Final Trailer Reaction Post

The final trailer was released this morning, and that means one thing– collective fandom flailing across the globe, and a patented Victor’s Village reaction post featuring all three of us. So without further nattering, here’s the trailer, and under the cut will be our lovely non politically correct reactions!

JJ: Yep let’s talk burning!
Them There Eyes: First off, everybody state where they watched the final trailer! JJ: In my office cube, with headphones though.
TTE: Grocery store parking lot!
The Girl With The Pearl: Hiding in the work bathroom. ALL TIME LOW.
TTE: The Girl With The Pearl wins!
JJ: You gotta do what you gotta do
TTE: Exactly, plus I warned not to have food stuffs around me, in case I flailed, screamed, or choked on anything.
TGWTP: Winning, in the worst way possible.
TTE: Hey, at least your not Peeta! Which brings us to the fact that today was yet another day of extreme Peeta-Feels.
TGWTP: Poor Peeta! That line delivery was beautiful though!
JJ: Every shot of Peeta we see gets worse for him. Thanks, Francis. But Josh totally owned it. So well done!
TTE: I know, but we’re total gluttons for tortured Peeta. And yep, Josh is winning all the emotive awards today.
JJ: He’s mastered the teary eyes. I imagine we’ll see more of that. And it will destroy us even more.
TGWTP: But the feeling bad is a good thing! No one can say they don’t understand Katniss’ Peeta-Feels.
JJ: We all feel Katniss’s pain!
TTE: I’m looking forward to feeling destroyed by Josh Hutcherson’s acting abilities.
JJ: Yes, let him shine, especially since his screen time will be limited.
TGWTP: I feel like Josh deserves much more acting credit than he gets.
TTE: He’s been making us cry since Bridge to Tarabithia.
TGWTP: This movie could open a major doorway as he’s an adult actor now.
TTE: You mean it could turn him into the next Ryan Gosling? Or maybe Jake Gyllanhaal?
TGWTP: I could get behind that!
JJ: I approve of all these.
TTE: If he’s going to base his career on anything, I’d hope it would be those two.

TGWTP: And directly following that line is Prim screaming for Katniss, which has happened in some capacity in every movie.
JJ: Ugh, it has, hasn’t it?
TTE: Prim’s lot in life seems to be screaming for her sister.
TGWTP: And I think that’s now a really heartbreaking set-up point for Part 2
JJ: Oh my, the final scream.
TGWTP: Like the last thing in the square before the bomb will be “KATNISS!”
TTE: I know, ’cause no one will hear those children screaming… it’ll just be silence, no time to react. I honestly don’t think they should play sound during that sequence. Make it like the Hunger Games beginning games sequence.
TGWTP: But imagine “KATNISS!” Then the silence.
JJ: But I could definitely see the scene playing out that way. Prim screams, Katniss screams, we all scream.
TTE: For ice cream? Sorry, couldn’t be helped.
JJ: One movie at a time…
TTE: I’m thinking about it! And now I would like to think about something else!

JJ: Amazing acting by Jennifer?
TGWTP: “If we burn, you burn with us!”
TTE: Yes! If anyone is still pitching a fit over Jennifer being cast… take it up with me. Seriously, I think people are insane if they’re still upset by her playing Katniss.
JJ: That line delivery. So great! It’s right up there with “I volunteer”. And HER FACE.
TGWTP: In my mind, I heard that line a little differently, but it played out on screen EVEN BETTER.
JJ: Acting with face parts A+.

Lioness we say!

Lioness we say!

TTE: She’s a lioness.
JJ: When that still of the trailer was floating around yesterday I was nervous about the scene but she gave it everything. THANK YOU.
TTE: In my head it was a lot less shaky, but she’s so over come with emotion in the actualization… that I think it works.
TGWTP: And (I mean no offense to Jen, she’s gorgeous) I like that she looks stressed and not all dolled up as she said it
JJ: I love it.
TTE: Yup. I think Francis took the notes we were throwing out about Hunger Games. How she looked way too clean. Catching Fire she got dirty, Mockingjay 1, she’s dirty. Dirty is real, dirty works.
TGWTP: Because nothing bothers me more than when an MC has time to put on a pound of makeup before going to war.
JJ: Yes, let’s go for realism when we can within our lovely MPAA PG13 rating of course.
TGWTP: I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about that scene, but now I’m psyched!
TTE: That being said when she is wearing makeup, visible makeup that is, I hope they let it run down her face, melt a little– ’cause she’s not Rosie the Riveter.

TGWTP: Ahhhhh yes! I actually think that for the rating and this being a trailer, we got a lot of violence. AND I LIKE IT.
TTE: Bloodless violence.
TGWTP: The horrors of war, now minus the blood spatter! For the sake of the kiddos.
JJ: Yes, lots of death & destruction in that trailer, but no one bleeds. Amazing how that happens
TTE: Yes! Because if you’ve got red on you, you’re relugated to the back… they way way back.
TGWTP: It is a bit ridiculous, but if still does make sense. You don’t necessarily need the blood to get it.
TTE: True. But is it impacting enough?
JJ: I think it can be, with the right editing.
TGWTP: For now? Sure. Though I wonder how Part 2 will work with that.
TTE: I keep thinking on the emotional impact of the non violent scenes in one of the most violent series on TV. The Walking Dead. It’s super violent, but honestly– it’s the human interaction that gets you all riled up.
TGWTP: Because some pods are practically out of a Saw movie.
JJ: I think some of the deaths in part 2 will have to be changed to keep the rating. Well… Saw is a Lionsgate movie.
TGWTP: But an rated R series! Haha.
TTE: That being said, we know that they’re going to show Boggs getting his leg blown off. The paparazi shots from Paris proved that.
JJ: I’m glad. Sorry Boggs.
TTE: We’re so sick. Sorry man.. sorry your leg got blown off… but plot is plot!
TGWTP: How bloody it actually is will be seen. BUT if it is, that will be a big shocker because everything else is so bloodless, but back to the trailer? What else?
TTE: If they’re going to save the blood spurting squibs for one moment… is has to be either Boggs’ demise, or….. Finnick’s.
TGWTP: Finnick will be bloodless, pulled down into the dark sewer. My guess, at least.
TTE: Don’t ruin my fantasy!
TGWTP: Sorry!
JJ: Yeah, this is an odd conversation.
TTE: Yup. You’re welcome.
TGWTP: Okay, anything else trailer related?
TTE: It’s nice to know why they’re all soaked with water! The Capitol bombed a dam in District 13!
JJ: Uh huh, it wasn’t the Capitol dam after all!
TGWTP: YES. We all thought it was D5 related, but apparently not! Or the Capitol, lol.
JJ: That looks like it will be a huge action sequence. LOTS of action sequences.
TTE: I like the world building. Did we even think hydro electric dam and District 13.
JJ: Nope.
TGWTP: So we see what happens while the District 13 folks hide! Yay!

TTE: Thanks production design team! Anyway, let’s all be glad that this final trailer did not feature Eddy saying his now pat line.

Go away Eddy, no body likes you!

Go away Eddy, nobody likes you!

JJ: Yeeeah. I’m sorry dude
TTE: I think Eddy has become the fandom’s new hate-meme.
TGWTP: He made it into every other trailer! Luckiest extra ever but COME ON.
TTE: Used to be Gale. Now… Eddy.
JJ: Nah, Gale still has his place
TTE: I hope he’s getting royalties.
TGWTP: We’ll be over Eddy soon enough. Gale memes are forever.
JJ: He’ll do the conventions for years now.
TTE: He will…. it’ll pay for graduate school! Can’t get anywhere without a graduate degree. JJ: You go Eddy.
TTE: He’s the new Glen Coco.


  1. Er… for the dam, I don’t think the Capitol bombed it.
    It’s a blink-and-you-miss-it, but as people are rushing the Peacekeepers and being gunned down, several are carrying very large boxes. I suspect that those are explosives and they are about to do a Helms deep on it.
    Also remember during Peeta’s last interview; he mentions a busted dam in Seven. Now it’s not guaranteed that it’d be in that district but…

    Glad I wasn’t the only one irked by Eddy.

    1. I think it should be there.
      That, like the Nut and hopefully the dam scene (so far the jury would be out on until we see it whether it’s portrayed as heroic or not) would add complexity to the rebels instead of making this a black-and-white narrative.

    2. I’m pretty sure they WILL show it in some way. It doesn’t have to be bloody and gory, the way Rue died in THG wasn’t either, or D4 Boy for that matter, but it was obvious what had happened. As my old friend Time Traveling Bunny used to say, “PG-13 is NOT G”. Many action movies are PG-13, not R, and manage to show death and destruction all the same. The 2nd Narnia movie showed all-out war with hundreds of deaths and that was PG!

      Apparently cinematic, stylized violence gets lower ratings than more “realistic” bloody/gory violence, and I’m sure the movie can convey the idea that “this innocent girl died because she was shot by rebels” without showing her body riddled with bullets or with her head blown apart. They don’t even have to show her being shot, but they can show the mother crying and carrying on AFTER she dies.

      Also, this scene is actually pretty tame compared to the really important canonical scene of not just one, but dozens, maybe even hundreds of Capitol kids being blown apart by rebel bombs. I doubt they’d leave that out. Possibly the movies will slowly ramp up the darker aspects of the rebellion, and come to think of it, likely SC herself meant for this scene to serve as foreshadowing/evidence that “if Coin/D13 let soldiers murder ONE little kid, maybe they’re also capable of killing HUNDREDS of kids, maybe even start up the Hunger Games again”.

      At least SC isn’t GRRM and didn’t include scenes of rebels gang-raping Capitol women (and men). Though I could see that happening as well, perhaps not D13 soldiers themselves as they are very regimented, but I can see other rebels seeing this as justifiable revenge, especially since at this point they’ll know of what Snow did to Finnick and other VIctors.

      1. Just her crying over her mother’s body before slumping over it with a hole in her coat would be sufficient enough to get the point across.

        And as to the last paragraph, it wouldn’t just be rape, but widespread looting and lynching as well. Honestly, I don’t think the majority of those committing atrocities would give a damn about the victors; those who would try to give a Freudian excuse could probably rattle off a ton of other stuff.
        And the above would not just terrorize Capitol citizens, or even those in the Career districts, but anybody who possibly doesn’t fall in line with the Rebellion. This would include loyalists (no matter what, there are always people who think that life under the old regime is better) and even neutrals/pacifists. And we only need to look to real life to see how loosely-organized factions tend to operate.
        Remember the comment that it wasn’t just the Capitol who killed off victors they suspected wasn’t loyal enough but the Rebellion as well.

        1. I didn’t mean to suggest rebels who commit rape wouldn’t commit other atrocities, sorry if I gave you that impression. I also agree that if anyone cited the Victors’ treatment as justification it would be more an excuse than anything else. But I can certainly imagine some “vigilantes”, for example, getting a hold of Finnick’s Little Black Book and systemically hunting down and capturing his clients and forcing them to work in a brothel, and considering it “poetic justice”.

          Anyway, I was actually trying to make a point directed at those who keep lamenting that the movies are too sanitized and wanted to see R/borderline NC-17 gore. I was just pointing out that MJ is already “sanitized” in a way because SC never addresses the topic of rebels committing atrocities other than straight-up murder, the only instances of sexual abuse she mentions are committed by Capitol agents (Cray the PK and those who “hire” Finnick and company in the Capitol).

          But it stands to reason that if some rebels were just as willing to commit murder and torture as the Capitol supporters were, that some would also be willing to commit sexual crimes as well. And I suspect that if we asked SC if some did, she’d say “of course”, but she doesn’t mention it in the actual text of the book.

          1. Oh I wasn’t rebutting you either; just expanding for the benefit of others.
            There’s also the fate of POWs.
            In general, I wouldn’t be surprised if Coin looked the other way as the rebels reenacted the Soviet takeover of Berlin under the pretense of letting them vent. On the flip side, I do think that Paylor would crack down, hard, (including public executions) if only to get those in the Capitol and district loyalists to trust her.

            One headcanon of mine is that the Nut actually held a whole bunch of civilian refugees who were fleeing the rebels due to the above.

  2. My favorite trailer. You guys really didn’t like Eddy? Francis said he did such great in the audio commentary, and personally one of my favorite quotes is Are you fighting Katniss? I am. I will. And Jennifer? OH MY GOD AMAZING IN MJ. Jesus bless her.

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