Another Bout of Peeta Paranoia

When stuck in these dark times of no news, we sometimes get a little crazy. Look back on interviews, over-analyze, and let our minds dwell on our most anxious thoughts. That’s my explanation for a resurgence of Peeta Paranoia that I’ve been noticing over the past few days.

We’ve gotten pretty good confirmation from interviews and subtle hints that the Epilogue will be a part of Mockingjay Part 2 in some way.  We’ve heard that Jennifer has one remaining scene to film that they need to do when there are leaves on the trees and the scene may be with her nephew(s).

Here’s where the Peeta Paranoia sets in and goes something like this:

In interviews, Josh hasn’t said he will be filming any more scenes. Neither has Francis or Jennifer mentioned filming with Josh. Josh has his brown hair again and it can be difficult for him to get that perfect Peeta blond hair back.

So, the “obvious conclusion” is  PEETA WILL NOT BE IN THE EPILOGUE!!!1!!!1  I HATE LIIIIIIIFFFFE.

mockingjay-part-1-peeta-beatenI consider myself a champion worrier. I can take most situations and look at all the possible negative “what ifs” and make myself miserable. And, like most super-fans, I desperately want the ending of MJ Part 2 to be perfectly in spirit with the end of the book. And that means recognition of Katniss and Peeta healing and forging a life together.




Yes, the first movie screwed Peeta’s character over in terms of development, and that gives us trust issues. But think about the progression since then in Catching Fire and Mockingjay Part 1. Pretty good, right? And the filmmakers and Lionsgate know how we feel about Peeta. Message received – THEY KNOW. I don’t think we need to be concerned that there will be any reversion back to Hunger Games-era Peeta neglect in the final film. If anything, his story is going to get more attention as he recovers from the hijacking and rebuilds a relationship with Katniss.

Maybe they’ve already shot his Epilogue-ish scenes. Or maybe they’re just not mentioning that he’s a part of that final shoot in spring because they like to keep some secrecy. Maybe he’ll wear a wig. There are so many explanations and so little reason to worry about THIS.

If you want a different worry, it’s waaay more likely that all the other characters will get no closure in the end.




  1. If they are waiting to film until leaves are turning, Josh would not get hair done until right before filming. That’s my explanation.

    An epilogue ending without Peeta is too horrible to even contemplate.

  2. Oh, fandom. There really are some people out there who believe that the fact that Josh didn’t leave his Peeta hair intact for almost over a year (just a reminder, they ended shooting Mockingjay in June, and this scene will apparently be filmed next spring) is an indication that he won’t be in the epilogue? Who am I kidding, of course they believe that.

    I’m also pretty sure no one asked Josh about filming more scenes. Maybe they were also told not to talk about it that freely – revealing that Josh would be in the final scene is kind of a big spoiler because a) it reveals that he survives the series b) the love triangle ‘suspense’ goes. Even if it’s obviously IN THE BOOKS, but you know, if I was in marketing I might also believe that there are still people out there who live in a cave and need a bit of mystery. No one’s going to question Jennifer’s involvement though, because she’s kind of the big shot protagonist here, it’s expected that she’s in those scenes.

    The point however remains: fandom is paranoid again when there is literally no cause to be paranoid.

  3. Yeah, it sounds like a secrecy issue to avoid spoiling the ending for the vast majority who have only seen the films. Many may think Katniss ends up on the own or with Gale or even Haymitch or Johanna or just dead.

  4. Straight from Jen’s mouth:
    “I’m going to be with Peeta; it’s a scene in the future. But I’m not going to let them age me. I’m already 24, and this is all I can handle. I’ve come this far. I kept various souvenirs, my hunting jackets, the leather one and my boots. And after the last scene, I intend to keep the bow. I think I’ve earned it.”

  5. I was thinking along the lines MSE. For those people who have not read the books it would be a major spoiler that both Peeta & Katniss make it to an epilogue.
    Not only that but if we all know about who was in the epilogue the other aspects of the story would get lost, like the war & the consequences of the rebellion.

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