What Those Mockingjay Part 2 Stills Are Really Saying

For so long, we sat at our computers bemoaning the total lack of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 promotion, begging Lionsgate to “just give us something!”

Now they’re giving us ALL THE THINGS. Right now. At the same damn time as all the other things. Yesterday, we got a poster. Today, tickets went on sale and Fandango users will get a new clip if they purchase when 24 hours (if you’re in a prominently MovieTickets.com region like us, look to the inevitable piracy). Entertainment Weekly also released a still cover featuring photoshop-y Katniss, Peeta, and Gale from Tim Palen’s upcoming book o’ portrait wonders and eight new stills. Tomorrow, the final trailer hits… but only at Best Buy. Again.

Clearly, that’s a lot to talk about. AND WE WILL. But today, we’re gonna focus in on those stills. You may not realize it, but there’s a message in each character’s eyes. There’s some serious thought there that they’re trying to get out. We’ll translate for you.


“Urghh… It looks like we’re still committed to playing out the love triangle that nobody wants. Seriously, it’s giving me a migraine…”



“Da na na na, da na na na, da na na na, da na na na… CROSSBOW! The weapon for guys who want to impress chicks but don’t have any real skill!”



“We’re all pretty psyched about confronting the enemy! ..Except Peeta. He still doesn’t know what the fuck to do with his gun.”



“I’m just the basic bitch behind the camera, so Imma sit back and encourage the real badass to do all the killing despise her worst fears blooming to life before her eyes. How else do you think I keep my hair firmly to one side?”



“And then those freaking mutts showed up and I was like… tumblr_mvhy9xAFC41s822dfo1_250


“Why are we in The Hunger Games franchise playing bad cop/reluctant cop, again? We were born to play Legolas’ twin sisters in Lord of the Rings, thank you very much!”



“Look, Katniss, it’s not that I’m not saddened by your sister’s death. It’s just that.. if I’m going to drop you off in District 12 in place of Plutarch and mourn with you for a moment, I’m gonna look fly as fuck as I do it. Plzkthx.”



“You thought you had your shit together by this point in the movie, didn’t you? THINK AGAIN, WOMAN!

That’s Our Story And We’re Stickin’ To It,
The Girl With The Pearl



  1. Lol I love your sarcastic humor! On the on still with Peeta he’s thinking, “Should I turn around and shoot these guys behind me?” lol poor hijacked boy.

  2. The first still looks like the “desperation kiss”, which was really a death knoll to Katniss/Gale. Look at Katniss’ absent look. But the fact that this is one of the stills they chose to showcase indeed screams “We want to focus on that love triangle as much as possible in the marketing”.

  3. Ha, ha, the snark…XD I like it. God, the Leegs truly DO look like Middle Earth elves.

    The Effie/Katniss still (my fave!!) MUST show them walking either toward or away from the greenhouse. Katniss is wearing the same thing as in the other still of her finding Snow there, and they’re definitely walking across that snowy field in front of it. There’s not a doubt in my mind that Effie’ll wind up in 12 and helping Katniss again when all’s said and done.
    She sure looks fly as fuck, though. Like a holiday present for opening by one person, and one person alone…;3 The clip of her crying/looking so sad in the final trailer has officially murdered me.

    Okay, I personally have nothing against the love triangle. It’s present throughout the books as a rather significant part of Katniss’ life whether she/we like it or not, and thus they had no reason to remove it from the films. It’s not my *favorite* aspect of the story, and I applaud them for never selling THG as primarily a sappy teen romance, or another Twilight. They never allowed the Peeta-or-Gale matter to overshadow the more important themes. However, we have been seeing a good deal of “Galeniss” lately as the MJ2 marketing unrolls. (And there’s no shortage of him in that “World of The Hunger Games” calendar.) Seems they’re more worried about relationship (and president) spoilers than death ones, heheheh.

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