It’s All in the Details

I broke down and bought Mockingjay Part 1 on Digital. Life is short, and JJ’s got Amazon Video credits. I’ve had some fun and some tears watching the movie again this week. Owning the movie (and watching again & again) allows you to zone in on some of the details, and obsessive fans that we are, we love all of it.

First, let’s go back to a post from a few weeks back when I said it looked like Peeta’s house had been destroyed. I didn’t have an image of it then, but now, check it out.

peetas house gone

The houses across the street from Katniss and Haymitch are gone. Please rewrite all your end of Mockingjay fanfics with that new twist. I can never get enough of those fics anyway.

There’s some more details of the world-building from a deleted scene of Katniss and Boggs walking through 13. Sadly, this did not include running into Finnick in only his underwear, but it showed some really cool new things.

d13 schedule imprint

Daily schedules being imprinted? How very pretty and colorful for District 13. There was a still of Effie previously with her arm decorated in this way and I had a hard time realizing what that was. This makes it quite obvious.

d13 subway

We know District 13 had some big elevators, but it’s nice to see that they have a way for citizens to get around on the same level with a train system. It gives you a stronger sense of the size of this underground world.

Noticed any other details in your home viewing?


One comment

  1. You can see Finnick’s schedule tattooed on his arm when he’s tying his rope next to Katniss before Haymitch tells them that the rescue recruits have returned!

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