo. He’s aware of what’s being said about him and his girlfriend and it obviously bothers him. Yet shippers twist every little thing to fit their own fanfiction, just because they can’t separate Jen and Josh from Katniss and Peeta, or fantasy from reality.

    I agree with everything that’s written in this post, but the truth is that the ‘Jiam’ shippers, while slightly annoying lately, are not the ones who need to be called out. There’s a far bigger problem in the fandom, and that’s with the Joshifer shippers and I wish that fansites like yourselves could have included those shippers in this message, as they’re the ones who really need to take it on board.

  2. um… I’m a Joshifer shipper and I take offense in what the comment above me stated. Please take the generalization out of your statement. Sure there are spoiled eggs in the Joshifer fandom, I’m not hypocrite enough to deny it, but it’s the same for other fandoms. Some of us “insane” shippers tend to fangirl quietly and within the confines of the “Joshifer” tag in tumblr–I don’t see anything wrong with it as long as you respect and you are a fan as of both celebrity individually. Joshifer shippers who do take that into heart that they are human do exist. Thanks.

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