REACTION POST: Mockingjay Part 2 Trailer

We’ve got a Mcokingjay Part 2 trailer and lots of new feels along with it!

To celebrate our first glimpse at the franchise finale, we’re presenting you with another zany reaction post! We’ve got a lot to say about the new trailer, so let the gushing begin!

Oh, and this sucker is pretty long, so don’t forget to click READ MORE the see the whole thing.


THE GIRL WITH THE PEARL: So how does this trailer stack up against the mountain of other THG trailers we’ve seen?

JJ: It’s right at the top for me. I love the teaser and theatrical trailers for CF, and this one made me feel that same level of astonishment/amazement.

normal_Mockingjay-Part2-Unite024TGWTP: I’m in the same boat. The second CF trailer was my favorite up until now, but I think this one actually beats it!

JJ: That feeling of “THIS IS SO MUCH BETTER THAN I EVEN DREAMED. PRAISE FRANCIS LAWRENCE” type of feeling. I didn’t quite get it with the MJ1 trailers. But now it’s back, baby!

THEM THERE EYES: Not joking, I’ve had to go back and watch them all… I tend to forget.

TGWTP: Nina and Francis got harassed about wanting an amazing trailer a lot on Twitter. WE DO NOT APPROVE OF THIS. Buuuut they certainly delivered!

TTE: I wonder if they have the same team on the trailers?

JJ: It varies. I believe this one was by Trailer Park. But they’ve had different companies work on them.

TGWTP: I have no idea. The teams behind trailers obviously need way more credit than they get.

JJ: But it was just overall well done. The structure, the shots they chose, it gave us hints at a lot of scenes throughout the movie… but not TOO much.

TTE: Yes, even the music they choose to buy, and sample from the scores are perfectly placed.


normal_Mockingjay-Part2-Unite017TGWTP: How many feels did you have when you realized it began with the wedding scene?

JJ: THAT was a great choice.

TGWTP: I made an uncomfortable gaspy-sob sound that was probably not meant to come out of a human.

JJ: First, it just LOOKED beautiful, but then you realize what it actually is, and as a fan, you’re hooked in completely from the start. And Katniss’s voiceover for that moment is so perfect. Well played.

TTE: Well, the first time I viewed it I was in a hot car, watching it on my cell phone… but I had the sound up on my car’s stereo… so that made it kind of dramatic in probably not the way they wanted it to be… for me at least.

TGWTP: I must admit though… I didn’t notice Johanna in that scene until about the fifth time I watched it. Too distracted by Effie’s Edward Scissorhands hair

JJ: I didn’t notice her either. But that doesn’t take points away for me. There will be moments with Johanna later, I’m sure.

TTE: I didn’t see her! *runs off to pause video like crazy person*

TGWTP: How could you behind Effie’s flair, really? Though man… Jena is handling that bald cap like a champ in the scene when you DO notice her

TTE: Oh, there she is… ten seconds in, over Effie’s shoulder.

normal_Mockingjay-Part2-Unite081TGWTP: And did you guys notice that when we finally see Katniss talked to Coin, she’s still got the bruises on her throat?! *weeps* Then you realize that her voice sounds REALLY ROUGH.

JJ: Yes, the bruises are a great detail. And her voice. Poor dear.

TTE: I was about to say “Her voice sounds really trashed.”

TGWTP: Obviously, we know the story picks up immediately after Peeta’s attack. But knowing and seeing are way different

JJ: “Snow has to pay for what he’s done…” Cue Lionsgate logo lol



TGWTP: I also find it funny that Katniss says “I can’t make another speech about it…” and then is launches into her District 2 speech shortly thereafter lol

JJ: “Can’t” versus “God help me I DON’T WANT TO”

TTE: I think that’s on purpose! she’s very speech-y.

JJ: But Katniss, you do some pretty good speeches. Impromptu is hard to do after all.



TTE: Speaking of poor… can we talk about Peeta’s face?

JJ: No, it hurts me too much.

normal_Mockingjay-Part2-Unite285TGWTP: That one Peeta shot of them hugging is so poignant! The Katniss/Peeta heartfelt hug is actually a continuity bit at this point. No matter what they go through and how upset they are– At one point, they will hug it out.

TTE: Hey, we like continuity!

JJ: I’m so happy they aren’t playing the “Will Peeta recover or not?” card. In the book, you figure he’ll recover somewhat. So what’s the point of drawing that out in the trailers. WE KNOW. GIVE US SOMETHING NICE.

TTE: But he still looks broken.

TGWTP: That’s the second half of the film and he’s clearly still devastated, but I’m glad the trailer isn’t playing up the angle that Peeta could lose it at any second. He’s broken, but they’ve avoided making him look like a potential maniac. I approve!

JJ: True, he’s not old Peeta. But he’s not in strangle mode there. They could have chosen to show that. But not necessary, since it’s where we left off.

TGWTP: Fans have made to very clear that they don’t like Peeta being represented poorly. They avoided that with style!


TGWTP: And speaking of hugs, Katniss and Prim dancing, anyone?

normal_Mockingjay-Part2-Unite178JJ: So sweet. Got to build that relationship up more, so it can be even more devastating later.

TTE: Yes, that hug was somewhat more heartbreaking, because we know the outcome of the story.

TGWTP: They need to play up Katniss and Prim. It’s not that their relationship isn’t believable, but audiences have to really CARE about it to make Prim’s ending effective.

JJ: It’s critical that they do that. I think they’ve done a decent job with the last 2 movies of building it up more than the books. So it’s looking good.

TTE: Exactly, because even as book readers we’re all a little bit “meh” about Prim even at this point in the franchise. Sure Willow’s great, but character development has been lacking, and I kind of blame the book for that.

TGWTP: I’m with you there. Prim was kind of held on a distant pedestal in the books and I think that’s tough to translate.

TTE: She’s just the stoic girl in the background, holding a cat.


TGWTP: Here was a big surprise for me. Were you guys actually expecting to see Katniss in full Mockingjay uniform, walking up to execute President Snow? They don’t show Snow, obviously, but WE KNOW WHAT’S GOING DOWN.

Yes, I think I imagined it that way. Well, not in such grand scale with her walking down with the people behind her, but Mockingjay suit, yes.

TTE: I did not imagine that way! It’s been so long though, I can’t fully recall what I did imagine.

TGWTP: I don’t know why, but I kinda imagined that being withheld and sticking with the less sure scenes of war

normal_Mockingjay-Part2-Unite273JJ: OHHHH, Yes, I was surprised at how much they showed from the end of the film! I was thinking they’d stick to the first half.

TGWTP: Yeah! I didn’t think we’d get this definitive picture of the nation rallying around Katniss.

JJ: Last half has some pretty dramatic fodder, but yeah… I expected more from the D2, perhaps even playing up the Gale/ Katniss angle.

TGWTP: There’s NO Katniss/Gale here and I am so very happy about that. Leave that love triangle shizznit at the door!

TTE: Hell yeah!

JJ: Done with it. Hopefully the movie tones it down too.

TTE: It’s pretty clear that her feelings lie more with Peeta at this point, anyone who’s still on the “oh, well… what about Gale?” front… seriously?

TGWTP: The crazies, that’s who!


JJ: Did you notice that scene that looks like it’s with her and Haymitch… but it’s not. It seems to be from her return to District 12.

TGWTP: JJ, were you referencing our one shot on Haymitch in this trailer?

JJ: Well, the shot of Katniss right before. She’s wearing casual clothes and the wall looks like her VV house. Seems like way end of the book stuff.

TTE: I thought that was in the Capitol!

TGWTP: I think it might be in Snow’s mansion. Most of that assumption is because of the fancy lighting behind Haymitch!

JJ: I don’t know… the walls man, the WALLS. Just in the shot of Katniss. The Haymitch shot is clearly from another scene.

TWGTP: I thought the walls looked the same. AM I CRAZY? (Probably, yeah.)

JJ: They’re clearly from different scenes. That much I feel confident about! Sneaky trailer editors!

TTE: No, there are marble pillars, and electric standing candelabaras, that’s the presidential mansion.

JJ: Yes, the Haymitch scene. But look at just the Katniss shot. Different!

11422748_10153339154664788_1625031604_n (1)



TGWTP: When we saw all those paparazzi photos from Noisy Le Grand, what did you actually think was happening? Because I did NOT predict running from a giant tar flood.

normal_Mockingjay-Part2-Unite429JJ: I didn’t think it was the tar either. But makes sense now with all that frantic running! I think there’s still some CGI work to do on that tar scene though. At least I hope.

TTE: Yeah, I’m sure the FX crew are working day and night on it. Probably the same team that did the water in CF.

TGWTP: Yeah I thought that when the Paris scene was filmed, it was some kinda shootout or maybe the escape from the lizard mutts when they come out of the sewer system

TTE: All I know is, I was not expecting that gorgeous apartment complex to be shattered! I saw the Google images of that apartment complex, it’s 360 degrees, and it’s amazing. I thought they’d leave it in tact.

TGWTP: But it’s the Capitol! DOWN WITH THE CAPITOL!

TTE: Ha, sucker for cool architecture. And it’s some real architecture, not something conjured up by the production crew.


TGWTP: So what was your favorite quote in the trailer? Because there’s SO MANY good ones!

TTE: Finnick! He wins!

JJ: Last line… definitely. Love those book quotes.

TGWTP: Sam delivered that perfectly. It could have been really tacky and gratuitous.

normal_Mockingjay-Part2-Unite435TTE: I was in my hot car going “Oh, you go Sam… you go so hard.”

TTE: Ooops, sounds porn-y.

JJ: And for all the doubters after Part 1 who were like WHERE’S THE HUNGER GAMES?? Well, here it is, you sickos.

TTE: Well, it’s Finnick.

TGWTP: *Avoids diving into talk of “erotic” Finnick fanfics*

TTE: I’ve read none 😉

JJ: LOL, suddenly this post is gonna get more hits.

TTE: I try.


TGWTP: Any last thoughts we wanna add about the trailer?

JJ: Well, we get a second of Lyme. She’s just standing there, but I’m glad they included her.

TGWTP: It’s amazing what a great actress can convey in like half a second!

TTE: Her costume is cool too.

JJ: Looking forward to seeing her in that role. Yay, new characters!

normal_Mockingjay-Part2-Unite198TGWTP: I feel like that was put in so GoT fans had a recognizable face, but I don’t mind!

JJ: Whatever helps!

TTE: Hey, in that case they should have put more of BLANKING ON HER NAME…. SIDE CUT LADY, THE QUEEN.

JJ: Haha, yeah, not much Cressida

TTE: That’s her name!

TGWTP: Nope. “Side cut lady” is her name now.

TTE: My friend just got a Cressida hair cut, by the way.

JJ: I’m sure Natalie Dormer would appreciate you thinking of her that way. THE QUEEN.

TTE: Well, it’s what she yells a lot! And they’re like… “Yeah, you also have sex with 14 year olds…. Go you!”


TGWTP: Oh lord. This took a sharp left turn.

TTE: I like left turns!


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  1. I have to agree with jj. The shot of katniss is definitely from a different scene. Also f you listen really closely to that monent of the trailer you can hear birds chirping.

    1. Well Katniss doesn’t have much for facial burns and everything else is covered by the suit. She’s also been dolled up with tons of make-up by the D13 prep team in the scene. It’s possible they’ll CGI IN some scarring, but it would be minimal.

      1. I hope so, but even the track record of showing injuries in these films and how much violence Part 2 will have anyway, I don’t think it will be as severe in the book. 😦

  2. Great, I had been looking forward to your reaction post! Love the Edward Scissorhands observation (that is how she looks and it’s freaky to me if we’re actually seeing her real hair) and the “Snow has to pay for what he’s done…” Cue Lionsgate logo” ;D
    I’m surprised you didn’t mention the hovercraft scene. That’s one of the moments that would be experienced *very* differently depending on whether or not one has read the books. I mean, it’s not a hovercraft, it’s THE hovercraft.. *chills*

  3. The part about Katniss saying that she can’t make another speech slightly reminds me of “I’m done killing their slaves” *couple chapters later* “Let me fight! I’m the Mockingjay!”

    And yeah, there’s no way Katniss-in-the-casual-clothes can be in D2/D13, and she looks way too content to be in the Capitol (compare with how spaced-out she seems as Effie’s dressing her up).

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