Mockingjay Part 1 Contends For The Top Spot

Yes, Mockingjay Part 1 technically came out last year, but it’s still earning its way toward some accolades.

While clearly not in the same running as The Hobbit, Into The Woods, or Unbroken right now, Mockingjay Part 1 is still in many theaters across the US and heading toward a big, big goal: The highest grossing movie to be released in 2014.

We’re almost afraid of jinxing it by talking about it too much, but look!

box office 2014

Since the charts are based on the year of release and doesn’t separate earnings by year, Mockingjay Part 1 can still overtake Guardians of the Galaxy. The movie did surprisingly well for a somewhat outdated option in the post-holiday movie surge and is now less than $10 million behind the top spot. That may still seem monumental, but in box office speak, it’s not bad at all. If the movie performs at it did before the holidays, it’ll take two or three weeks to surpass.

Because we don’t want to come off as overly confident, We’ll admit there’s risks. Audiences could drop off in forever of Taken 3 or something equally terrible (because in case you didn’t notice, studios tend to release the films they’re less-than-confident about in January). Theaters may decide to “pull” the movie before the goal’s reached.

But here’s why we really, reeeeeeally hope they don’t: So we can shove it in some faces!

Yup, pure spite and bragging rights. You were probably expecting something more poignant, eh?

Remember when everyone was talking about it disappointing domestic box office? Well, even if it is less than Catching Fire, it’ll still be the highest grossing movie in the freaking country! A bad box office year is a bad box office year for the film industry as a whole. Still, The Hunger Games fans will be able to laugh in critics and analysts faces, knowing that despite all their negativity, we still made 2014 our bitch! BOOYAH!

Hmmmm… maybe it’s time for another trip to the movies!

Also, Transformers Is In The Top Five? EWWWWWW.
The Girl With The Pearl



  1. a few other important reasons why MJ1 needs to take the top spot (i love me some bragging rights, but there’s even more to it!):

    1. it’d be the first time since the sound of music/mary poppins combo that female-led films reach the top of the box office charts in consecutive years. and IIRC, it’ll be the first time EVER this happens with an “action heroine” female lead.

    2. it’ll be the first time since 2006 that a film reaches no. 1 without a boost from 3D or IMAX.

    3. MJ2 won’t get top spot next year, because it’ll be facing off against opponents such as the avengers 2 and star wars VII (the latter most likely going to take the win). so this is our LAST chance to be no. 1!

    and there’s more little details like these that make this possible win so incredibly appealing. so EVERYBODY GET TO THEATERS TO WATCH MJ1 LIKE NOW. we can do it! \o/

    1. Also:

      4. If MJ is #1 for the year it will be the first time since 1980/81 that an actor has taken the box office crown two years in a row. The last time was Harrison Ford with The Empire Strikes back and Raiders of the Lost Ark. Go JLaw!

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