Goodbye (And Good Riddance) To Capitol Couture

A Hunger Games marketing staple has come to an end. Yesterday, Lionsgate released the final issue of Capitol Couture titled ULTIMA VOLATUS (which means “Final Flight”, if you were curious).

And all we’ve got to say is SAYONARA SUCKAAAA!

We’re totally cool with in-world advertising, but Capitol Couture grated on our every nerve. It’s a fashion feature that glorifies the story’s villains and ignorant oppressors while adding in a few scraps here and there that relate back to the characters we actually care about. Sure, it’s stylish and pretty, but meaningfulness to The Hunger Games franchise and its fans is at about 30%.

For instance, ULTIMA VOLATUS has a photo shoot and fashion bits, a story in which Capitol citizens comment on Katniss, and an article on “Revolution styles”… because apparently the Capitol appreciates the revolution and its style now?!

When the very first issue dropped pre-Catching Fire with loads of district styles, we read through it all, but we were cautious even then. When fans, including us, began to express worry that the campaign was too Capitol and a little ignorant to the story, BuzzFeed suddenly released an article explaining why the campaign was BRILLIANT that just screamed “Somebody paid us to write this” (though we don’t have official confirmation, don’t sue us). That was the day that damn fashion side piece became the bane of our existence.

Occasionally, we did get new stills in the mix and new stills are ALWAYS appreciated, but the rest of it? The in-character interviews were vaguely amusing but without substance, and everything else just felt like a perfectly good waste of time and resources. And here it stands, more than two years later, when so many other interesting features and official websites were left to fade and die. Yikes.

This might be the one part of The Hunger Games franchise that we’re genuinely happy to say goodbye to. It means we’ll spend the few weeks left in the campaign focusing on the movies for real!

Also, SURGE AND SWELL? Is this a porno?!
The Girl With The Pearl



  1. I kinda like CC…I mean, parts of it. It’s for fun, and I don’t mind stuff written from the perspective of the Capitol (like the Tribute Guide book.) Every now and then something felt genuinely canonical, much of it was clearly them just having a bit of fun, and other pieces were downright hokey…e.g., trying to work the names of actors and fashion designers into an “in-world” article that didn’t even have a fourth wall to break. Had they made an effort to be more believable & realistic it could’ve had potential, but on the whole, the campaign only contributed a few little things to my understanding of the characters and world. The announcement of the final issue had given the impression that rebels had taken it over and were publishing their own takes on style and high fashion…but now they’re trying to set the writing at the point where MJ2 picks up, just before the Nut attack. Hm. Well, whatever. It’s somewhat goofy (maybe it was Plutarch’s idea?), but I’ll read the rest in pursuit of any more interesting tidbits.

  2. I couldn’t agree more. The only purpose I felt this had was giving us in depth look into the Capitol lifestyle and various other goings on that the first movie was lacking. Had more of the Capitol been covered in THG I wouldn’t have ever given Capitol Couture a first look. That being said it is high time we bid farewell to our most useless source of all things Capitol. Like you said let’s focus on the real story now. So I echo my good friends here at Victor’s Village and say to you CC good riddance.

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