The Fire Will Burn… Out?

Plutarch: May I speak freely?

Coin: You don’t appear to do anything else.

Plutarch: I’m only talking about salesmanship. The thing with revolutions, they’re a tender flame. They need to be nurtured with a little kindling. And warmth. A bit of oxygen. One sure way to put it out is to smother it.

We all know this exchange from Mockingjay Part 1 and it feels fitting for the state of the Hunger Games fandom. It’s depressing right now, with the desperate back and forth speculation about when a trailer will be released. Yes, 7 months out from release (and 11 months from the end of filming) it’s high time for a teaser trailer to debut. But perhaps even worse than no trailer news is THERE’S NO OTHER NEWS ABOUT PART 2.

Today's "Secret Message" word of the day. Hope it doesn't strain you too much to figure out.

Today’s “Secret Message” word of the day. Hope it doesn’t strain you too much to figure out.

The Hunger Games social media accounts seem to spend most of their energy promoting Willow Shields on Dancing With the Stars, and while we love Willow, can we all agree that this does not count as Mockingjay Part 2 promotion? Sure dress her up in a red fire dress to dance to Atlas. That’s a fun call back to THE PREVIOUS FILMS that makes us smile, but it isn’t really getting us hyped for the upcoming one.

Starting this Wednesday, a graphic has been released daily with a “secret message” for us to uncover, the first three being “THE FIRE WILL” and the fandom seems pretty assured it’s the tagline on the Mockingjay Part 2 logo poster, THE FIRE WILL BURN FOREVER.

But, will it though? Will it “burn” even through this last installment, or will our beloved franchise go out with a whimper? Last year, when we were stuck in the “no news” black hole, we speculated that it was because The Hunger Games franchise had reached “Cash Cow” status for Lionsgate and so they were going even more lean than usual on promotion. We don’t know what they spent on marketing Mockingjay Part 1, but we can all agree that from a fan perspective, it was definitely leaner.  Sure, Part 1 suffered from some “two parter” backlash and an overall weak year at the movies in 2014, but the opening weekend being down more than 20%? That means you didn’t create the same urgency from fans too.

One would think that kind of drop would indeed motivate a stronger push this year, THE FINAL YEAR. GO OUT WITH AN INFERNO! We know now that the trailers for Mockingjay Part 1 were delayed because a lot of the District 8 footage was shot at the tail end of filming in May/June. What’s the reason for the dearth of news this year? We hope it ends soon. Maybe this “secret message” will lead us to some Part 2 goodies and there will be joy again in the fandom. We are completely ready to keep the fire burning, but it’s hard to maintain excitement when we keep waiting… and then there’s nothing to feed it.

In need of some kindling, warmth, and oxygen, STAT.



  1. *three fingers to JJ* My flame’s died down to embers at this point and I don’t think I’m alone in the fandom. At some point I think it dies down to a point where it’s never going to come back to what it once was, and I don’t think that was inevitable. The frustration contributes a lot to it fading into the background of my interests.

    1. Hi Crystal! Nope, you’re not alone, I do still follow the major sites but certainly not as avidly as a year ago. I think SOME level of fandom attrition was inevitable, especially for fandoms targeted toward younger fans, as many such fans will “graduate” from the fandom as they get older (I’m thinking of HP and Twilight, though of course both those fandoms had a lot of crossover with older people as well). But most of the time, that kind of attrition doesn’t occur until AFTER the last book, last movie, etc.

      I just get the feeling that LG is taking the fans for granted, as if we’re a captive audience that will automatically show up multiple times to see the movie JUST because we’re fans, and that’s not the greatest marketing move on their part.

    2. We all have a limit. We can hope for things to get better (dandelion in the spring, y’all!) but at some point, you can’t maintain the excitement when there’s nothing new & fun to talk about. And instead of letting it continually disappoint you, you have to move on to other things that do create that happy energy. It’s such a shame because I agree, it didn’t have to be this way. Could they start actively doing things soon to repair the damage? It’s possible, but my hope is pretty faded at this point.

  2. Does anybody remember promotion for the final Twilight or Harry Potter? Did they seem to do more than the previous years, or did they just count on people to come? I don’t remember what happened with those movies.

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