What’s Up With the New/Old Victory Tour Posters?

Yesterday, Mashable revealed a strange addition to the world of Hunger Games propaganda- posters from the “archives” of Capitol Couture covering the 38th Victory Tour.


Well, this was a surprise. And we don’t really understand why they’re doing this. What does it mean? First of all, why would the rebels, now controlling Capitol Couture, release old Capitol propaganda glorifying the games? Who is this Porter lady? Is she someone’s relative? WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?

The Mashable piece teases that there will be other Victory Tour posters revealed later this week, but doesn’t have any further information. So again, what the huh?

Stepping back from our confusion for a second, they are cool looking posters. Futuristic, yet not, with the weird neck brace (evidently from an injury suffered winning the games). It invited so many Mean Girls references on social media, which is always fun. But what is this leading to? Was this just a side project Tim Palen took on for kicks and decided to release now, or is this actually leading to something else? Is this the WORLD OF THE HUNGER GAMES spin-off building, or just another piece of in-universe color to get us excited for next week?

We’ll just have to wait, but it did bring up so many questions about what’s next.



One comment

  1. Oh no… Are they going to make new movies, not based on the books, with this Porter girl a main character? And starting to tease it now already, while they have the attention because of MJ2? I hope not… 😦

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