Mockingjay Part 2 Production Note Goodies

The massive production notes from Mockingjay Part 2 came online today, and there’s some GREAT INFO to enjoy. Yes, we mean massive as in 97 pages (including all the end credits). We did a run through and these were some of the bits that made us curl up into a ball of feelings.

Jennifer Lawrence on Katniss:

She’s started to see the beauty in humanity in this film,” Jennifer observes. “In the beginning she had a short view of the way things are because of her upbringing. She did not have much hope then, and she felt alone for a lot of her life. During everything that has happened – in the Games, in District 13, in the Capitol at the end of this story – she found herself more and more connected to people.”

Notes on Peeta’s character:

Throughout, Peeta’s true feelings for Katniss keep surfacing in ways that keep him bonded to her at an unspoken level.

On that topic, THIS STILL found its way online today too. WE NEED SOME HELP.


Continuing on, Woodly Harrelson on Haymitch:

“Haymitch comes to care deeply about Katniss in a way that maybe surprises him and shakes him up, and it’s easy to get to that place with Jennifer,” he says. “She’s so much fun to work with, but also so honest and true in her performance. You’re always working at a high level with her.”

The final scene:

“One of the things that I’m most excited about is the film’s final scene,” says Francis Lawrence. “There was a really strong feeling on the set when we got to the scene – a feeling that all the history of all these characters through the course of these four movies had built up to this singular moment. I hope audiences really feel that history and also a sense of the future. Everything that has happened to Katniss and all the themes of the story have wound together to come down to this final glimpse of her world, so it was very important that we really get to live inside it.”

The ending remains as faithful to Suzanne Collins’ phenomenon-creating books as the beginning. As the journey comes to a close, one of the greatest satisfactions for Nina Jacobson is that the film franchise never strayed, the whole way through, from her promise to follow Collins’ vision.

There’s so much great stuff in these notes, we encourage you all to take a look for yourselves. The notes also reveal that there will not be an end credits song, and there will not be a pop artist soundtrack, just a theatrical score album for sale.

And oh yeah. Those end credits have something that’s not a surprise but still makes us wonder how the final scene will be shot. Bear Lawrence is listed as Everdeen Child #1 and Theodore Lawrence is Everdeen Child #2. Yes, these are Jennifer Lawrence’s nephews, as in 2 boys. I’m not ready to jump off the WHAT, WHY DID THEY DISREGARD BOOK CANON ON THAT NOW? ship, but it does make us wonder more about how the scene is constructed. Maybe they’re shooting one child through time. Maybe they’re doing some vague shots of kids playing and not doing a closeup on them so it doesn’t matter. But not gonna lie, it will bug us if they imply that Katniss and Peeta have two sons and forget completely about first born girl.

We’ll keep the faith though. Keeping the faith, because this is looking pretty great.




  1. It’s not so much that the two boys are listed as the fact that there’s *no girl* listed as Everdeen Child. How can the daughter be in then? Or maybe one nephew was a baby so he could pass for a girl?

    That aside: I CAN’T FIND SNOW’S GRANDDAUHTER IN THE CREDITS. They dropped her at this point..?

    1. That is strange given she’s mentioned(by Coin, I think) in the Victor’s vote on a hunger games w/ Capitol children. And you’d think she’d be somewhere around mourning her grandfather’s imminent execution. Hmm??

    2. I’m praying that they try and pass one off as a girl, cause I won’t lie, changing the sex of the kids will piss me off. There’s no movie necessity for the change. And if they wanted to include both nephews, cool, but cast an older girl too and let us think they had another kid after the epilogue.

      As for Snow’s granddaughter, I suppose she’ll just be mentioned. They’ve already established her, so this doesn’t bother me.

  2. Darn, still no name on Mrs. Everdeen.
    Not sure why Dr. Aurelius appears to have received a sex change.
    And while I’m cool with Jen’s nephews playing her kids if one can convincingly look like a female (as stated, there’s no justification for saying, “Whoops, they mistook their second son for a daughter!” A third child would be fine, but not another sex change)…I do hope they’ll actually be credited as Mellark children. ;p

  3. The “Everdeen child” phrasing is very interesting, does that mean Katniss and Peeta never actually got married, they just “lived in sin” and had kids out of wedlock? Granted, SC never actually tells us they got married, either, and I guess I can see Katniss not wanting to actually marry Peeta as a way to rebel against conventional Panem society, or not wanting to marry because she doesn’t want to wind up like her mother, etc. Problem with that is that many in Panem think they got married already. I’d also find settling for that (living together and having kids, but no marriage) to be very OOC for Peeta even if somewhat plausible for Katniss.

    Especially because Francis Lawrence has commented about a “surprise” for the fans that is not in the books, and lot of speculation has been that the “surprise” is a Peeta/Katniss wedding scene, complete with toasting.

    As for the gender-bendering, maybe I’m alone in this, but even if the genders got changed, I really don’t care much about this, I think what’s important about the final scene is that Katniss decided to have children at all, and it’s not quite as important what genders they were, there’s nothing indicating Katniss herself had any preference. I suppose though it’s possible that the way the scene is filmed, we wouldn’t really be able to tell what sexes the kids are anyway.

    And it really doesn’t matter to me if Dr. Aurelius is a man or a woman. Though I will note that is somewhat odd, in that they haven’t changed the sexes of any characters so far, not even the minor Star Squad red shirts.

    1. It’s also possible they got married, but Katniss kept her last name, happens pretty often here in Scandinavia. Granted, most children still get their father’s last name or both parents’ last name in combination, not as often the mother’s last name only. Maybe Peeta preferred Katniss’ family name to live on rather than his own, having had such strained relations with his family?

      Though I think the most likely option is the credit-makers just didn’t think through it.

      Either way, the Girl On Fire and the Boy With The Bread should have their toasting, on screen or off 🙂

  4. Yeah, I assumed that they got married and/or toasted…figuring that Peeta would want a wedding, or at least the toast, and Katniss would’ve gone along with that even if she was also okay with the thought of simply “living in sin.” I’d love a wedding scene, for sure (although I don’t necessarily think it would be “the” surprise to which Francis first referred, since most of us probably assumed it happened before the kids’ births anyway…although they then went on to say that they “threw in a few extra things,” so evidently we’ve got multiple surprises coming. And I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if a wedding scene is one of those.)

    I wouldn’t care about the two kids’ sexes, either, if they hadn’t already been revealed. I just like accuracy, and can’t imagine what good reasons (aside from pure convenience) there could be for changing a girl into a boy. *shrug* Other than that, of course, it doesn’t truly matter to the story; it’s just that we’ve been picturing their boy & girl, not their two boys. SC even named them. Same with Dr. Aurelius, although people will care far less about that. It simply begs the question of why. But whether she’s treated by a man or a woman is immaterial, as the doctor isn’t a very significant character.
    It is very possible, though, that you won’t even be able to tell the sexes of the children from the film alone.

    I agree, Louise! =] And that’s what I thought–they probably just threw this together and went, “Katniss’ kids…Everdeen children.” Without thinking that they’d probably be Mellarks at that point. Unless, as you say, Peeta preferred to use Katniss’ name, or she kept it despite marrying. I would assume that Panem generally kept the American tradition of the woman taking the man’s name, & the children getting it as well.

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