125 Minutes

The latest rumor in Mockingjay Part 1 waiting-land concerns the movie runtime.  The movie’s IMDb page (which can be edited by people with a paid account) now lists 125 minutes. If true, that would be about 21 minutes shorter than Catching Fire and 17 minutes less than The Hunger Games, but who’s counting?

All we want is for you to make another incredible movie for us. NO PRESSURE!

All we want is for you to make another incredible movie for us. NO PRESSURE!

Well, all the fans are, from the buzz about it. That, or we’re just trying to take our minds off the silly snack food promotion. Whether the runtime is actually 125 minutes or not, we’ve heard from Francis Lawrence himself that the individual Mockingjay movies would be shorter than the previous movies. There’s two movies to cover one book, after all. We would hope that having the luxury of two movies means that there will be no need to rush through scenes or edit out material we love for the sake of run time. And we have every indication that there will be some new material added because we are able to see beyond just Katniss’s perspective.

Of course, the cynical business person in me also notes that a shorter runtime adds up to the availability of more movie showings per theater per day, but I’ll put that aside in favor of the thought that the movie will be as long as it needs to be to tell the story.  Catching Fire’s end credits were 10 mins 20 seconds (yes I did just check that on my digital copy of the movie), so 125 minutes means about 115 minutes of real movie time. If Francis Lawrence thinks 115 minutes is enough to tell this part of the story I’m going to trust him. And then we’ll have some extra time to sit and cry during the end credits and wonder about how appropriate that Lorde song really is for the movie.

Until the next rumor…




  1. If this is true then I’m glad. As much as I like extra scenes, I’m prefer the movie to be well paced over ones that have everything thrown in including the kitchen sink. We don’t want overstuffed films with sequences and plotlines that drag out, like how the Hobbit films ended up.

  2. I found many of Catching Fire’s scenes too rushed. While watching, and especially while reading the script later and finding out what was supposed to come through to us. I’m really really hoping this wasn’t Francis’ style, but due to the time constraints we know he had. Anyway I don’t think he’s much like Peter Jackson in this respect. And the running time also indicates the movie won’t drag, I think.

  3. Anything over 120 minutes (with or without end credits) is not too short in my books. This is actually a lot more than I expected. As much as I know people want a faithful adaptation with as many details as possible, Mockingjay as a movie has to be eventful and exciting and that’s easier to do with a shorter running time especially since the split doesn’t leave nearly as much to work with as the previous films.

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