We See Soon-To-Be Dead People

The polls keep on coming, and with it more picture reveals of our favorite characters. The trend of the fandom’s choices was a bit depressing for a while. Cause we kept voting for characters that don’t make it to the end of the story!

Yes, the back-half of Mockingjay is brutal. And whoever is in charge of picking these character pictures is very subtly choosing interestingly painful moments to share.

First, there’s this still of Finnick, in black battle gear, serious expression, with his face partially in shadow. If they were trying for ominous with a simple character image, message received.


Then on to Coin. Looking quite fab and proud of herself at what we presume is the Snow “execution” scene. Sorry, lady, someone’s about to have the shock of her life.


Then, the pic that was a big surprise – because for the first time they show Prim out wearing a protective vest. We can guess she’s in the Capitol, and what is coming for her very soon. A very effective image that stirred more emotion in us than that whole “For Prim” video.


Finally after four days of revealing characters that will die (Messalla was the first reveal), we got a little relief with Haymitch. With all the stills released previously in this gold, seemingly ornate room, we feel pretty confident this is the scene where the victors vote on holding another Hunger Games. Cue Haymitch’s “strategy face.”


Today is the choice of brother vs. brother.

At this point Pollux has a big lead. We don’t like to think about how they’ll make us sad with this one.

No Peeta vs. Gale yet, but there’s still time for that mess to go down.




  1. I’ve always been a bit meh about Prim, and her death never upset me the way Boggs and Finnick did. It was the way it affected Katniss that got to me. But this still of Prim was a real gut punch, and far more effective that the terrible ‘For Prim’ trailer.

  2. All my picks have been winning so far. :3 Though some are far easier choices than others. (Yesterday’s being the easiest for me.) I’m enjoying getting a new still and poll daily, and trying to predict the next matchups. But yes, finally, someone who survives! ❤ Thank goodness. If either of my two [Hayffie] faves died, I'd have never wanted to hear the words "hunger," "games," or "the" ever again. Ever. Even "the" would set me off. ;p

    Seems the voting takes place in the same room in which we've seen Snow and his "cabinet" sitting around the table, raising their glasses.

    The Prim still (from what one can easily imagine is one of the last moments of her life) is definitely more evocative than the "For Prim" tribute that tried so hard to increase people's attachment to her. Seems most of the fandom was more affected by Finnick's death (and would probably vote to resurrect him if they could only pick one person), because their connection to Prim exists more through Katniss (and her reactions) than directly. Judging from that picture, though…the movie may well succeed in making the death itself sufficiently harrowing. One can only imagine Jen's scene with Buttercup. 😡

  3. I came here to comment only to agree that the Prim still drew waaay more emotion outta me than the “For Prim” trailer. It’s the innocence of this child completely unaware that tears you down. Like the comment above, it’s the scene with Buttercup that I’m dreading. Too many feels!

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