The Mockingjay Clip That Left Us With One Wish

Have you been hiding in an underground bunker recently? If so, you my not know this already, but… THE FIRST MOCKINGJAY CLIP IS HERE! And it’s a heart-wrencher!


For people who don’t know the books, this clip is misleading. It almost looks like Peeta is friendly with Caesar Flickerman and possibly even enjoying their conversation. Sure, you can hear the hitch in his voice, but someone might assume it’s because of the tense subject– the surprise ending of the Quarter Quell. His tone could even represent his disappointment in what Katniss did and shiny new alliance with The Capitol. But we also think this clip is meant to be misleading.

Of course, we know better, but think about it: Katniss is really the one person who believes that Peeta isn’t willingly working in conjunction with the Capitol. The audience shouldn’t fully believe that he’s being held against his will, either. We’ll see Katniss advocating his innocence constantly, slowly the audience will start to believe her despite every other character being skeptical because she’s the protagonist, only to see him attempt to murder her somewhere toward the end, and it’ll be a glass case of emotion, Ron Burgundy style.


I’m imagining that clip wise, we probably won’t see much Peeta outside of this one. Because it sets up that “Wait.. is Peeta a traitor now?” mindset that will make moviegoers eager to solve the mystery. Anything to negate that would be kind of counter-productive. Of course, that doesn’t mean other clips won’t mention Peeta. He’s kind of a big discussion point in this one and scenes discussing what should be done with him will be pretty spoiler-free on the grand scale of the story.

Another thing we’re loving about this? The dialogue is very, very similar to the book. With this script, screenwriters seem to have really taken the time to figure out what quotes from the book really work on film rather than simply trying to rephrase everything. We think it’s a really nice homage to the original story.

Oh, And Our One Wish? MOAR CLIPS!

The Girl With The Pearl



  1. Loved the clip, but I’d certainly disagree with this: ” Katniss is really the one person who believes that Peeta isn’t willingly working in conjunction with the Capitol.”

    Now, perhaps you just meant the average D13 soldier, or Capitol citizen watching these propos, thought this. But at least in the book, Haymitch certainly doesn’t believe Peeta is truly collaborating with the Capitol, and Gale tells Katniss that “he’s still trying to keep you alive”. I didn’t get the feeling Finnick, Prim, or others who actually have any personal tie to Peeta ever believed that.

    In fact, I don’t even think Coin really believed this, though she certainly acted as she did for political purposes. However, if she really thought Peeta was Capitol-friendly, I doubt she’d have grumbled to Plutarch about not extracting Peeta from the QQ. (Unless, I suppose, she thought Peeta was so weak that he’d go along with either side as long as they had some way to control/manipulate him; well, actually, she very well may have believed that since she later herself tries to use Peeta against Katniss, but that’s still different from truly thinking he was a traitor to the cause.)

    That being said, the “Katniss is the only one who believes Peeta” storyline may indeed be part of the movies. Certainly, Gale’s comments about Peeta in the movie clips are much harsher than anything he said in he book.

    1. If you want to focus on the one sentence, Katniss probably isn’t the ONLY one who believes in Peeta. You’re right. Haymitch and Finnick are on his side as well, and anyone who has a close personal connection to him via The Games probably can’t wholeheartedly believe he’s a traitor. But the general attitude in District 13 about Peeta is skeptical at best, especially with Coin preaching that he’s not on their side.

      I too get the feeling that Gale won’t be on Peeta’s side at all in the movie. Mind you, Gale made some REALLY harsh comments in the book, including saying that if he could blow up the Capitol and kill everyone there while Peeta and Johanna were still captive, he’d do it without hesitation. But I don’t recall him directly speaking out against Peeta as he has in the promos.

      1. The discussion reminds me of some fans who noted that they didn’t understand from the book why D13 would see Peeta as a traitor, but when they saw the actual clips of Peeta beingused in propos, they began to understand why the average person in D13 might, and why Coin was able to lay down those harsh conditions about their immunity. (Though of course, in the movie it seems that Katniss’s demands for immunity were replaced with a demand for actual rescue.)

        Gale makes harsh comments about war and Capitolites in the book of course, but as you noted, not directly against Peeta. I think perhaps the movie will highlight Gale vs Peeta not just in the usual romantic rival sense, but as representatives of different approaches to the war.

        Now, although Peeta was certainly coerced in the propos, and I don’t think of him as an actual pacifist, I doubt he’d have been on board with Gale’s ruthless approach to the war. Katniss thinks Peeta would have sought a peaceful solution to the D2 crisis, as opposed to Gale’s “blow them all up” approach, and I think she was accurate on that.

    2. Don’t forget about how the people in the D8 hospital asked about Peeta’s condition and knew that he was being coerced.
      the again, movie!”Eddy”‘s demand (seriously, the trailers make it come across as a demand/harsh accusation, which rubbed me the wrong way; but I digress…) actually make me wonder if they’ll keep the districts sympathetic to Bread Boy’s plight.

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