Reaction Post: Mockingjay Part 1 Trailer

It’s that time again, that time where the bloggers of Victor’s Village sit down at our respective computers, and chew the fat about the trailers, and in this case it’s the final trailer for Mockingjay Part 1! Yep, the one we’ve been waiting for for about four months!


The Girl With The Pearl
: Okay, let’s start at the very beginning (a very good place to staaaaaart!)

Them There Eyes: Sew… a needle pulling Katniss around like a marionette!

JJ: Katniss’s line is fantastic.

TGWTP: Katniss is talking, and there’s these nice shots of her and Prim and Gale… and then you realize she’s pretty much face-timing with President Snow?

JJ: A big new addition to the screenplay! Snow looks so fiendish there. It’s so unnerving.

TTE: Also Jennifer Lawrence has a Sexy Lauren Bacall voice, which is über important to note.

TGWTP: I’m not sure if I like them chatting. Doubt it will ruin the movie, but it felt weeeeeird. Though the Lauren Bacall voice IS lovely.

JJ: I guess it works better for the movie to have them actually interact once. I wonder at what point this scene takes place?

TTE: It did, and I always thought of Snow as omnipotent. So, her conversing with him is a little bit disconcerting. It works though, ’cause it’s a film, and you can’t rely on exposition all the damn time.

TGWTP: I want to say after District 8, as things start wrapping up. I feel like talking with Snow would be a big catalyst for Peeta’s rescue as well.

TTE: I was gonna say something like that, beat me to it!

JJ: Yes, Girl With The Pearl. That’s a great thought!

TGWTP: Now that we’re actually seeing District 13, what do you guys think?

TTE: I think they’ve done a great job. It’s a concrete rabbit warren.

JJ: It’s bleak, it’s big, but it’s really visually interesting. And I was worried about how they would make that happen. So, well done!

TGWTP: Exactly! I looked at it and thought “This really resembles a military bunker”. A bit drab for my taste, but fabulous for one Miss Alma Coin.

TTE: I did picture the mess hall/ cafeteria to be a bit more um… Memphis Belle, but the octagon shaped tables work for me.

JJ: Well those grey jumpsuits. Not so fun. But what you’d imagine.

TGWTP: I think I was expecting it to feel a little more home-y in some spots. There are families living down there and all.

TTE: I think I pictured something much more drab actually.

JJ: I pictured it very concrete and prison-like. So this works.

TTE: Yeah, Fox River meets Shawshank, meets the prison on Walking Dead, maybe?

TGWTP: And I love how this trailer introduces everything in flashes “Look! Everyone’s here! We mean everyone! And there’s weapons! We can blow shit up now, guise!”

TTE: And do they ever!

JJ: Very action packed! Yeeeah.

TTE: Well, it is a war movie.

JJ: And an excellent job at including the major players.



TTE: I’m really glad that Finnick only got a flash, surprisingly. Focusing more on Katniss just seems right. Now, how about the flash of Prim and Katniss!

JJ: Well the Finnick face we got was enough to tug at my heart.

TGWTP: But what I flash it was! Finnick’s was the best flash lol.

TTE: Yeah, Sam and his ability to make you cry with a look. Damn him.

JJ: Oh Finnick!

That face!

That face!

TTE: Fiiiinnnnnicccck! Ok… moving on! The technology! Futuristic enough for us?

JJ: Yes, Prim and Katniss, emphasising/building on that bond. Very important!

TGWTP: Though Katniss and Prim was extremely heartwarming. I think it will help to get the audience to love Prim with open arms in the movie version.

TTE: Yes, because book Prim was a bit flat by most people’s accounts.

JJ: Yes, I would like to care more about Prim in these movies. Sorry Suzanne Collins.

TGWTP: I always thought so, yeah. Back to technology!

TTE: We’re awful. But it’s true, I felt more when Finnick died than when Prim did, ’cause she wrote Finnick so fully, and Prim was prim and proper, and quiet, and yeah. We’re awful.



JJ: On the tech, I liked the big screen in the cafeteria. And that they all see Peeta there

TTE: I wonder if they show movies on that thing?

TGWTP: And serve buttery popcorn?!

JJ: Turnips.

TTE: Educational movies. PBS animal shows, with lots of voice over!

TGWTP: Morgan Freeman voiceover galore in D13, for sure!

TTE: Well, he is the voice of god.

TGWTP: I thought the arrows were a little underwhelming, to be honest.

TTE: Maybe they’ll be better in a theater, as apposed to our computer screens, and cell phone screens?

JJ: At the end. It seemed pretty amazing that arrow blowing away the hovercraft. Highly explosive arrows I guess.

TGWTP: You shoot them and then their target explodes, which is cool. But it also happens in every action movie in existence, usually with a gun. I think on screen, it will be a more exciting experience.

JJ: At least Gale can hit the target in that one scene. Cause he fails at the end. Katniss is there though. All’s good.

TTE: True. Maybe they’ll do crazy arrow panning shots, or animate/ film the POV of an arrow.

TGWTP: True. As long as Katniss is actually being seen, I suppose I can’t complain about anything in this trailer too much

JJ: Yay for shots of the main character!

TTE: Yay! Hail the something something hero!

JJ: And Katniss really is the star here. Scenes with everyone. Are we making up for something?

TGWTP: I think the best shot was her reaction to Peeta though.

JJ: Oh yes, her face.

TGWTP: Seeing him on that screen and whispering “You’re alive”? I died.

TTE: Yeah, and her delivery. It’s almost like she thinks she’s hallucinating.

JJ: It hurts.

TTE: He’s her lobster.

JJ: I was also happy there was a Haymitch hug too.



TTE: I forgot about the Haymitch hug, I was focusing on the massive dam being blown up. Is that the power district? God, makes me think of what might have happened at Mosul Dam.

JJ: People were saying it was D7 or 5. But it totally looks like the Capitol dam to me.

TGWTP: I was trying to figure out where that is too.

TTE: Capitol… yeah, I agree.

JJ: There could be some additional attacks that we don’t know about from the books. Why not?

TGWTP: You never actually see any rebels, though. Unless they’re in the sky blowing stuff up?

JJ: Right.

TTE: I hope so. Give the war more scope, they’ve got the budget for it. Yeah, no more climbing lumberjacks!

TGWTP: Absolutely. It’s fine having things described in the books, but you need a visual on screen.

TTE: I hope they don’t reply too much on montage.

JJ: I think it was just a trailer thing.

TGWTP: But then there’s this exploding dam followed by a “Katniss looking distressed/possibly crying while wet” shot and I don’t know if they’re related

JJ: Yes, Katniss in the rain is a mystery. Though some have connected it to right before D13 is attacked.

TGWTP: I saw that shot and shrugged. Are wet-and-in-distress shots kinda obligatory now in movies or is it just me?

JJ: Yeah it’s overused. Can we talk about Effie taking Cinna’s place kinda sorta?

TTE: It’s either distressed in the rain, or making out in the rain.

TGWTP: I think that’s going to be a teary moment.

TTE: Yes! Effie is now Cinna with no eyebrows.

TGWTP: Damn you Effie! You got me all emotional in like 2 seconds!



TTE: And on that note we need to talk about the wig.

TGWTP: The Katniss wig?!

JJ: This is such a great addition to put Effie in 13. I love it. Uh oh. What with the wig? (I kind of don’t want you to say cause then I’ll notice it).

TGWTP: I think there’s only a couple spots where it’s really noticeable.

JJ: Yeah, everything was so quick, and often dark that I wasn’t paying attention to it.

TTE: The Katniss wig, If no one knew it was a wig, I don’t think anyone would notice. So kudos to the hair and makeup people.

JJ: I think it’s much better than the wig at the beginning of Catching Fire.

TTE: Wait… she wore a wig in the beginning of Catching Fire?!



TGWTP: I noticed in a very short shot of Katniss and Gale running, but that was the only major one.

JJ: Yeah, the very beginning was shot in New Jersey in February, when she had awards season hair.

TTE: It’s hard to run in a wig. Oh, yeah…. I think I was paying attention more to her physicality, and performance than the hair to be honest.

JJ: Peeta’s hair looks good. I know I had some moments of concern. But it’s all good.

TTE: I was not looking at Peeta’s hair… I was looking at the furniture, of course.

JJ: But his face looks a little bruised but covered with makeup. So I need to curl up in a ball right now.

TGWTP: It looked VERY yellow during the filming, but it’s not horrendous on screen. He looks a bit like a surfer dude with all that Capitol gellin’, but I think I can live with that I didn’t notice that about his face. OMG going to crawl into a hole and die now…

TTE: It’ll be okay… they get married, and have babies!


TTE: Right, but thoughts of Mockingjay Part 2 are sustaining me at this point.

JJ: That’s the rough thing. We’re going to be left with pain for a year.

TGWTP: We know good things will happen.. just not for another year. Tis rough.

TTE: I also think from this trailer that the theory that Peeta’s hijacking reveal with be the final scene, is correct.

TGWTP: I think so. They show a quick shot of the rescue

JJ: Really? I still think it’s D2.

TTE: Ah, the rescue… from the hotel in Atlanta.

JJ: Oh that Marriott.

TGWTP: Yup, they show them rappeling down into what we know from nosy hotel patrons will be the Capitol.

TTE: Yeah, the one that also doubled as the training center.

JJ: I wonder if the TV spots will reveal more about Peeta, or if this is it?

TGWTP: I think they want to make Peeta’s actual situation the big surprise that stuns all the non-readers

JJ: If they could pull that off, it’d be big.

TGWTP: So this will be it. Or we’ll get very little more that relates to him.

TTE: I’m probably never going to see a TV spot. I don’t watch enough prime time network TV.

JJ: YouTube!

TGWTP: They’re on YouTube, woman!

TTE: Ah. I just wanna watch the moooovie!

TGWTP: Me too, me too. I’m pretty sure we’ll all there, at this point.
But anything else to discuss in the trailer?

TTE: Nada…

JJ: I’m good.

TGWTP: That’s the thing about it’s shortness and basic character flashes. Doesn’t let much to discuss. Okay, let’s call it quits!

JJ: OK night!






  1. These reaction posts are always my favorite. That line “You’re alive” just ruined me. And loved that moment of Kaniss and Prim.

    I did wonder and hope that the hug with Haymitch doesn’t mean that they won’t start movie with Katniss hating him. Because I want to feel the betrayal. Deep.

  2. I’m seriously wondering if the destruction of the dam is going to be portrayed as heroic or not. Because if it is, there’s a whole lot of unfortunate implications about that: starting with the multitudes of workers that would be there (note the little figures trying to run away) and ending with whichever poor schmuck is diddling around downstream.
    If it isn’t though, it would be a good way at showing the darker side to the Rebellion.

    Also, anybody get chills from the shot of Dear Lea—I mean President Coin addressing the applauding crowd from the stage?

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