The Return of Samsung

On Saturday, we posted about how quiet things have been in terms of Mockingjay Part 2 sponsors, and we weren’t exactly complaining about it. But the next day, the silence was broken with this Samsung ad that aired twice during the MTV VMAs.

We agree with our friends at QQ. We’re not feeling it. We’re more or less thinking WTF?

We’re not surprised that Samsung is back as a sponsor this year. And we’re ok with it. We figure they deserve a shot to make up for the really awful way they bungled the Mockingjay Part 1 teaser trailer release with their “COME SEE THE TEASER FIRST ON OUR TABLETS AT BEST BUY” promotion. So sure, come back, and put together that’s something actually awesome for fans. We’re ready to hug and make up.

But we don’t think this ad is a very good start. We *think* that they’re being tongue in cheek with the voiceover talking about all the craziness of the VMAs and then inviting people to relax and watch the pretty explosions (hi-def!) of war on their snazzy tablet. To “enjoy your last moment of peace [watching Mockingjay Part 2 footage] before the VMAs insanity begins again.”

We have a sense of humor. And, as we said we *think* the intention here was to be tongue in cheek about things. But it doesn’t really work and rubs us the wrong way. Maybe it’s the tone of the voiceover guy’s voice. Maybe it was how they glorified the crazy awesomeness of the VMAs at the expense of our beloved final movie and its serious themes. Maybe we’re overly sensitive about things.

At least since the spot was VMA-specific, they won’t be repeating it again.

Try again, Samsung.




  1. Eh, I agree with you, I also wasn’t that impressed. I haven’t anymore ads anywhere else so looks like they’re advertising to a specific audience now. After Mockingjays not so stellar reviews it must’ve lost many interested in the series, looks like they have to rely on their younger fanbase now

    1. Bear in mind this was more of a Samsung spot which happened to feature MJ2 (Samsung sponsor the VMAs as well) as opposed to an actual MJ2 spot – those won’t hit until October and they’ll advertise to all 4 quadrants. (Not to mention the final trailer with the new James Bond in early November)

      1. Yes, it was definitely a Samsung spot… at the expense of Mockingjay Part 2. From what they did last year to this, they haven’t been in tune with fans of the franchise. If THG fans aren’t their current or target customers, I suppose that makes sense, but it’s odd to pursue a partnership where this isn’t at least partially the case.

        1. Yeah it’s a shame really 😛

          Point I was trying to make though is that Lionsgate aren’t solely relying on the tween fanbase after people lost interest, this spot is not trying to sell the film to a specific audience, because the spot isn’t for the film in the first place. It’s, like you’re right in saying JJ, basically using THG to lure fans to buy their tablet.

          They could’ve tied it in better but yeah, they don’t seem to be in tune/using a negative perspective on what the fanbase comprises (somewhat similar to the Divergent social media accounts?)

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