We’ve Got Character Posters!

Lionsgate is starting Comic-Con week with a bang with the release of 8 cool character posters for Mockingjay Part 2.

And YESSSSS we like it.

All the posters have the tag UNITE – THE REVOLUTION IS ABOUT ALL OF US, which ties in to the Three Finger Salute billboards from a few weeks ago. And everyone is branded with the sign of the Mockingjay, in red, mimicking warpaint. But everyone has a unique word on the left side to set things apart.

Katniss Peeta SDCC

Katniss is PANEM UNITE which makes sense. Peeta is SONS cause why not? (And what’s with the light eyes? Does hijacking make them finally… blue? Kidding. But not)

gale johanna

Gale is all about the BROTHERS, though we wish we could’ve seen some of his actual brothers in the movie. And Johanna appropriately brings up the rebels. We can’t tell if she’s really sad here, or just really fucking annoyed to be photographed for these things. Probably both.

finnick prim

Newly married Finnick represents the husbands (hey the world knows because of the teaser trailer). And Prim gives us sisterhood feels. And the blood-red color on both these faces is even more chilling when you know the ending.

cressida boggs

Finally we have Cressida and Boggs representing the activists and the soldiers.

The black and red of these posters are VERY INTERESTING. They of course set the mood very well, but we also wonder if they fit nicely with a red Mockingjay-suited Katniss propo to come?

One additional thing that we liked, and may have just happened because it worked out like that and no other reason, but it’s still remarkable. Katniss’s poster is not DAUGHTERS UNITE, it’s PANEM UNITE. One of the very few redeeming qualities of Panem is that women have authority in this world as well, and it’s no big deal. It’s just how things are. This will be further enforced in the last saga with Commanders Paylor and Lyme. And Panem’s symbolic leader, the Mockingjay, while a daughter, represents the entire country, so they correctly chose to emphasize that first.

We’re overwhelmed, in a very good way!



  1. I think “brothers” is very suitable for Gale – I’ve always thought he was a brother figure to Katniss more than anything (not that he would have been comfortable with that!) and he played a big brother to Prim as well (which made the ending that much more bitter).

  2. Umm Peeta’s eyes are not blue and neither do they even look it, but that’s beside the point here lol.
    These are excellent! I love the colors ,the message, the seriousness of it all. These posters really convey to you that stuff is about to get real, that they’ve chosen their sides and are prepared to get their hands dirty for legit cause. I love everything these posters represent..it’s all war from here on out.

    1. Haha, for some reason the lightness of Peeta’s eyes made me think blue for a second, but I think my adrenaline over all the glorious posters had something to do with it. I’ll settle for ominous, slightly hijacked colored eyes.

      1. Haha yeah…if a “hijack color” existed, I guess this would be it! His eyes are really special and kind of glassy here, almost like they’re reflecting something – but more likely someone is just shining a light right into them.
        Have to agree that they don’t seem blue at all. In some Peeta character posters, it looks to me like they tried to make his eyes seem blue, like so often mentioned in the book. But not here.
        Talking about CPs from other movies – these remind me so much of the first movie’s! The same darkness, and “head shots”, although the THG ones were in profile. And I LOVED those.

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