The Samsung Exclusive Trailer – Part 2

Here we go again…

We knew that the Samsung partnership with Lionsgate was continuing through Part 2, we just hoped that things WOULD BE DIFFERENT (BETTER) THIS YEAR. This morning, discovered the Samsung users website was announcing another Samsung event at Best Buy stores for the weekend of October 2.

exclu trailer

So let’s break it down. Over the weekend of Oct 2, you’ll be able to go to Best Buy stores to watch the Final Mockingjay Part 2 trailer before it debuts anywhere else. You can also try the Hunger Games Virtual Reality Experience via the Samsung GearVR.

If you were around the fandom last year during San Diego Comic Con time, you’ll remember that Samsung/Best Buy/Lionsgate did a similar type exclusive preview weekend of the Mockingjay Part 1 teaser trailer. Instead of just dropping the FIRST LOOK at Mockingjay Part 1 online for all fans, Best Buy stores with a Samsung Experience shop had the trailer to preview on Samsung tablets. Samsung was able to buy the goodwill of US fans who came to that preview weekend with free movie tickets and Mockingjay pins, but the rest of the world (and the US that didn’t have a special Samsung Experience Store Best Buy nearby) were left out. It created a lot of negativity in the fandom. So much angst. It was not a fun time in the fandom, and made what should have been a happy time – THE FIRST MJ1 TRAILER very sour.

SO WHY ARE THEY DOING THIS AGAIN? WITH THE FINAL TRAILER? There’s plenty of other ways to extend a Samsung/Mockingjay partnership – they even have a good one as a part of this weekend event. The demo of the Hunger Games Virtual Reality Experience could be pretty fun – and the GearVR isn’t even on sale to the public yet so there isn’t any OTHER WAY to see this content. So if you want to give a demo of your snazzy VR device with a new Hunger Games app, that’s cool. We know you can’t make that accessible to everyone in the world. That’s A NICE EXTRA. WHY COULDN’T YOU LEAVE IT AT THAT????

Doing a trailer exclusive like this again – for the FINAL TRAILER is just unnecessary and mean. The response from the fandom last year was clear. Don’t create that ill will again, the week tickets go on sale!  There’s only 2 months left to go. We want happiness in the fandom, not angst. Why knowingly create it?

There’s a lot of question marks in this post, but we still feel like there aren’t enough.




  1. Don’t get this. I don’t even live within 50 miles of a best buy store 😦 But I guess that’s my fault isn’t, Lionsgate?!?!?

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