It’s that time again!

The Mockingjay Part 1 DVD is almost here. We’re beyond excited to add thix DVD to our collection and devour all the special features!


But more than that, we’re thrilled to share the love with you!

To celebrate the DVD release, we’ll be giving away 2 dvd/blu-ray editions and 2 Best Buy editions!

Simply click the link below to enter!


To enter this contest, you must have a Region A compatible blu-ray player.

Contest ends at 11:59pm on March 3rd!

May the odds…ย and all that jazz,
The Girl With The Pearl


  1. I love watching the deleted scenes and can’t wait to see what ones were cut. Some times I’m like “why was that cut?!” lol

  2. Thank you VV for doing this giveaway! I’m most excited for the commentary component of the bonus features; getting to hear Nina and Francis analyze the film bit by bit is always fascinating.

  3. I am def most looking forward to the deleted scenes. More specifically I am looking forward to the Finnick in his underwear scene!!! Thanks for the contest.

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