The Mockingjay Is Revealed-ed

The Mockingjay has been revealed! And, and, and– um, well, she looks like a cross between Batman and Jesus. Take a look for your selves!


To steal from a dear friend from the fandom (thank you Erin), we’re going to call this poster “The Beakness” from here on out. ‘Cause if you look, and not even that closely, the Mockingjay’s beak looks like it is in fact poking out of Katniss’s neck. That’s right folks, Katniss has been impaled by a giant, gold, bird. It’s just what we’ve always wanted, right?! Probably not.


Yesterday when I saw this poster for the first time, ’cause– hey it was up on a Lionsgate affiliated promotional materials website, so it was fair game, I thought thoughts that were none too flattering. These were not good thoughts to be having about something I’m supposed to hold in high regard, but– I couldn’t help it. I have high standards, like Vermeer kind of standards, and this poster looks like something that was worked over so much with Photoshop that Jennifer Lawrence’s cheeks have been whittled out so much that that may not even be Jennifer Lawrence! That’s a frightening thought, the entire poster could be computer generated, and they were working from a facsimile of Jen, that they forgot what she really looks like, and– and now whoever that is looks like a boy wearing a molded breastplate, or Bat-Jesus. I want to banish these thoughts from my mind! Also if you’ve got a problem with me saying Katniss looks like Jesus, she is a savior figure– it’s not an unfounded comparison. These are not good things to be thinking, damn it! I wish so hard that my impressions of this work had changed since yesterday, but obviously they haven’t. I want to be thinking good things about the materials that are being released in promotion for this film franchise! And to put a bright red cherry on top of this disappointment, we were given another teaser to tease the release of the final trailer!

WHAT?! My actual reaction to this information was a lot more colorful, lemme tell you! F words, people– F words, and C words, and phrases that sound like “flock meeses”, and “flu falls”. If that was not your reaction as well, I’d like you to explain to me how you can, in your right mind be all right with the way in which this film has been advertized so far. Because from where I’m sittin’, it’s been less than stellar– and if that pisses the Powers That Be Off, SO BLOODY BE IT. I’m disappointed! I’m not connecting to the material, it feels empty, and I want better for the franchise based on one of my all time favorite book series’! Is that too much to ask for?

Resting on your laurels only makes one thing happen– people forget you, and will find something else to pay attention to.

Them There Eyes




  1. I’ll be one of those people and say that I’m actually happy they decided to announce/hype the trailer up this way, sure I do agree they’re doing this WAY too late in the game which is what’s annoying lots of fans but the whole countdown thing and actually announcing when it comes out and building a big event around it? Definitely a step back in the right direction. I’ve been very critical of the campaign so far, now I’m happy that ahead of the big push for the GA they’re doing this the right way. Maybe could have been a couple of weeks earlier…but then again the teaser was released way too late too so may seen too soon.

  2. I feel the same way! This poster doesn’t even compare to the amazing CF posters. And what is up with Katniss’ hair?! I’m really worried about the wig thing.

  3. Hmm… “Beakness” is definitely a lot more clever than my commentary of it looking like a Cordyceps erupting out of her neck. Props.
    Seriously, photography (or in this case, Photoshop) 101, always pay attention to what’s behind your subject. If they wanted to get the look of the wings, it’s should have been hard to have her braid go to the side to obscure the beak.

    It’s been said before, but it’s still quite something when beautiful fanmade posters (be they Photoshop to flat-out from-scratch art) have been created for free, yet Lionsgate’s marketing team keeps dropping the ball.

    Now that I think about it, it would be great if Part II’s poster was actually a commissioned piece done by Drew Struzan or a similar artist.

  4. I took a look back at all of Star Squad’s character posters and of course that bloody beak is sticking out of them too. So as cool in theory as the thought was to put them in front of the Mockingjay version of the Mockingjay symbol, somebody should have noticed what an issue it was and changed their approach. When I see any of the posters now my eyes go right to that durn beak.

  5. Am I the only one who had Xena flashbacks reading that tagline? It’s both hilarious and strangely appropriate. Now we know that what Lorde really meant was ‘warrior princess’. 😀

    If this is indeed the final poster, I must admit that I’m disappointed. Not that the whole bow-arrow aiming shtick was very original when they pulled it for the second movie as well, but at least it was… Striking, I guess. To me this is a character poster, not a ‘go-and-watch-this-movie poster. I’m still hoping against hope for another final poster reveal.

    I have no issues with the trailer tease however. Yes, it should have come out months ago, but I assume that part of it came from the late post-production process, and that they didn’t want to put a final teaser out before the right sequences and effects were done. But yep, I’m okay with waiting for a few more days now that I know that it IS actually COMING. ON MONDAY. NOT SOON. NOT ON A VAGUE DATE. MONDAY. I can wait till Monday. That’s what I keep telling myself… 🙂

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