Jetting To The Hunger Games Set

Finally, The Hunger Games franchise is getting a major television specials that will promote the film and perhaps attract the attention of new audiences!

But not really.

See, we’re a sucker for big TV events that highlight popular projects. We’ve sat down for many a pop culture special that delves behind the scenes of a movie franchise or musical act, so long as it gives us something new to quip about our favorites. They are eight thousand percent better than 3-minute segments on gossip news shows any day of the week.

So when we heard about Jet to the Set: The Hunger Games, we were actually pretty psyched. But, my fellow tributes, the devil is in the details. And the details have Lionsgate cockblocking their own franchise.

As you may know, Lionsgate also has a handful of TV stations to its name. One of them is the POP! channel– formerly the TV Guide Network, which is probably one of the reasons you’ve probably never heard of it. The other is that the channel features mostly re-runs of older shows, including a soap opera block on weekday evenings, cushioned slightly by movies you might watch if there’s reeeeeally nothing else on TV.


Should Lionsgate be excited to get some prime original programming that may attract more views to POP! ? Sure. However, they’re also actively screwing themselves over because so few people are going to know its there. If this aired on a major network, thousands of fans and curious passerbys could watch. Maybe it would even entice new viewers (they’d be massively late to the game, but IT HAPPENS.) Instead, only a limited number of fans will know– the ones who check The Hunger Games official social media and fansites often enough that they see the news and make plans to 1) find the channel (182 for Comcast New England customers. You’re welcome!) and 2) watch it. Even the more casual fans will be in the dark.

But there’s another part making us itch too– The special, hosted by Entertainment Tonight’s Carly Steele and “Hollywood insider” Laurie Feltheimer (if that name sounds familiar, it’s because she’s married to Jon Feltheimer, the CEO of Lionsgate) will be “providing the ultimate insider look at what’s hot and what’s not in Atlanta”.

Look, we’re sure Atlanta is awesome. we’ve never been, but we’d go and explore a city like that in a heartbeat. And if you want to briefly feature the cast talking about the places they love in Atlanta, AWESOME. But this sounds like we’re gonna be pulling away from the Hunger Games highlights to advertise the city. If I wanted to figure out what’s hot and what’s not in a city on TV, I’ll watch the Travel Channel, thanks!

We’ll figure out what it’s really all about Thursday, October 29th at 9pm. Or maybe the next day depending on how sleepy we are.

Just Call This Epix Part Deux,
The Girl With The Pearl



  1. It’s true that I’ve never heard of Pop tv before o.O Seems Lions is too hell bent on promoting their material versus the film that put their name out there. Anyway, Hunger Games and all it still doesn’t sound that interesting. I saw where Star Wars was having a spot during a football game? That’s huge exposure! Too bad Mockingjay won’t be getting that, and it was our last chance.

  2. Yeah, I noticed that TV Guide turned into Pop a while ago…it’s still an okaaaayyyy channel, but not a favorite. Fortunately I’ve got this marked down to record/watch. Did seem a bit of an obscure channel to air it on; lots of people probably don’t get it. And I reeeeally hope there’s more interesting HG stuff than advertising for Atlanta. O_o Sure, it’s a nice city, but c’mon–don’t tease people like that.

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