A Snaphat Update From The Mockingjay

Oh hai, red Mockingjay suit! We heard you’d be coming soon!

We must admit, we were somewhere between horrified and embarrassed when we saw this yesterday:

To be clear, we don’t hate Snapchat. It’s great for sending out images and short videos of funny faces and landscapes and adorable pets and “No seriously, there’s someone walking down the street wearing THAT.” But we hate Snapchat as a promotional tool. It guarantees that everything will be short and choppy. That damn timer will be in every screencap forever until the studio deems fit to put it online elsewhere– and WHY DIDN’T THEY JUST DO THAT IN THE FIRST PLACE?!

Not to mention that the app is most popular among tweens and teens, so you’re really hacking up your full audience reach for a major franchise there. Sure, it makes sense for The Duff or even the Divergent series, which tend to run and advertise a little younger on the whole. But really, you’ve got one big YA franchise with a steady adult reach and ignoring that in favor of the latest teen trend is… ugh.

Thankfully, the propo ended up online very shortly after the fact:

Our first thought was “Holy lousy special effects, Batman!” But really, that’s what you’d expect from District 13. They are not, in fact, cinematic experts. Their technology and skills DO NOT EQUAL quality imagery. And then there’s the voice over, which got annoying but works in the sense that it reminds us of a commercial. This “Katniss Everdeen must be the symbol of our glorious revolution!” isn’t really all that different from the overly enthusiastic Arby’s guy (Ving Rhames, if you didn’t know!) trying to get us to buy a sandwich. There’s a product to sell here– whether it’s revolution or brown sugar bacon– and dammit, SOMEONE has got to talk it up!

This style of advertising has its pros and cons. We’re not madly in love with the in-world takes on the story, but we know that’s a big draw for other fervent fans.

Then, of course, the propo was followed by the poster to end all character posters. Motherfuckin’ Katniss Everdeen on the motherfuckin’ throne!


Gah, we love this image. LOVE IT. There is nothing at all wrong with adding some color to the Mockingjay suit. The red against the all white background! Katniss’ resting bitch face! It’s deliriously perfect.

So Snapchat aside, today was a really interesting one for the fandom.

Can We Do It Again Tomorrow?!
The Girl With The Pearl



  1. I am so glad you said it. Gahhh I was so disgusted by their releasing material exclusively through Snapchat. Not only is is mostly teen targeted like you mentioned but also I was pretty disappointing because I don’t even use Snapchat, and honestly having Hunger Games join it didn’t make me want a SC account.
    So I saw the little promo vid here first(THANK YOU), and that poster….amazing. Love the color contrast.

    1. In general, the poster seemed to have garnered a very strong “love it or hate it” reaction among the fanbase, with no middle ground.
      From the “love it” side, there’s the color contrast.
      From the “hate it” side, many find it very OOC for Katniss.

      1. I don’t think this poster is really supposed to be representative of Katniss or the end of the story, though. It certainly doesn’t mean she’s going to be some crazy badass that just tears through the Capitol. Metaphorically, the revolution that Katniss represents as the Mockingjay DOES take Snow’s throne from him. But we already know Katniss herself will not be some impenetrable action hero– We’ve already seen her visibly shaken with Effie before the execution in the first trailer. It makes perfect sense as long as you’re not too literal about it 🙂

        1. I think the issue most have is that she’s all poised in that chair. A chair that represents the office of Coriolanus Snow and thus the power over Panem; not to mention an object that had his ass on it.
          Katniss doesn’t want the throne; she wants to destroy it,
          In-universe, there’s also how Coin would view such an image that implies that Katniss has a leadership position.

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