Hunger Games Movie Rewatches Ahead!

You were probably planning on watching the three Hunger Games movies in advance of Mockingjay Part 2, but now we can do it together and be tempted by prizes (451 of them, nice number there).


Yes, Lionsgate is organizing movie watching parties for all 3 movies for the next 3 Fridays. We love a big group live tweet, so we’re totally in for a nice fandom-wide rewatch. Hopefully our friends in Europe are night owls so they can tweet along too.

And 451 prizes! We have a suspicion that a lot of these are Mockingjay pins… But we can always use another Mockingjay pin or 4.

We just hope the official account doesn’t get too crazy tweeting about the #feels or other embarrassing fan speak. That language is cool for FANS to use, but when official accounts use it too much, it comes off as cringey and trying way too hard.

Get your popcorn and devices ready!




  1. Way to kill ticket purchases to the double feature! Lionsgate put your thinking cap on, after seeing MJP1 on the 13th who’s going to want to sit through it again 5 days later? I know there are some dedicated fans out there but I don’t think they’re crazy enough to fork over nearly $30 for something they just watched for free. At home. Lol do they hate revenue?

    1. LOL, I had the same thought upon seeing this…not that *I* mind seeing it twice in such close proximity, which I will because I’m not waiting a minute longer than necessary to see this danged movie…but how many people who haven’t reserved their tickets yet and aren’t quite as fanatical are going to watch MJ1 at home for this, then go to the double feature so shortly after? I don’t doubt there are plenty of diehards who’ll do the same as I, but surely this will hurt double-feature sales among others.

    2. I honestly don’t think it will affect double feature ticket sales. If you wanted to see the double feature, you probably already booked it. And with the double feature, there’s the carrot of getting to see MJ2 a day earlier. It’s not like Lionsgate will be airing MJ1 – you still have to own or have access to the movie on streaming. And this twitter watch will really only appeal to diehards anyway. To me, this is simply a way to build up some momentum from fans for the movie.

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