Mockingjay Part 2 Interview Silliness

The Mockingjay Part 2 promotional tour is in full swing, which means press and various personalities lucky enough to get a sit down with the cast all compete to get the silliest moments on tape. We won’t lie, we’re total suckers for this stuff, which must be why this is the approach every year. We would feel cheated without it. So here we go…

First up, was the OFFICIAL Fan Tribute Event, which landed online this week. It definitely has its moments with funny stories, forehead kisses, and Liam doing a hilarious line reading of “If we burn you burn with us” that he swears was not him making fun of Jen, but Conan (at around 4:30 on the video – if you don’t watch the whole thing AT LEAST watch that).

Moving beyond Lionsgate events, we get to enjoy everyone making the trio do different challenges. Like spelling Mockingjay backwards (which went about as well as you’d think). Still, it’s good times. And Jen got a muffin/cupcake.

Finally, how about real life games of Real or Not Real? (Warning, after this initial question at the beginning of the video, it veers off into spoilerish movie territory).

It’s hard to imagine the amount of interviews that are involved with this scale of press tour. But we’ll be seeing them flood the internet in about 3..2..1.

Might as well try to have fun with it.




  1. Ok as a general rule I despise youtubers but Danisnotonfire or whatever the hell his name is was actually kinda hilarious. Like he was quick, he was witty, he did good. Jen eating the muffin at the end was so funny! I love our cast, hate to see this end.

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