Maximizing the Mockingjay Movie Money

Today we got news that Lionsgate would offer Mockingjay Part 2 in IMAX 3D, 3D, and 2D formats.

MJ2 3D

We’re not surprised at this news.  Lionsgate seemed headed in that direction by putting Mockingay Part 1’s Chinese release in 3D. And as someone who works in the business world, I’m not surprised either. Especially for a publicly-traded company, the name of the game is growth. Sales growth, profit growth, these things must keep going up or your stock will be headed down, down, down.  Offering Mockingjay Part 2 in 3D and IMAX 3D gives an instant boost to the box office potential and assures shareholders that they are going for all the money they can with this final film.  It’s also why Lionsgate also said during their conference call with Wall Street analysts that they were exploring prequel and sequel ideas. They have this asset in the Hunger Games franchise, and their shareholders expect them to use it to its full money-making potential.

As someone who loves Suzanne Collins’s books first however, this all just feels so uncomfortable. Although set in some fictional future, we know these books are all about our world now.  The widening gap between those with extreme wealth and those in poverty.  The use of war and violence as some kind of grotesque entertainment.  We love these books for the way they criticize this culture.  We know this final film will indeed be “action packed” but a lot of this action, if it follows the book, is very violent, and filled with death. Violence and death are not something to be glorified but something with awful consequences. Putting this story in 3D format, even if done with the utmost care, runs a huge risk at glorifying those things. Francis Lawrence has done a tremendous job with the past two movies, but a 3D conversion of this subject matter concerns us a lot.

The message in the graphic above talks of giving the fans choice. And it’s true, we can choose to see the film in 2D or 3D. I’m sure there will be no shortage of screens for us to see the movie in either format. (IMAX may only be 3D). But all in all, we can’t help feeling that the Capitol has won this battle.

At least we got some news today?




  1. I can’t remember the interview, but I know Francis Lawrence has voiced concern over the possible misstep of glorifying violence/war in MJ2 if it’s not approached very carefully.

    However, Nina Jacobson and Francis Lawrence have surprised me (in a good way) in keeping the message relatively on-track thus far. This is a story that’s easy to screw up, but I have a feeling that they have the same concerns we do and are going to do the best they can to stay in line with the message of the books… Even if they have to play within the Capitol’s – ahem, I mean Studio’s – game.

    1. This may be the interview. No doubt he’s aware of the thin ice they are treading on, so he knows they need to be careful about how the 3D is handled from both a thematic and cinematic experience. A tough job, though.

      Francis Lawrence “About 3D, we didn’t talk about it at all when we were shooting Catching Fire. We are talking about it for Mockingjay, but we aren’t sure about using it. We have contrasting opinions in thinking; either it is only another way we can give to people to watch the movie, or it is a way to transform it in an exhibition of violence, and we don’t want that at all, because the movie is all about the consequences the violence has. Otherwise, shooting in 3D isn’t to create a show about violence at all… we are still debating about it. We are not shooting in 3D.”

  2. Yeah.. I could be wrong, but I think that was part of the reason why Gary Ross went for that gritty, indie, very unglamorous style for the first movie. So as not to glorify

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