The Mockingjay Part 2 Trailer Will Blow Your Fandom-Loving Mind

The countdown is over! The trailer is here! IT IS OFFICIALLY TIME TO FLIP OUT!

It’s been two weeks since the first full Mockingjay Part 2 trailer was previewed at Comic-Con (that previous 2 minute preview was considered a “teaser”) and now, the rest of us are finally getting a glimpse of the action. And damn, is there action! We were pretty psyched with the last trailer, but Katniss and her crew have never been more intense than what we’re getting here!

Expect a full trailer breakdown soon. Today we’ll be too busy watching and re-watching to firmly express our thoughts without melting into fangirl mode!

What do you think of this latest trailer?!



  1. I’ll probably comment further either here or on a different trailer topic, but my early reactions are:

    Yay Paylor! Seems they boosted her role a little, but it certainly makes sense to show her being a leader so that it’s not totally out of left field that she winds up President, also good to have some exposition as to why the Capitol defense system would be based on the Hunger Games.

    Yay Peeta, getting some meaningful lines in!

    Yay Tigris, seems she made the cut!

  2. I’m honestly surprised that they showed the lizard mutts already. It seems something that you’d want to keep under wraps to give the audience a truly nasty shock.
    And truly nasty-looking they are. Like the horrid offspring of the Pale Man from “Pan’s Labyrinth”.
    There are few things in the films that are more extreme than what I can think up… These are one of them.

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