Missing from the Mockingjay Part 1 Cast Pictures

Early this week wrapped up the 8 days of exclusive picture releases on Instagram, which make up the Mockingjay Part 1 Cast & Crew page on Hunger Games Explorer. And, in light of no other news right now, I’m going to speculate like crazy about why some pictures are missing.

We're missing a few cast pictures but this one of Katniss kind of makes up for it.

We’re missing a few cast pictures but this one of Katniss kind of makes up for it.

First, the obvious. Delly’s not there. Delly never had a casting announcement. Delly has definitely gone the way of Madge into book/movie re-writes.  I argued ages ago that this can be a really good thing for the movie because it can allow Prim’s character to become more substantial. Any Delly remaining believers can hold onto the tiniest shred of hope that Part 1 ends with Peeta just getting to 13 so her part wouldn’t have happened yet I suppose. But nah, it’s looking quite clear that she’s gone.

Then onto someone who had a casting announcement and made us go HUH WHO IS ANTONIUS AND HOW DID I MISS THAT IN THE BOOK? Yes, the new character of Antonius, to be played by Robert Knepper. His character is supposed to be some deputy of President Snow. The actor and role were worthy of a casting announcement, so why doesn’t he merit placement here? Did the size of the role get reduced? Is it more of a Part 2 role? Or is Lionsgate holding everything back about him because, as a new character, he can be a complete surprise?

We're sad because there was no Annie picture, but here's Peeta. Let's cry.

We’re sad because there was no Annie picture, but here’s Peeta. Let’s cry.

In the same vein as trying to keep the surprise, Jena Malone is the only cast member to not get a new still in this section. It looks like a grab from the Capitol’s propaganda poster. They’re keeping the Capitol torture under wraps for now. If Antonius is involved in the torture/hijacking plot, which I believe he is, not having him pictured makes some kind of sense. But I wonder why they couldn’t be able to capture some kind of non-spoilery still of him from the movie? Is it all just too terrible???

Maybe I’m reading more into this than necessary, but Paula Malcolmson isn’t pictured either. We know she’s in the movie – she’s in the trailer. She was pictured on the Catching Fire movie page, but not The Hunger Games. I’m going to say that her exclusion here hints that her role will be minimal, but let’s face it, Mrs. Everdeen’s role in her daughter’s life, even sharing a compartment in District 13, is minimal.

Finally, I know people were hoping to see Annie Cresta, but she’s also a no show. I think this is partly because she will get very little screen time in Part 1. But I also think it’s a little bit of Lionsgate trying to keep whatever they can secret for as long as possible. At least we no longer have to wait too long.

Next month we actually get the movie!






  1. Do people really still think Antonius’s role is solely for the hjacking?

    I mean, he is Snow’s Minister of War. Seems like he’ll be more involved during the battle scenes discussing with Snow and making plans pertaining to the war. And wouldn’t showing the torture scenes make it so we find out before Katniss does? So that kind of takes away the surprise element from the propo videos, and like Francis said, we stay in Katniss’s POV.

    (Same way we don’t see Gale helping the D12 escape the bombing at the end of CF)

  2. I didn’t think of the fact that showing Johanna might be a spoiler. I hope that’s the reason and not that they’re cutting down her part. Even so, it sucks she’s the only major cast member not being included.

    Maybe Antonius is just an equivalent part in size to Romulus Thread (ie. makes an impact but isn’t significant), and that’s why there’s no stills of him. Also there weren’t any stills of Patina Miller as Paylor and she had an official casting announcement too.

    OTOH it might just come down to the fact that’s there’s so many characters in the story. I mean 16 official character stills! 17 if you count the one with Prim. That’s a lot to bombard non-book fans with in a short period, especially as many of them are new characters. I think there will be more stills of individual characters released but it will be done more quietly and unceremoniously. And remember those spoilery stills of the arena came out a week or so after Catching Fire was released – maybe that will happen again.

  3. I think Antonius will likely be mainly a sounding board for Snow to bounce his thoughts off, taking the place of Seneca in the first movie and Plutarch in the second, than anyone who’s that interesting in his own right. (Thread was a pretty 2-D guy, too.) But who knows. As for the torture in the movie itself, since Katniss does figure out by the 2nd Peeta propo that he’s likely been tortured, if the movie segways from her realization to actual scenes of torture we wouldn’t really be “spoiled”; it’s the hijacking that’s the real surprise, not the torture. (I mean, I recall perusing an old THG fan forum once and most readers assumed Peeta was tortured or at least physically abused in prison, between CF and MJ. It’s just that no one really expected the hijacking/brainwashing part of it.)

    Since Delly is kaput, I assume Prim will take over most of her role in trying to rehabiliate Peeta. While somewhat contradictory because Prim is linked to Katniss as a “trigger” in a way Delly wasn’t, I understand giving Prim more of a role in MJ, in order to make her eventual fate more meaningful to the audience. Even the first THG movie humanized Prim for me in a way the books didn’t, and I think that was a good change, so I don’t mind this much.

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