A Hunger Games Movie Prequel Idea We Don’t Hate

Happy 2015, or as it’s otherwise known, THE YEAR MOCKINGJAY PART 2 COMES OUT AND EVERYTHING IS OVER. Granted, 11 months from now is still quite a bit of time, but the questions swirl around about what will happen after the final movie comes out. The pipeline of Hunger Games stuff won’t be completely over then. For fans of the Hunger Games stories, there’s the curiosity of what they will do with the London stageshow in 2016. And there’s that theme park that Lionsgate keeps bringing up during their conference calls that concerns us a lot.

Beyond putting the story into those formats, what about more movies? Or tv? We think there needs to be a lot more time (like 15 yearsish) before thinking about a true reboot. Prequels or sequels are something that could come sooner. Hollywood loves to tap into successful franchises again and again so it’s not a ridiculous notion for it to happen. Suzanne Collins would presumably need to be behind it, and all public indications are that she’s not really looking to go back to Panem for an extended period of time. We’re not so sure we want to either. A huge part of why we love this story is because of these characters and expanding the world beyond the core characters is a risk.

Uncle Haymitch, tell us a story?

Uncle Haymitch, tell us a story?

But what about a prequel that’s already been teased in the books? In the Catching Fire movie, a lot of fans hoped to see Haymitch’s Games in some form, but it was not to be. He’s a beloved character, and as a teenager he was smart, charismatic, snarky, and rebellious, with tragic results. His games were also a Quarter Quell, which would satisfy Hollywood’s Capitol-esque tastes for MORE MORE MORE.

I have a huge amount of love for Haymitch, so developing his story further is the one prequel/sequel idea that I think I could really get behind. Especially if they frame the movie flashing back/forward to Haymitch, Katniss, and Peeta in the Mockingjay Epilogue-era for a few scenes (and that means getting Woody/Jen/Josh to come back for a little reunion, who wouldn’t love that?)

If/when this or other movie ideas come around, I hope it’s not for a few years. If another film idea comes right on the heels on Mockingjay Part 2, it would be too soon. Let us have our ending for a while before asking us to dive back in. In the meantime, we can watch the now “classic” Mainstay Productions version of the 2nd Quell.

Maybe it’s too soon to start thinking this way, but we can’t help it.





  1. I don’t think it’s too early to think about “where does the fandom go from here”, and I think that since the Haymitch backstory is also closely linked to the history of the Mockingjay pin, such a prequel could certainly be marketed to a larger audience, even those that didn’t read the books. It wouldn’t even take much ret-conning, they could come up with some plausible reason the pin came into the hands of “sort-of-Greasy-Sae”, such as having the Donner family becoming really poor, perhaps even suffering the fallout of Haymitch’s actions in some way, leading to their selling it, for example. Although certainly that would be a different canon than the book story of their managing to marry a daughter off to the Mayor, or at least a prominent family, as the Undersees seem to have been even before one of them became Mayor.

    Taking the franchise back to the Games setting that the last two movies stepped away from, might be attractive as well to the casual fan. IMAX redux, perhaps? But certainly if such a prequel was to be done well, we’d really have to delve into the aftermath, continuing the fine balancing act the movie franchise has navigated decently so far, of hyping the franchise without inviting the audience to look at it merely from a Capitol-esque mindset of JUST wanting to be entertained.

    I also would personally fear that such a prequel would wind up presenting Maysilee as Haymitch’s love interest, and giving his unnamed actual girlfriend the same treatment as Madge and Delly. It wouldn’t ruin the whole story or anything, but it would make it rather Hollywood-cliche-ish.

  2. I can’t believe this is the final year we’ll be getting a new film. We’ll see what the future holds though. If they choose to expand on the source material, it just has to be done right.

  3. This is could work but I will only get onboard with this idea if Colorforce (aka Nina Jacobsen) produces the film and retains creative control. Also Suzanne Collins should be involved with drafting the screenplay. As much as I love Francis Lawrence to direct , I can understand if he wants to branch out and do other projects. Plus, I trust Nina Jacobsen enough to find a new director

    One way to make this prequel relevant to the current timeline is by going outside of Haymich’s perspective and see the beginnings of the underground revolution in D13 and explore of the brutality of the Capitol. It could provide an intresting commentary on how revolutions are formed and the toll it takes people such as Haymich.

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