The Missing Mockingjay Part 2 Soundtrack

It’s less than two months until Mockingjay Part 2, and we’re pretty surprised that there’s been no news about a soundtrack yet. In previous years, we had confirmation of it’s existence and at least the credits song by now. SO WHAT DOES THIS ALL MEAN????

There’s probably only two possibilities here:

  • There will be no “inspired by” original soundtrack this year, just a score and maybe an original song that plays during the credits.
  • There will be a separate “inspired by” original soundtrack and a score, like with the past 3 movies but it’s taking more time than usual to get the details all worked out.

With every day that passes and no news, we’re starting to think that it’s the first option. Moreover, as pointed out by, the latest poster does not list a Music Supervisor (THG and CF had them, and these people were responsible for the original soundtrack albums, MJ1 did not as Lorde “curated” the original soundtrack album).

soundtracksWe were big fans of The Hunger Games and Catching Fire original soundtracks but thought Mockingjay Part 1’s missed the mark. The Mockingjay Part 1 original soundtrack had far lower sales than the two previous as well. (Jennifer Lawrence’s The Hanging Tree was the biggest hit, and that was originally packaged with the theatrical score). Just because we weren’t fans of 1 out of 3 doesn’t mean we wouldn’t be open to a final one… if the music truly captured the tone of the movie. We’re sure lots of fans feel the same way. Would Lionsgate really just say “screw it” to the possibility of extra money for this last installment? Sounds strange to us, but maybe our rioting over the horrible Hanging Tree remix made them decide not to bother?

Granted, if it’s the first option, having the score (which we know will be solid) and a truly fitting end credit song could be enough to really tap into those final movie feels. We’re all about QUALITY over QUANTITY. If the right songs aren’t there, we’d rather they not release an “inspired by” album. We respect that. But ARE THE SONGS REALLY NOT THERE?

Who wants to bet that end credits song gets a dance remix?




  1. Let’s be honest, the albums as a whole from the first movie to the current have sucked. I think that is evident in sales performance. They have not captured the films themes, albeit a couple songs here and there, and none were ever a good idea. A companion album won’t be missed.
    If Lions Gate does in fact decide to ditch the credit song/ companion album thing altogether then I commend them for wising up. It’s about freaking time. The original score soundtrack has proven to be more than enough to support these films.
    I never did see why they felt the need to supplement the music with mediocre pop artist, who, judging by their music, seem couldn’t care less about the story’s theme than having they’re name attached to a major film.

    Like I said before, if LG does decide forgo that music angle I doubt it will be a major disappointment to fans. I know I for one having been hoping for higher quality promoting for the longest.

    1. You just don’t know nothing about music soundtracks were just fucking amazing you are stupid please go somewhere and kill yourself you just don’t know nothing about art this songs were just perfect I loved songs like
      scream My name
      the Devil May cry
      safe and sound
      Dead air
      We remain
      Yellow Flicker beat
      And and I really hope that there’s a Mockingjay part two soundtrack because I freaking love this music

  2. IMO the songs from the first movie’s soundtrack are the best fit for the trilogy.
    I think “Tomorrow Will Be Kinder” will be a nice choice to close the series.
    “Safe and Sound” is the music/song equivalent for the trilogy, I think.

  3. Aside from the obvious “Hanging Tree,” my favorite songs from the soundtracks are “Elastic Heart” and “Yellow Flicker Beat.” Those haunting lyrics and melodies just put me automatically in mind of the characters and the world. “Safe & Sound” is another standout. Of course I’d love a really fantastic album for Part 2, but to have no news of one at this stage of the game…hunh. Seems strange indeed that they’d opt not to do one for the final film of the trilogy (turned quartet on screen…) But however it plays out, I can’t wait to know what plays with the credits. :’3

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