Tim Palen And The Hunger For Mockingjay Part 2 Photographs

FACT: We are a bunch of impatient crazies. AND WE KNOW IT.

Mockingjay Part 1 has only been out for just shy of two months. It doesn’t even have a confirmed DVD release date yet (in fact, it’s still in many theaters) and yet we’re sitting here, arching our eyebrow and looking toward Lionsgate as if to say “Soooo.. Got anything from Mockingjay Part 2 yet?”

Well, there’s good news and bad news when it comes to that urge!

The good news? Tim Palen, Chief Marketing Officer for Lionsgate, will soon be releasing a photography book focused solely on the series! Here are the details:

unnamed (1)

This is pretty awesome because Tim Palen is the photographer behind some of the most iconic Hunger Games franchise images out there, including all the awesome character posters. He’s been around the franchise since its beginnings and has got never-before-seen goodness, which is NEVER a bad thing!

The bad news? This will likely be our first taste of Mockingjay Part 2… and it’s not coming until JUNE 2015.

We expected to wait until at least April for the goods. Lionsgate is going to be chugging through the INSURGENT release until the end of March, after all. We can wait for one this to die down before the company worries about another.

Tim’s book will likely mark the very first peek into MJ2. The main photography is his work, so it;s likely going to be released in support of the book. Releasing his work early enough that it’s not considered “in conjunction” with the book would be super contradictory to the book’s whole purpose– TO GET OUR MONEY (and to display some lovely art). This also means the majority of MJ2 images from the book probably won’t (officially) hit the web. Because again, they want us to purchase the book. Which you can do here, if you’re interested.


Does they mean we’re doomed to another year with no real Mockingjay media until late August? We don’t know if we can stand that pain once again! Clearly it didn’t work out so well last time, so let’s not repeat it, okay?

We Can Be Patient. Just Not THAT Patient.
The Girl With The Pearl



  1. If they don’t do a teaser trailer with Age of Ultron (coming out May 1), they are totally shooting themselves in the foot. And the other foot. And the hand.

    They’ve got ample time to put a teaser trailer together. So I think there’s hope for something sooner… if they’re smarter than they were with Part 1.

  2. Actually, IMO, if anything the book’s release on June 16 means quite the opposite, that we *will* get something substantial before then. They still have a movie to promote to the non-fandom audiences to, and the likelihood is that the MJ2 images in the book will be the ones they won’t use in the marketing anyway, and it’d look very stupid if a $75 book that may still be out of reach for quite a few people is the first major piece of marketing from the studio for the film (not that some of their choices last year weren’t stupid but anyhow).

    Plus leaving it June/July late given attention from rivals (ahem Star Wars trailer with Avengers) would like with Part 1 minimise awareness and anticipation which are the precursors for a good opening weekend. They can’t afford to debut just a “teaser” at SDCC like last year other given what no doubt other studios will have planned to blow the roof off Hall H. On the other hand debuting the teaser as early as March with Insurgent would be a bad idea because of the attention on the Blu-ray/DVD of P1 and that the Insurgent audience will already be well aware of MJ2 regardless, which makes Avengers the perfect place for a trailer debut.

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