hunger games world will be watchingMarch 23, 2012. A date that lives in many a Hunger Games fan’s fond memories. Because it was the day that the first movie came out in the US and many other countries, give or take a day. Yes, three years ago, we saw the first Hunger Games, and watched it become a legit phenomenon. No spin needed here- the massive $152 million US opening weekend broke all kinds of records.

You see, waaaay back then, when a movie came out on a certain weekend, it TRULY came out that day. No 8pm showings the night before. No, back in 2012, if you wanted to see the first showing of The Hunger Games you had to stay up until midnight. And so at 12:01, the showings began.

From my personal experience, that 12:01 showing definitely indicated what a BIG DEAL this movie was going to be. I saw it in one of those megaplexes with 18 screens. And they had at least 8 of them reserved for 12:01 showings. And they had 3am showings as well! And the place was PACKED. I think they used all 8 of those theaters with nary an empty seat to spare. There were lots of people dressed up. The most popular were the Capitolesque Effie types, but there were also those decked out in t-shirts of various districts. The excitement was REAL all throughout the movie. I remember feeling very overwhelmed. There were a few parts that fell flat for me, like the tribute parade. I’m sorry, but that was just badly executed. And not enough time given to develop Peeta’s character. Why Gary Ross, WHY?

But overall I really loved the movie and felt that the book was treated respectfully while also understanding the necessity of making it work for the screen. I went back 3 more times in the next two weeks, so I must have felt pretty good about it.

One more to go!




  1. Initially I avoided this film because of all the hype and especially because it came right off the heels of the Twilight films & books series(ugh!). Well first the trailer captured my attention, mainly due to the lack of vampires, and then after I got past all the Twilight-esque fandom I was able to take in legit criticism which surprisingly was just enthusiastic as fans were. Based on that I gave the book a chance and I was hooked after the first chapter. The rest is history. And THAT was three years ago.


  2. I saw it with my daughter, then 14 years old. We were both sooo exited. I had read the books before, she knew only the plot. We had to (!) watch it ten times after …. (minus DVD) :):): I remember that the audience was quite silent – being so overwhelmed !

  3. At the 8 p.m. Insurgent showing my daughter and I reminisced about the midnight showing of The Hunger Games. You were right 8 is just not 12! I was so surprised at the variety of people attending. This was not just another “teen movie” My daughter was the one who read the books and begged to go. Once I saw the trailer “I volunteer”, I was drawn in. Became hooked before the end of the movie. Began the book the next day, devoured the next two. Became a fan of the books and movies. What a series! What a rarity!

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