Oh, The Mockingjay Soundtrack Possibilities

Can you hear it?

No, not the red, orange, yellow flicker beat sparking up your heart (because the buzzing and thumping in that song make it too hard to hear that anyway….) THE SOUNDTRACK RUMORS! THEY’RE STARTING!

We’re hoping it’s just a matter of days before the whole glorious tracklist is announced, but in the meantime we’ll salivate over a few measly rumors.

It's coooommmminggg!

It’s coooommmminggg!

According to Page Six, Mockingjay Part 1’s soundtrack will include Grace Jones, Simon Le Bon, Diplo, Charli XCX, and Kanye West.

Let us be the first to say that PAGE SIX IS NOT THE MOST RELIABLE OF SOURCES. We know that as well as the next person. The only reason we believe it could possibly hold any weight is that of the publication wanted to spread salacious rumors per usual, they’d talk about something other than a movie soundtrack.

Also, we’re not going to talk about Kanye West. Because fuck that dude.

Let’s start with the 80s. Grace Jones isn’t exactly a household name nowadays, but she was fairly well known back then. Her music, it seems, is of the R&B avant-garde electropop nature that’s directly up Lorde’s alley. We can’t say that we love the music we’re finding during our research, but who knows how the decades since have changed her musical style? Even more surprising is Simon Le Bon. Admittedly, we only know him as “the guy from Duran Duran” and their sound is pretty straight-forward pop with a funky edge. But the man has a solo career as well, one in which he experiments with all different sorts of sounds.

Because someone out there made this horrid manip and WE NEED TO SHARE IT RIGHT NOW!

Because someone out there made this horrid manip and WE NEED TO SHARE IT RIGHT NOW!

Next up comes Diplo, who we’re not too familiar with, but we know he’s the DJ who worked with Sia and The Weeknd on “Elastic Heart” for the Catching Fire soundtrack. But let’s not kid ourselves into thinking many people were excited for anyone but Sia on that track. We would assume he’ll be working with someone else on this soundtrack, because most of us need more than beats thumping. Maybe our next artist, Charli XCX?

Charli gained her notoriety from “Boom Clap” from The Fault In Our Stars soundtrack, all the singing parts in Iggy Azalea’s “Fancy”, and generally sounding like Gwen Stefani when she’s not doing that slow, jazzy thing. We’ve not totally reached the saturation point with her current two songs, but we’re getting pretty damn close. Lorde would probably dig her sound because it has the same vibes, but the choice isn’t quite as innovative as any of the others. Charli XCX is pretty cool in the moment, but we’re not putting her in the next big thing category quite yet.

So until we get an actual track listing.. We’ll see!

This Slightly Nonsensical Post Brought To You By A Fever,
The Girl With The Pearl



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