The Final Trailer You’ve Probably Already Seen

After a weekend only at Best Buy and lots of online leaks, the FINAL Mockingjay Part 2 trailer has hit the web officially.

The trailer has extended shots of footage seen before with some sneaks of new things (hi Johanna). We have a new impassioned plea from Katniss to “STOP KILLING FOR HIM (Snow), but we definitely understand some of the fan criticism about a lack of new footage. It’s more extensions of what we’ve already seen, but there ARE lots of new things to see within the trailer. You just need to slow things down to truly dissect them.  Also creating a sense of deja vu is the drum arrangement from this summer’s propo and featured in a lot of THG’s social edits. We wish they had chosen a different piece of music. It didn’t create the same sense of building tension that we’ve felt in other trailers.

Maybe it was the exclusionary “preview weekend,” the leaks, or the fact that there wasn’t much true build up to this trailer’s online release (it was just plopped up on YouTube at noon eastern time today without public warning) that dampened our excitement. But it’s here, and we’re glad it’s out for everyone to see. FINALLY.

No more trailer angst, please.



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