Little Moments We’re Thankful For in Mockingjay Part 2

Now that the second week of release is here, we’ve had time (and multiple viewings) to digest more of our thoughts and emotions about Mockingjay Part 2. We’ve seen a lot of discussion about the BIG moments in the movie – from the craziness of the pods, mutts, Finnick’s death, “Stay with me… Always,” epilogue, etc, but it’s some of the little moments that stick with us too.  Sure, there are some little things we wish had been done differently, but we’ll focus on the positive today, with our favorite little moments from the book we’re thankful (and a little amazed) actually made the cut of the movie. We’re still full of Thanksgiving spirit, so we’ll go with it.


“I’m planning for you to have a long life”

Boggs is a character that you fall a little more in love with upon each reading of Mockingjay. He’s an overall good dude, and time and again he’s there for Katniss. He sees her as a person, not a symbol or a pawn, but a brave young woman who’s had WAY more than her fair share of sacrifice, and his support of her warms our heart. I’ve always loved this exchange between Boggs and Katniss in the books. It serves a narrative purpose of explaining Coin’s ominous intentions, but also just reinforces Boggs’ loyalty to her. Considering Boggs leaves us way too soon, we’re glad he at least got this nice moment.

Pollux and Castor when they first go underground

It was wonderful to have Pollux’s backstory fleshed out a little, and the support Castor gives his brother as he starts to get a little panicky at all the revived memories of being underground was so sweet. (Funny how they give us these moments just before a character is about to die, huh?) But it was well done to reinforce the bond between these brothers, and we loved to see it.

“You’re a painter, you’re a baker…”

Much has been written about this discussion between Peeta, Katniss, and the squad. It’s our introduction to “Real or not real,” and the movie could have just left it at the favorite color discussion and moved on. But we got the gift of the painter, baker, windows open, double knotted shoelaces, unsweetened tea of details that shows just how much Katniss was paying attention to Peeta Mellark all this time. The mundane details that she knows about him reinforces how close they became before the Quarter Quell. This is a moment for the book fans and we’re forever grateful for it, film pacing be damned!


Tigris’s small smile when Katniss reveals her mission to kill Snow

It wasn’t a long scene, but they took the time for Katniss to recognize Tigris as an ex-stylist from the Games. The horror of Tigris’s transformation is evident when she shares that Snow didn’t think she was “pretty enough” after all the disfigurement she inevitably went through to try to meet his unobtainable continued favor. Her tiny smile when Katniss shares her plan to kill Snow is another moment we’re glad made the cut. We already knew that among Capitol elites, Snow’s friendship was fickle, but this was a reinforcement that no one was safe under his regime.

What other small moments in the film stood out to you?







  1. I thought there were some really great moments of women other than Katniss being badass which I loved – Paylor was more fleshed out, Jackson was terrific, Cressida putting down the camera and handling a machine gun like a pro was brilliant, and the Leeg sisters sacrificing themselves to provide a diversion was great too. They were just small moments, but I appreciated that the female soldiers were shown to be every bit as brave and competent as the male soldiers in the unit.

    1. YES. I especially loved how Paylor and Jackson were developed. Jackson was probably the biggest surprise to me, since we already saw some of Paylor’s awesomeness in Part 1. I loved how authentic Michelle Forbes made Jackson. Cressida blasting away at those mutts and helping Peeta and Messalla escape made me cheer and the Leegs’ heroic stance was a nice upgrade from the book. They all contribute and get their moment.

  2. I like the scenes between Plutarch and Coin. Plutarch’s knowing glances and smirks subtly show that he’s already figured out or starting to realize that Coin is no different from Snow. Also, the quiet moments between Katniss and Haymitch especially on the train back to District 12. The sorrow and grief on their faces in that scene really moved me. I want to give them both a hug esp. Katniss and tell her ‘It’ll be ok.’

  3. Yes I love how the supporting characters aren’t rushed over or down played. It seems every actor cast in this film gets enough screen time to a) do justice to the character and, b) to demonstrate their incredible acting abilities. I love that although Katniss is the protagonist, she clearly isn’t the only important part of getting the story to where it’s headed.
    I love how, in subtle ways, Boggs could be seen as a father figure to Katniss like in the book. Which for some reason I didn’t think would come across on screen, but like you said, he sees her as more than a pawn and so cares for her in a fatherly manner.

  4. For me it will probably be Cressida’s scene after Mesalla died. I think that’s when the hopelessness of the situation struck me the most going by Cressida’s facial expression and Katniss pushing her to go on. I mean there’s a lot of notable scenes in MJP2 but I think that’s the scene that I really remember vividly after I went out of the cinema.

    1. Hi black_butterfly !

      There is a scene for Cressida after Mesalla died ? I probably cannot remember, for it happened so fast. Or by any chance is there something in the movie we here in Germany couldn´t see ?? I cannot imagine, but who knows …

      Thanks for giving me a clue 🙂

      1. I’m probably wrong to call if a scene but Cressida was like running backwards or something staring helplessly at Mesalla’s remains.. I just really love the hopelessness in Natalie’s expression

  5. There are lots of little moments I enjoyed but two I can remember both have to do with Katniss. I love the part where she wakes to overhear Gale and Peeta’s conversation. Her pretending to be asleep is perfect. You may not think the part with Buttercup is a little moment, but the moment she holds him, the moment they “comfort each other’ is so real. Now I am reminded of Peeta planting the primroses, “You came back.”

  6. I’m more grateful for the moment between my OTP (Hayffie!) than anything else, but there really were so many goodies.
    Each of the squad members had his/her time to shine or where his/her individual personality shone through…when it would’ve been so easy for them all to look like just a bunch of drones there to serve Katniss and possibly die, or then be forgotten. I especially liked Pollux from his introduction, and Boggs in Pt. 2. We got a good sense of who Paylor is and can have faith in her presidency. And Eugenie really made the most of Tigris’ brief appearances. She was perfect…so elegantly, gracefully feline. Hey, I think you’re pretty–rrrawr!

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