Time for Another Trailer Countdown (One Week!)

We got the happiest of news today. The Mockingjay Part 2 theatrical trailer will debut next Friday, July 24th. And we got a little tease of it too.

The joy is real. We’ve got to break this down.

The tease is full of familiar sights, but with a twist. Here we see the great vista of the Capitol. But all is not well. The Capitol is burning.

the capitol burning

Then we get epic strolling Katniss shots from the teaser trailer.

Iconic katniss walk

Then the squad strolling down a clearly damaged Capitol promenade.

the capitol stroll

A call back to previous trailers and films – Katniss looking down…

Katniss looks down

And getting her last rose from President Snow. Should we be sentimental?


AHHHH the squad getting chased by weird Capitol shit.

Chased by Capitol shit

Finished with our girl aiming that arrow for the perfect last shot.

Iconic final shot

The trailer reviews from Comic Con were very positive, so we knew there was something good coming. We’ll probably be getting a few more teases next week, but it’s looking epic.

6 and 5/8 days to go.




  1. I keep forgetting that the first trailer was just a “teaser” considering how much it revealed compared to, say, the THG teaser trailer. So it will be interesting what else is there to show in the main trailer. I’m also happy this trailer is being released in July and not in September like the MJ Part 1 trailer was. Seems the PR people might have learned some lessons from the last time around.

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