1 Minute, 45 Seconds

We all really got our hopes up that there was FINALLY a trailer yesterday, but instead we got a countdown to a trailer. Better than nothing, right? The trailer is still coming and while we’ll admit that our enthusiastic nature has waned during the waiting game, we know we’ll be psyched once we actually see it.

We got one good still from three seconds of footage, at least!

We got one good still from three seconds of footage, at least!

However, the news about the trailer that came out that day was pretty bummerific too.

First, the news that the trailer was only going to be 1 minute 45 seconds long.

Yes, NATO guidelines state trailers can’t be longer than 2 minutes after October 1 and this trailer will play in theaters after that time. So we looked up a ton of other movies coming out in November– because all of them already have trailers at this point, some for months. While many of them have a trailer that’s less than two minutes, almost all of them also have a trailer that is MORE than two minutes. Because most movies introduce at least two trailers, one of which is “international” and doesn’t have to strictly adhere to NATO guidelines as long as it makes theaters in the rest of the world happy (which is apparently easier.)

Which brings us to point two: An international distributor let it spill yesterday that this would be the FINAL trailer, then backtracked a bit and said it was the only “full” trailer. What does that mean? Ohhh.. THIS IS THE LONGEST TRAILER WE ARE GOING TO GET. And probably the only one, because non-full trailers will likely = that 1 minute teaser we already got and 30 second TV spots.




*briefly meditates* Okay… okay… I think I can talk about it some more.

It’s really hard not to get bummed. We love Lionsgate for bringing The Hunger Games to the screen. But when you have a campaign THIS BIG and it gets delayed and whittled down to as little as possible, it isn’t fun anymore for the fans. Just like Merida up there, it gets us frustrated because we’re being sold short.

Yes, we’re going to see that movie no matter what the advertising, essentially. WE’LL GIVE YOU OUR MONEY. In return, can you give us more promotional footage than say, Dumb and Dumber To? We think we deserve that much for all the amazing records, attention, and profit we’ve given your company over the past couple years. Just sayin’.

“Shut Up And Take My Money” Is a Meme, Not A Suggestion,

The Girl With The Pearl



  1. Just to clear up the point re:”international” trailers – yes studios sometimes have a tendency to do trailers just for outside the US, especially when they try and make the campaign different (eg. Star Trek Into Darkness – the non-US campaign focused far more specifically on Benedict Cumberbatch and received a completely different full length trailer) – but now, mostly for big franchise films people know about already, to avoid spoilers etc, they try and be consistent with trailers around the world which is what Lionsgate have done so far with the franchise.

    There have been no different international trailers, all trailers that are released are shown in cinemas all around the world, so they have to aim for the international audience with them, essentially kind-of rendering these guidelines moot (I still wonder why THG people are the only ones talking about them…compared to other big films).

    Although a couple of misconceptions to clear up though specifically re: THG/CF – yes there have been technically international trailers made for both films, but NOT by Lionsgate, but by the Japanese distributor specifically and only for Japan, and just as a matter of fact both are under 2 minutes. Secondly, almost always with a big “main” trailer, there is a 90s “cutdown” version of it, which is usually shown in international cinemas, but is not an international trailer as it is not specifically different, just a short version.

    1. And yes the usual pattern is indeed two trailers, a teaser/trailer 1, and theatrical/trailer 2. studios sometimes also release a third “final trailer” in but considering how late this main one is being released, we won’t get one. Also seems like LGF are really trying to have some higher objective of redefining what a franchise campaign should be…no long trailers, late release schedule of material etc.

    2. To be clear, we’re saying that the “longer than 2 minutes” trailers for movies coming out after October 1 are specifically being toted around as “international” trailers by a multitude of studios because they no longer meet with NATO guidelines and won’t work in American theaters. We’re pretty sure many of these are still geared in part toward American audiences, but just on YouTube and such instead of in theaters.

      We certainly know Lionsgate has only released consistent worldwide trailers, but they’ve also consistently done two trailers. They could STILL do two, one under 2 and one over, and just not run the longer one in American theaters. According to LG, their international stats for the films are slightly lacking, so that move would also help appease and entice those audiences.

      1. Agree to disagree – Gone Girl, Big Hero 6, Interstellar to name a few…they’re not touted as “international” trailers and they HAVE been showing in US theatres too. Simply put – if have the green band in front it means – it’s showing in theatres in the US (not to say that all the ones that don’t have the green band aren’t, but just remember that there are different channels for different international affiliates of studios and so on). A lot of THG fans (and exclusively THG fans I have to say) seem to be making a way too huge deal out of the NATO guidelines, and Lionsgate’s decision to make the trailer 1:45 is more a creative one rather than complying to these guidelines.

        1. You’re getting very riled up over a rather minute details of this post and I’m still not sure why lol

          The difference being that the trailers you mentioned HAVE been showing in US theaters for quite some time, as most were released months ago. They are showing longer trailers now, but considering that most also seem to have a trailer that’s less than 2 minutes handy, they won’t be showing the longer versions after October 1. The NATO guidelines are actually taken pretty seriously.

          As for fans “making a huge deal” about it, we’re currently the only fandom being affected. There’s really no other fandom movies coming out until December with the final HOBBIT movie, whose only current trailer (released in July) is 2 minutes.

          Frankly, if the 1:45 is a creative decision that ignored the guidelines but somehow still met them, it’s one that sells the fans short by giving us what feels like very little in a heavily delayed time frame. We don’t love the idea. If it was because of the guidelines, at least we could blame someone besides LG.

          And when we say every other movie has had at least two trailers, we mean FULL trailers. I thought I explained that pretty well in the post but I guess not haha

          1. From the NATO site (http://natoonline.org/initiatives/marketing/natos-in-theater-marketing-guidelines/):

            “These guidelines affect any advertising campaigns for movies scheduled for domestic release on or after 1 October 2014.”

            This means that Lucy and GOTG for instance aren’t affected but Interstellar, Gone Girl and Mockingjay are and should’ve already made their trailers under 2 minutes. And going forward, Hobbit, Exodus, Jupiter Ascending, Kingsman: The Secret Service (upcoming trailers for these 3 I know for a fact will be around 2:30), Avengers: Age of Ultron will also be affected.

            So what on Earth is not stopping FOX, Warner Bros and Disney but stopping Lionsgate?

            (btw does 1:30 count as a full trailer? Because most movie campaigns do a 1:30 then a 2:30 trailer – those are the two trailers they bring out. Only then you add the international trailers, the “final trailers” and so on)

              1. And yet we’re still upset about the rumored lackluster length of the trailer, which is the whole point of this article.

                Also, the decisions of chain aren’t going to dictate the future actions of an entire industry. We believe that we’ll consistently see shorter trailers after October 1, you don’t. OH WELL.

                1. There seems to be a misunderstanding about the October 1 date – it’s not “trailers released after October 1 should follow the guidelines”, it’s “*campaigns* for films that will be released after October 1 should follow the guidelines” – i.e. trailers for Interstellar and so on should have been under 2 minutes in the first place.

                  I’m just trying to say that blaming the NATO “guidelines” for the lacklustre trailer length is unjustified in my opinion, especially where there is a lot of evidence for the studios NOT following these guidelines.

  2. Good post, Kait!

    I think what’s bothering me is the dramatic change in the quantity (and quality) of pre-release trailers, posters, etc. compared to the first and second films. Lionsgate has signaled that it’s become more cost-conscious and that’s probably what’s going on. There have been some moves towards integration of Lionsgate and Summit operations and that may be another factor. But for us fans there is a sort of niggling worry when a studio seems to be resting on past success.

    Will Mockingjay be a let-down? For many fans it was never the favorite book, which makes it dangerous material to begin with. I loved Mockingjay and it was my favorite in some ways, but I’ve found my interest in the movie flagging badly. I’m even wondering if I’m going to see this one in theaters or wait for the DVD–and six months ago I would never have said that.

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