Hints from the Mockingjay Part 1 Score Tracklist

The official Mockingjay Part 1 Score has been available to pre-order at Amazon for a few days now. We’re hugely excited for the score, which again is under the direction of James Newton Howard. We already knew that The Hanging Tree, sung by Jennifer Lawrence, would be a part of the score, but today, the track list appeared on the Amazon site. We are so intrigued!

MJ1 scoreSince some of the tracks could be a little spoilery, I’ll put a cut here before digging into the tracks and our predictions for WHAT IT ALL MEANS.

1. Mockingjay – Will this be a more somber, haunting reinvisioning of the musical themes of “Katniss Afoot” and “Katniss” from the earlier scores?
2. Remind Her Who The Enemy Is – Plutarch and Coin discussing how to get Katniss on board, which leads to…
3. District 12 – Katniss returning home. This one will be heavy.
4. Snow’s Speech – Ugh, Snow.
5. Please Welcome Peeta – Hello, first Peeta interview with Caesar Flickerman!
6. Katniss Nightmare – This one raises some BIG questions. Will we see Katniss waking up from a nightmare or is the nightmare itself a part of the movie? Can we please see the nightmare? We need more Peeta in this movie. And then can we curl up into a ball of emotional devastation?
7. The Arsenal – Check out all of District 13’s snazzy weapons!
8. Incoming Bombers
9. Don’t Be A Fool Katniss – Hello 2nd interview with Peeta!
10. District 12 Ruins
11. The Hanging Tree – We already knew this was happening, but WE CAN’T WAIT FOR THIS ONE.
12. Peeta’s Broadcast – Hello final interview with Peeta!
13. Air Raid Drill – Quick everyone, scurry down those staircases!
14. It s Gonna Be A Long Night – Scary bombs are raining down.
15. Taunting The CatCRAZY CAT SCENE.
16. White Rose – Ugh, Snow.
17. District 8 Hospital – It seems we’ve changed the order of things by having District 8 happen later in the movie. I guess they felt it would create a better paced story to place that after D13 is bombed.
18. The Broadcast – Airing the District 8 filmed propo?
19. Jamming The Capitol
20. Inside The Tribute Center – The rescue! We get to see it go down! And the full result of the rappelling at the JW Marriott in Atlanta.
21. Put Me On The Air – This is probably the new scene from the full trailer when Katniss is speaking with President Snow. Maybe the rebels hack in to distract Snow during the raid or after they’ve retrieved Peeta, Johanna, and Annie.
22. They’re Back – Yeah, we know who’s back and what this means. We’re upset just thinking about this one.
23. Victory – HUH? We’ve been teased about where MJ1 is going to end, and it doesn’t seem like it ends in any kind of “Victory” we would appreciate. Is this a scene in the Capitol where Snow is like “Heh, heh, my weapon, hijacked Peeta, is now in District 13, Victory IS MINE!” Or are JNH & Francis Lawrence being sneaky here and just calling it “Victory” to shield us from the inevitably cliffhangery ending?

What do YOU think it all means?

The movie is so close, but not close enough!



  1. My thought is that it has to be out of order.
    Can anyone see if track listings for THG and CF’s scores have any scenes out of place as well?

    Considering the role it plays in terms of Katniss’ place in the war, I can’t see Eight being shown after the bombing. Not to mention that she’s supposed to be broken to the point of complete uselessness after seeing those rose petals.
    The “Incoming Bombers” further muddy those waters considering the track titles between it and “Air Raid Drill”.

    On that note, if we keep things muddled, I wonder if “White Rose” refers to the rose bomb, the rose in Katniss’ house, or both.

    1. The tracklists on previous albums were in order. However, the MJ tracklist on Amazon was kind of a mess with misspellings and such. If it ends up that they put it down wrong there, I wouldn’t be shocked. We’ll see. But I can also see them moving the District 8 scenes towards the end since they are so action packed and powerful.

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