Mockingjay Part 2 Trailer Speculation Shootout

Look, we get it. Waiting for an anticipated movie trailer sucks. Waiting for a Hunger Games trailer is perhaps even worse because Lionsgate is obsessed with keeping it sooper sekret right up until the day of release, whenever the high hell that may be.

But seriously guys, stick a fork in us… because we’re done.


It started off pretty chill with the Age of Ultron rumors. Someone said the Mockingjay Part 2 trailer would come out in front of Marvel’s surefire smash, which was easy to believe because regardless of whether it’s true or not, Lionsgate would be straight up idiotic is they DIDN’T do this. LG’s upcoming release Age of Adaline was also named as a potential suitor for the trailer. Then somebody asked Lionsgate and they denied it all, and the people who are new to this rodeo actually believe Lionsgate’s denial without question. Hint, folks! LIONSGATE NEVER TELLS THEIR FANS ANYTHING UNTIL MAYBE A COUPLE DAYS IN ADVANCE, IF WE’RE LUCKY. They deny all rumors straight up to that point. Don’t know why they think this method is useful, but they do it anyway!

Speaking of overdone...

Speaking of overdone…

Then somebody confirmed with a source that the trailer isn’t happening until summer, while somebody else confirmed with a source that the trailer IS indeed coming with Age of Ultron/Age of Adaline. THE AGES, if you will. All these sources, by the way, tend to be movie theater employees. So someone in there is completely fucking clueless and just making answers up.

And somebody in South America has now posted a trailer list for Age of Ultron without a Mockingjay Part 2 trailer on there, so now we’re supposedly meant to believe that the rest of world isn’t getting it either because that one theater isn’t with that one particular film? Because all theaters always show the same things internationally and trailers never end up under codes names and these lists never change, right?!

Then the superfans and even some fansites (though most have wised up to this by now) are posting and retweeting and commenting on every. freaking. rumor. Sometimes we’re pretty sure they just want to sound like they’re in the know. It’s enough to make us want to tune out any mention of the trailer.

Look, we honestly don’t know whether the trailer is coming with Age of Ultron or not. We don’t believe any of you on either side anymore. You know when we’ll know? WHEN IT HAPPENS. And all this constant, rampant speculation ain’t gonna make it happen any faster.

So let’s try some patience, okay guys? We know it’s new to everyone, but it’s time.

Sorry, Temporarily Possessed By The Spirit of Lewis Black This Time,
The Girl With The Pearl


  1. A lot of the problem is that people are just jumping on and pestering and taking all the separate details at their word without actually consolidating them and making sense of them.

    For anyone reading this who wants and still needs a primer (not taking a shot at you at all Kait :P) – latest we know – at least 3 separate US theatre sources (one of them a whole chain) have all said there’s something Mockingjay Part 2 coming with Avengers and Adaline has pretty much been ruled out.

    1. Weren’t you the one insisting in the first place that it was going to be Adaline, not Ultron? Adaline never made a lick of sense to me as a launching point for MJ2’s teaser, but you seemed to convinced that Adaline was a big enough deal to wield it.

      1. Wasn’t ever going to be saying it wasn’t gonna be Ultron, I was saying Adaline as well as Ultron because LG movie out same time as Avengers is out overseas (there’s a good possibility,for instance, for the UK theatres to get it that week, they are getting Star Wars and Batman v Superman for their early Avengers release after all) and one US theatre did actually say it was gonna have it.

        Well it’s now been ruled out, and we move on to Ultron, no problem.

  2. Speculation has gotten on my nerves. I’ve come to ignore Jabberjays, Mockingjay, Panem Propaganda and any other dot net fan sites out there when it comes to trailer launch date speculation. I agree that people need to shut up and wait on Lionsgate, either way we’ll be getting something so enough. In the words of Nina Jacobson, just “hang in there.”

    1. The funny thing is the sites you’ve just mentioned have been much better about handling trailer speculation than others. They don’t post/tweet new and updated rumors and “confirmations” almost daily. They don’t exacerbate rumors, they only report the basics. We’re not gonna call anyone out bc it’s just not classy, but in the race to get the scoop first, some people (whether their working on a website or not) have just overdone it for us. *shrug* It’s partially LG’s fault bc no one trusts them to be up front about their plans anymore, but we’re just sick of sensationalist trailer hype.

      1. Jabberjays and Quarter Quell are the two that have been commenting and fueling the trailer rumors for months now, even though it’s probably not going to happen.

        Most other sites though like DWTC,, THGA and others are just sitting idly waiting for news.

        I don’t know what to believe anymore.

        1. People keep pulling Jabberjays into this, but other than reporting the initial rumor, I don’t recall them talking about it much.

          A lot of it has been individual fans as well, some of whom come off as more than a little desperate for the attention.

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