The Yellow Flicker of Mockingjay’s First Soundtrack Single

Today Lorde announced that her single from the Mockingjay Part 1 soundtrack would be released next Monday, September 29. We can’t wait to hear the song and over-analyze the lyrics!

We got a three word clue with the title of the song, “Yellow Flicker Beat.” Okaaaay. Not much to go on. Beat of a heart? Beat of music? Beat up Peeta? All of them? Oh Lorde, are you being deep? Good, cause we’d like that.

Yellow flicker as in the start of a fire? Flicker of alarm lights? Why yellow and not orange? Is it because Peeta is not there to care (and is being beat up)?

Clearly this is not enough information for us to make any serious guesses.

We also got the cover art, which is very simple and understated. No frills, just like District 13 likes it.

yellow flicker beat

While it is very simple, at least it’s not just re-using a movie poster like the Atlas art from Catching Fire. Or this incredibly bizarre Katniss pose from “We Remain” that I just had to bring back for old times sake.


We still don’t get it, Katniss. But we love you.

ANYWAY, we’re excited to hear Lorde’s song, and all the songs she pulled together in curating the soundtrack because it’s new stuff. And we like new stuff.

In the meantime, don’t miss the long-awaited return of HG Fireside Chat tonight at 10PM EST! TGWTP and TTE will be talking trailers and Luly is going to discuss her great guest post from last week!



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