The Many Fandom Reactions to any Gale Post

During movie off-season, as we’re in now, Lionsgate keeps the social sites active by posting something at least once a day. Since we’re months away from anything substantial from Mockingjay Part 2, it’s usually a recycled still or maybe an edit of the Mockingjay Part 1 content. So for the most part, a non-event. But when they post something concerning Gale, I take another look.

Not because I particularly like Gale. Liam Hemsworth is nice to look at, so I’m not complaining, but he’s not a character that I spend much time thinking about within the scope of the series. There are lots of other characters I prefer to think about. No, I enjoy when Lionsgate posts something about Gale because THE COMMENTS GO CRAZY IN EVERY KIND OF DIRECTION and I find that really entertaining.

Lionsgate posted this still over the weekend with the caption: Gale Hawthorne… a soldier, a friend, her strength. #Mockingjay

Click the image to go to @TheHungerGames Facebook post and read the fun comments for yourself.

Click the image to go to @TheHungerGames Facebook post and read the fun comments for yourself.

Oh yeah, they gave fans a lot to work with on that caption. Well, some people were just focused on the fact that Liam is a hottie so there are comments like “bae” followed by 10 hearts. Some people were excited that they called him a friend, which meant lots of FRIENDZONED comments. Others were mad that he was called Katniss’s strength, cause damn it, Katniss has her own strength. She don’t need him! Some comments questioned why do you always post Gale and not Peeta? More PEEEEETA. And some people just flat out wrote MURDERER.

Yikes. Without question, Gale brings out a lot of emotion in the fandom. It’s only going to get more extreme as we head into Part 2. I’m sure Lionsgate will be ready with lots more pictures and captions to bring out those reactions. Cause, come on, they totally know that fans will react this way.

Thanks for keeping us entertained in the meantime, fandom.




  1. As a Gale fan, I do everything I can to avoid reading the comments to any Gale post. It’s a nightmare. I understand why people don’t like Gale and I have no problem with people who don’t. Everybody is entitled to their own opinion on a character. I happen to like Gale for a variety of reasons while being aware of the more problematic aspects of his character. What I really don’t like is how there are so many people in this fandom who don’t want to let me like this character.

    God forbid that anybody mention Gale’s good points or post any kind of Gale positive post. Because within minutes somebody will hijack the post and give you a detailed reason for why you’re not allowed to like Gale. It’s frustrating and disheartening that a large part of this fandom refuses to accept that some people like Gale and won’t allow us to like that character without stomping all over it.

    So yeah, when Lionsgate post something about Gale, I just enjoy the pretty picture and stay away from the comments.

  2. I wouldn’t call myself a Gale fan, but I do think he’s a fundamentally good character.
    And I’ll agree that many Gale bashers do go overboard.

    However, what will guarantee to always be a berserk button with me (yeah, I know, arguing over the internet and all that…) is when certain Gale fans trump him up in a positive manner as someone who did what he had to do in war. And anybody who says otherwise is just “a hater who doesn’t understand his Freudian Excuse”.
    To me, that goes past liking a character in the face of opposition and downright condoning war crimes. Not to mention tactics that are ultimately counterproductive if you look at history.

    On a lighter note, with the stuff Loinsgate has put out, it does make you wonder if their marketing staff is like this:
    “I don’t always put out MJ promos, but when I do, they’re Galeniss.”

  3. This is why I don’t read comments on Gale posts.


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