Jennifer Lawrence and Those Dirty Rumors

Oh, media. You sure know how to make something out of nothing!

Surviving weeks of nearly non-stop travel and press interviews and premieres is infamously taxing on celebrities– recall the great Catching Fire influenza of 2013– so they deal with it however they can. Usually, it involves getting a little loopy and messing with each other.

Fans have watched the dynamics through three previous press tours. So when Jennifer Lawrence said she didn’t wash her hands after going to the bathroom in an interview with MTV, getting the proper gross-out reaction from Josh and Liam, the sarcasm was pretty evident to us. But not to everyone, apparently!

After the interview, the Internet blew up with outlets talking about Jennifer’s dirty bathroom habits. Like it was a dark, disgusting secret they must expose to make the world know she is not perfect. DUN DUN DUNNNN!

It’s amazing what folks will post in the hopes of clicks, but fear not! Our girl Jen had it handled!

When the rumors began to fly, she took it upon herself to put a little something on Facebook.

As Jen said, it’s pretty amazing that she even HAS TO clear it up, but we cannot give her enough kudos for handling an awkward rumor with wit and sass.

With so much judgement out there and essentially no margin for error for stars, it’s always great to see the celebs have the occasional crack at parodying the ridiculousness of it all.

She washed up pretty good after that, we’d say:

At least she’s not rumoredly hooking up with Josh, Liam, or both of them in some strange menage a trois this time around, AMIRITE?

We Have Faith In Your Hygiene!
The Girl With The Pearl


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