Looking Forward to Spring

As we in the northern hemisphere endure the shortest days of the year and the cold of winter, it’s good to remind ourselves of hope. It may be bleak now, but the seasons change, days get longer, the leaves return to the trees…

mj part 2

We obsess about the Epilogue, yet we don’t even have an official Part 2 logo yet, but zsoltzedd.tumblr.com has an idea.

Yes, we’ve reached that time of year where little tweet responses are the only news we get, but this one had fans in full meltdown mode if you look at the replies. Cause it’s the Epilogue, and we all get mushy about that. We’ve been following these Epilogue news bits carefully – from the fact that it would be included (YAY THANK YOU), to the tease that Jennifer Lawrence’s nephews would be a part of it in some way. I also think the enthusiastic response from some fans about this news is the fact that it’s not ALL OVER yet. It’s really not all over – there’s still another year of promotion AND THE ACTUAL MOVIE to go, but no doubt, this upcoming year is a big deal.

So leaves on trees are (at least one of) the reasons why there’s still the Epilogue left to shoot. They need nature in full bloom to get the right vibe. I’m betting there were other factors at play as well in terms of scheduling. Maybe they ran out of time. Maybe they wanted to give Jennifer (and Josh?) another year of maturity to reduce the amount of CGI/makeup aging-up required and avoid the less-than-well-executed aging of the cast in the Harry Potter Epilogue. Yes, please avoid that. Fans are only expecting perfection out of the ending.

No pressure or anything though.




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