Number One, Times Two

It’s the Mockingjay edging out Guardians of the Galaxy by just the tip of her beaky beak beak for top 2014 domestic box office. Before Mockingjay Part 1’s release, we were expecting the movie to be #1 in 2014. But then the opening weekend was 30 million + less than Catching Fire’s, and the race to the top got a bit more dramatic. Fortunately (for this particular “race” to the top), the domestic box office overall had lower numbers than last year, so Mockingjay just had to crack over $333 million instead of 2013’s number 2 contender Iron Man 3 at $409 million. A smaller hurdle to get to the top spot, but still quite a challenge.

Fortunately for THG fans, the holiday season was good to the Mockingjay box office, and the numbers got there just in time, as the movie is almost out of most theaters (it is 2 months after release, after all). Some speculate that American Sniper, with its huge wide-release last weekend could be a challenge for the top spot (it opened in limited release in late December, so it counts as a 2014 film). Even with the Oscar buzz and the ability to attract viewers who don’t often go to the movies, it’s doubtful this R-rated movie will have the legs to get it to the top during the snowy dregs of winter, so I think you can relax. Katniss for the win, 2 years in a row, as Lionsgate reminded us.

2 years

So, other than fan bragging rights, why is this interesting or important or anything other than more money in Lionsgate’s coffers? I think these two tweets say it well.

The #1 celebratory news from Lionsgate was paired with info on the digital/Blu-Ray/DVD release, which was nice to get, cause we really do want to see the movie again, and the bonus features. But we’re also really itching to see Mockingjay Part 2’s logo poster. That would put us in even more of a celebratory mood. *HINT HINT*

Break free, Mockingjay!



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